How to be fashionable for guys and look great.

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Life is full of many activities: work, daily rush, meetings. Like any real woman, you want to know how to be fashionable for guys and stylish on all these occasions. However, spending a lot of time and money on shopping is too much of a luxury. It’s great if your finances allow you to follow fashion. The thing is that fashion is changing and volatile. Buying brand-name clothes doesn’t automatically make you attractive. Let’s see how you can be fashionable and stylish by all means. Fashion is a matter of money. Style is a matter of personality. If you’re thinking about how to be fashionable and stylish for guys, start by thinking about your result! Think about HOW you want to look? Fashionable or classy? Yes, we have repeatedly emphasized in our articles: fashion and style are two independent concepts.

Fashionable clothes are a product of time.

Fashionable items are relevant only for a few seasons; they have a visible “trendy” coloring. They give you an ultra-modern look (if they are chosen properly). They quickly lose their relevance (and that is a financial and time-consuming expense) and an enormous closet.) Stylish clothes are timeless and out of fashion trends. They are relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

They will not bring the same bright note to your image like fashionable things: but if you strictly adhere to the chosen style – you will always be INDIVIDUAL. Figuring out how to choose exactly your style and stay true to it is quite a long process. Sometimes finding your style, the choice of stylish things, and the entire image takes up to a year.

There are advantages to both, so here are a few tips so that you can become both fashionable and stylish at the same time.

Your wardrobe analysis.

The first thing you should do before you become stylish and fashionable is to analyze your closet.

1. First, take away all the obsolete clothes, items with flaws that have lost color and structure, and those you no longer like or have become too small. The things that are hopelessly out of fashion.

2. Are there two or three things that you completely forgot? If you haven’t worn something for over a year – you’ll never wear it again! Donate them to charity and never regret it!

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How to become stylish and fashionable with the proper wardrobe.

Have you cleared out your shelves? Then you can fill them! But only with the right stuff. First, ask yourself a few questions:

1. What type of things do you need for your daily use (at work and on vacation)?

2. What is your lifestyle? Who do you date?

3. What impression of yourself do you want to create with your clothes?

Now sort the things in your closet based on your needs. Analyze whether you have enough clothing options for office/casual/holiday occasions. Complete those outfits. Your future stylish wardrobe is all about functional items that create your desired image.

First, it should be things in the Basic and Stylish groups. Mix them up with a couple or three trendy items (you can also look at inexpensive counterparts available in stores or shop on the Internet). Such novelties will bring an ultra-modern note to the basic outfit ensemble.

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How to be fashionable and beautiful for guys using your natural features.

Get to know yourself! Assess your features objectively and learn how to use them! Be sure to consider these parameters when choosing clothes:

Color type.

Body type / constitution.


The key to success is an adequate self-view from all sides and the ability to present yourself correctly. So you will create a stylish image for any appearance and figure and know how to be fashionable for guys.

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Identify your trick!

Very many fashionistas have their tricks. They may be certain accessories, favorite color combinations, the ability to combine clothes. These are the details that make a person’s style recognizable and unique.

Find your own “zest”! Not sure of your taste? Look for inspiration from your favorite celebrities or famous personalities.

All the things you choose must perform the principal functions: decorate your appearance and express your inner world. Whether they’re ultra-modern or conservative and relaxed, they should create YOUR STYLE.

To keep up to date with fashion, it is worth reading popular fashion magazines, often reviewing posts by famous fashion bloggers or style icons, and preferably not limited to our compatriots. Many clothing trends come from abroad, so it is useful to look at the latest collections of leading fashion houses and photos from fashion shows.

how to look good in clothes for guys - How to be fashionable for guys and look great.

Stylist’s tips.

Stylists always have some useful tips for those who want to look fashionable and stylish. For those who want to be in trend, they recommend following the fashion novelties, to know the dominant colors of the season, the best collections, and the style of the famous fashion designers. It is unnecessary to buy clothes from the catwalks because they are instantly copied by more democratic brands, such as ZARA, Mango, Incity. And many similar stores that have bothered to buy franchises of foreign brands and sell clothes.

And then there is one more tip: do not buy clothes that duplicate those that are already in your closet; it is better to spend money on something new and to change the looks according to your mood. Be sure that before you go to the store, review your closet and determine which items you lack and which ones are already in excess. And go shopping. According to stylists’ tips, the only thing you should not skimp on is the accessories. They must be of high quality, and only in this case they will give you a unique style, and will not cheapen the entire outfit.

If you want to look impressive in the most inexpensive things, you must have the right accents. Buy high-quality jewelry, and they do not have to be expensive precious metals. Costume jewelry will also be suitable for any occasion, it must be of excellent quality. Look for collections leftover from the latest season. There are often quality fashion items that are much cheaper than they were a few months ago.

Fashion tips for all occasions that will make you look flawless in any situation.

If you don’t know whether this or that combination of colors will be appropriate in one set of clothes, use the color wheel: the colors opposite each other perfectly complement each other. Do not be afraid to choose a monochrome look. Clothing of the same color visually elongates the silhouette, especially if you select clothes of different shades. Do not forget to look at the color wheel, which tells you what shades of the same color look like.

If you like clothes with horizontal stripes, but you are afraid that they will visually add a few pounds to your body, “limit” them with an open jacket or jacket you are wearing on top. Wearing a set of neutral colors (blue, black, white, beige), remember that the accessories, in this case, can and even should be bright. Particular chic is a purse and shoes of different but matching colors.

Determine your body type and find a celebrity with the same one. Stylists work on the celebrity’s image, so by creating your image based on it, you will always know how to be fashionable for guys and look stylish. Even if the cost of your items is much less. Don’t copy their outfits, just use them as inspiration.

Putting on white clothes, look carefully at yourself in a mirror in daylight: often in this light they are more transparent than in artificial light, so you are risking to show your underwear to everyone surrounding you. So choose dresses made of thick fabric or with a lining.

To make your clothes look perfect, you should not put them on immediately after ironing them, but wait a few minutes for the fabric to warm up and dry. Otherwise, you risk even more creases than you had before ironing. Combining different prints is difficult to do. To look stylish, you need to remember a few rules: polka dots are combined with stripes, stripes are combined with a floral print, and two floral prints can cooperate in one set, provided that the colors are complementary to each other.

Three things can make you look stylish and answer the question on how to be fashionable for guys: black sunglasses, a leather bag, and shoes. Pick versatile options and compliment your everyday outfits with them.

For those who have trouble with color selection, there is a classic rule of thumb that will help them look stylish: choose clothes so that there are only three colors in one outfit.

Look in your wardrobe, and you may already have enough clothes to create different images. Try combining items you used to wear in different sets: you probably didn’t know you could look as fashionable as recognized style icons. Don’t dress according to your age, but according to your figure. But don’t forget that there are things that look good on 25-year-olds but inappropriate for 40-year-olds.

Choose wide and narrow belts that match all the clothes in your closet – they will help you create different looks based on the same items.

Don’t be afraid to wear designer clothes in combination with those bought at the mass market. Like Kate Middleton, for example, does.

If you don’t know what to wear and how to be fashionable for guys, opt for classic black pants, a white shirt, and red lipstick. It doesn’t matter if you go to work, to a cafe with friends, or even on a date. The foundation of any wardrobe is a white shirt. It should be specifically white, without a yellowish hue, otherwise, it may look sloppy. Remember that white clothes can visually make your teeth more yellow, so when wearing a snow-white shirt, use lipstick that “bleaches” them.

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