How to look cute naturally without makeup

how to look cute naturally without makeup

Being beautiful is every girl’s dream, but is using decorative cosmetics necessary? How to look cute naturally without makeup? And how to look stunning without wearing any makeup? Here are some of the answers.

Natural beauty and its main rules

Youth, a slight blush, and clear skin have always been signs of feminine beauty. But what should you do if your face isn’t as naturally as you’d wish it to be? The stylists assure that every girl, even the one far from the beauty magazine standards, can look amazing. A few simple rules will help you to reveal your beauty to the world.

A bit of psychology

Contrary to popular belief, the first step to perfection does not start with the first step to a mirror. Many girls never uncover their beauty only because they don’t see it themselves and follow others’ standards. In such a situation, even the most gorgeous outlook fades, leading to constant dissatisfaction, tons of unnecessary beauty treatments, and plastic surgeries.

To learn to see your beauty, you must break free from the standards and begin to love yourself. This way, the need for dramatic appearance changes will disappear, and a slight correction will become required. It would help if you started seeing beauty in yourself without any modifications. The following steps will help:

• A no-makeup photoshoot. Good lighting, clean hair, a cheerful mood, and a high-quality camera. After you have done it, look at the photos. What do you like about your appearance, and what would you like to change? The answer you get is the plan for your further actions. 

• Pick a photo of an actress or model looking like you. See how she presents herself, how relaxed she looks from any angle, and how she does not try to become somebody else. This will give you additional confidence and help you to feel your beauty.

• Go to the mall and try on the clothes you immediately liked. Choose something that you like, and that makes you look stylish. You don’t have to buy them. If the piece of clothing is advantageously combined with your appearance, then you will understand how to dress and what to wear to look attractive without wearing any makeup.

Every photoshoot or a pretty piece of clothing will help you see your beauty and understand what still needs to be worked on. Remember that others’ love or dislike is their own business. It is in no way connected with how you look. It is essential to love and improve yourself.

What to begin with

natural cute makeup look - How to look cute naturally without makeup

Even those who never use cosmetics can have a good look with some minor details. These are, for example, the choice of stylish clothes, hairstyles, accessories, shoes, and much more. There are several markers to help you determine your stylistic direction. They are:

• the choice of colors for clothes and accessories;

• the style of an outfit;

• earrings and other jewelry;

• haircut, hair color, eyebrow coloring.

Choosing your color palette

Everyone has some colors that suit more and some colors that work less. Aware of colors that look good on you, you can easily make your outfit. Moreover, the non-suiting colors make you look tired and sick, and they don’t look beautiful. Three markers can help you figure out the perfect color palette for you:

• warmth – coldness;

• tenderness – contrast;

• lightness – saturation. 

You can define your color palette by checking what looks better: gold or silver, gray or brick color. Try on some accessories or clothes. The silver and greyish colors are suitable for those whose appearance has a primarily cold color palette. They are usually dark or fair-haired, their skin is milky-white, and their eyes are grey or blue-colored. If the gold looks better on you, your appearance palette is warm. You can bravely wear the tomato-red, peach, and goldfish colors – these exact colors will enhance your natural beauty.

Now let’s talk about contrast. It defines the color matches that suit you more. There are the “light-dark” and the “warm-cold” contrasts. People with light-colored, in the tone of skin hair, are featured with a tender outlook and weak contrast. They look good either with the color matching their natural skin and hair tones or with contrasting colors. For example, a blonde-haired girl with golden skin and blue eyes would look beautiful with the palette of the following colors:

• golden;

• corn-gold;

• blue;

• cornflower blue;

• sapphire blue.

If the appearance has strong contrasts, for example, dark hair color and pale skin, then such girls would look good with contrasting, vivid-colored prints and pictures. That could be, for instance, the clothes in the black and white palette or the sharp combinations of scarlet with white and black, blue with white, and so on.

The rich color palette suits girls with a contrasting color gamut. They can match white pieces of clothes with orange, put on both gold and silver at the same time, and pick the most incredible and vivid shades of the color palette. Such girls wihing to know how to look cute naturally without makeup should avoid dull, monochromatic hues, which will ruin their outlook and make them look more tired.

After having your clothing style revised and the suiting color gamut found, you will be able to look fantastic in any circumstance with no makeup on. The wrong colors can make you visually seem older, spoil your appearance, and add up to your actual age and tiredness.

Working on your style

Any style adds some zest to your outlook and highlights your uniqueness. In appearance, it is defined by:

the hairstyle;



After finding the best colors for you, start choosing your style. It depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. For instance, the must-have clothing for someone leading a sports lifestyle is stylish sneakers, hoodies, and tops. Classy sunglasses, ear cuffs, stud earrings, and accessories with modern creative-styled inscriptions.

If you prefer a feminine style, choose dresses and high heels. Complete your outfit with stylish additions, such as bracelets, necklaces, and clutches. Choose the jewelry that would suit your favorite dresses’ stylistics. Massive bracelets, pendants, and earrings fit chunky sweaters and winter clothes, while the thin ones look good with evening gowns and summer outfits.

Creating a stylish image and thoughtful wardrobe will make you look attractive without makeup.

Hair and eyebrows

Hair and eyebrows play a significant role in forming a natural beauty. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a short haircut, untied hair, afro braids, or styling. The most important thing is to ensure that your hair looks beautiful and well-groomed.

Things that can help you:

high-quality shampoos, preferably with the shine enhancing effect;

applying hair conditioner – it will make hair look neater and smoother if it’s needed;

hair lamination – provides the long-term shine of the hair;

a well-made hair dyeing with no unsaturated shades and grown hair roots.

Any haircut or hairstyle can bring a stylish highlight to your appearance. It is always optional to dye to diversify your outlook. You can use artificial strands, put some afro braids among the hair or give your haircut an unusual, asymmetric shape. With this, your appearance will look attractive even if you do not use cosmetics.

Now about eyebrows. Despite the advertising of eyebrow artists, natural eyebrows remain in fashion, a little darker than the natural hair color and in the tone of it. Keep this in mind when coloring your eyebrows. If the hair is red, you should not make the eyebrows hazel or dark. It is enough to choose a dye to match the hair color and make the eyebrows slightly darker. Do not strive for a too clear form – it would always look unnatural, distracting from other details of the face.

Permanent makeup is not welcome in the modeling industry, and so aren’t thick eyebrows, thread-like thin eyebrows, and other unnatural options. Today, eyebrows of a natural shape and color, slightly darker than hair but identical in the shade to them, are considered the best.


Clean, beautiful, toned skin always looks attractive. But for the face to remain beautiful, some procedures are indispensable.

The main skin problems that spoil the appearance are a dull, sick-looking complexion, acne, enlarged pores, circles under the eyes, and oily sheen.

Each of these problems ruins the appearance but also has some solutions.

A dull, sick-looking complexion can result from stress, poor skin care, and mistakes in dietary choices. Sometimes it becomes a consequence of a lack of oxygen and physical activity. What deals with this problem are:

Walks outside;

Morning washing with cold water or wiping the face with an ice cube or snow;

Enrichment of the diet with dark bread, apples, and citrus fruits;

Exclusion the synthetic sweets and alcohol from the diet;

Getting rid of bad habits;

Healthy sleep.

If the dull complexion results from internal health problems, the focus should be treating the disease. As soon as the body’s normal functioning is restored, the face will become healthy. To keep your complexion fresh and beautiful, get enough sleep, move more and be outdoors more often.

Acne results from an unhealthy diet, blockage of blood vessels, or inappropriate skin tonic, cream, or makeup remover. Sometimes acne treatments can also trigger acne by drying out the skin, making the problem worse.

We recommend dealing with the problem:

Limit the consumption of spicy food;

Do not use tonics or makeup removers with an aggressive composition;

Choose a suitable moisturizer;

Use matting wipes and mineral powder.

Enlarged pores can be an individual feature of the skin. They are evident in the hot summer weather when the air temperature rises.

The following methods will help you deal with them:

Face masks with coal and egg white against oily skin;

Black cover for cleansing the T-zone area of ​​the face;

Pore-narrowing face creams with seaweed;

Regular washing with cool or cold mineral water.

In hot weather, the thermal water helps to cope with enlarged pores. It contains particular substances that prevent the expansion of pores and pollution of the skin. It also has a cooling effect and prevents burns.

Dark circles under the eyes result from poor sleep and a poor lifestyle. To deal with them, you need to get rid of bad habits, get enough sleep and spend time outdoors more often. Doing this will also help:

Rubbing the area under the eyes with the cube of ice and herbal tea;

Using eye patches with green tea, citrus, and caffeine;

Using a mineral-rich concealer or corrector.

Oily sheen does not look esthetically pleasing and spoils even the best selfies. To get rid of it, you need to:

Apply mattifying mineral powder or wipes;

Always have thermal water with you;

Regularly use a cream for oily skin;

Make face masks using honey, clay, oats, and citrus fruits if you’re not allergic to them.

Masks with algae and sea minerals help from oily sheen. But to fix the results, limiting smoked meat and spicy and fatty foods in your diet is recommended.

The best friends of beautiful skin are face masks, washing with cool water, healthy sleep, and walks in the fresh air. The worst ones are bad habits, improperly selected cosmetics, stress, and constant lack of sleep.

The main rules of natural beauty

The following rules will help you look beautiful even without makeup:

Healthy sleep;

Proper diet;

Fresh air;

Washing with cool water;

Adequately selected colors in clothes;

Healthy and beautiful hair;

Well-groomed nails.

And yet, in some cases, you can only do with unique cosmetics and procedures.

When beauty treatments are indispensable

Alas, even with the proper diet and good genetics, sometimes you can only do with unique procedures to curb aging. Sagging, rough skin requires special care and sometimes even plastic surgeries. Fortunately, medicine has advanced a lot today, so many methods are almost painless and accessible for many. Therefore, do not neglect a facelift, including a circular one, gold threads, mesotherapy, and other cosmetic procedures. They will allow you to restore youth and look beautiful at any age, regardless of the initial data.

Makeup with no makeup – myth or reality

Is it possible to never wear makeup, how to look cute naturally without makeup and look like the models on the cover of a fashion magazine? Unfortunately, no. Even though all the procedures aim to preserve beauty and youth, they do not always help you look perfect. Even the girls who seem naturally beautiful use unique products that are not visible on the skin. Those are:

Concealers and correctors;

Tonal and BB-creams of the luxury and premium class;

Lipsticks and eyebrows shadows;

Thin arrows;

Mascaras that do not leave lumps and traces of use.

Such products provide inconspicuous corrective makeup that makes the skin look beautiful, well-groomed, and youthful. Many believe salon procedures, such as eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and lip augmentation, can replace such products. However, these look only beautiful in the photo; meanwhile, they look unnatural in real life.

Therefore, for natural beauty, you can get by with care and cosmetics that allow you to look good even without pronounced makeup. These include:

Matting napkins;

BB-, SS-creams, and premium foundations, slightly lighter than the natural skin tone (for delicate skin, marginally darker);

Concealers and correctors;

Leveling or finishing powder;

Moisturizing creams;

Makeup removers.

The most versatile thing for every woman is a corrector or concealer that matches her skin tone. A pimple popped up, redness occurred, or you have dark circles under the eyes? It will help instantly. Other products can be used as needed.

Remember that after 30 years, makeup without makeup is impossible. Therefore, some effort and very few decorative cosmetics are required to look good. Then others will admire your beauty, and you will look at yourself in the mirror with pleasure.

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