How to look more attractive without makeup

how to look more pretty without makeup

How to look more attractive without makeup? It is hard to imagine a modern woman without makeup. However, this skill requires experience and attention to detail. Cosmetology offers a large number of products that can rejuvenate and add attractiveness. Nevertheless, hardly anyone would deny that a face without makeup, shadows, and lipstick looks more beautiful than the unearthly beauty achieved with the help of cosmetic products. No wonder many celebrities have begun to give up makeup and not always use makeup. However, how do they manage to keep their faces fresh and naturally beautiful? What do we need to do to look beautiful without using makeup and how to look more attractive without makeup? It is not difficult at all. All the more so if you know some secrets. But it is not easy to think about the simplicity of these tricks. You need to have self-discipline, carry out the procedure regularly, and not be lazy.


how to look more attractive naturally - How to look more attractive without makeup

None of the models can boast about their perfect skin. However, this does not mean that you cannot pay attention to the condition of your skin. Skincare is necessary and is part of the daily hygiene routine. Everyone can make his or her skin shine and glow with freshness. First, the skin type should be determined so we can choose suitable creams and tonics.


We need to wash twice a day, using cleansing gel. This is an obligatory number of procedures, but if you sweat after physical work or exercise in the gym; you have to wash your face again with the gel. Do not skip these procedures, because this is the key to achieving the goal. Choose a cleanser of good quality. You can use micellar water and milk in addition to the gel. Choose a suitable option for yourself through experience.

Moisturizing cream

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Dermatologists believe that the health of the skin largely depends on its hydration. Buy a good moisturizer and use it daily. The cream should contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. They retain moisture in the skin for an extended period while moisturizing it. Choose products because of the texture of the cream, but with a light consistency. Moisturizing is the primary key to achieving clean, firm, and healthy-looking skin. Therefore, you can avoid the appearance of tight skin and rashes. Choose mild products to avoid facial flaking. Apply the cream in the center of the forehead, cheeks, nose, and eyebrows. These areas of the face become shiny, and the face becomes younger and fresher.

Apply the product to the skin after washing. Evening cream should be greasy.


Cosmetic products with vitamins, propolis, and nitrides make the skin glow in your knowledge of how to look more attractive without makeup. Serums with these ingredients in their composition are effective for making your skin glow and healthy. It provides a protective barrier to germs.


You need to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface to keep your face fresh. Scrubs or special exfoliating creams can help.

Facial cleansing

Not everyone understands the difference between scrubbing and peeling. Scrubs act gently but superficially, and peeling works deeply on all layers of the skin. Using scrubs is not dangerous: it acts gently and does not irritate the skin. Peeling can have an aggressive effect on the skin if misused. Therefore, it is better to apply the procedure to professionals. Do facial cleansing regularly, four times a year. There are four types: chemical, enzymatic, instrumental, and mechanical. The choice of the procedure depends on your desires and financial resources. It is not cheap, but it is necessary to keep your pores clean. Otherwise, it will be difficult to assimilate useful substances from masks and creams.

5 ways to look more attractive - How to look more attractive without makeup


The final stage of cleansing the skin is the application of a tonic. It is a water-based product. It is waterproof and very beneficial: it helps restore natural skin balance, even out skin tone, and active ingredients in facial care products to penetrate the skin better. The tonic does not shrink the skin after washing but softens and tones it, preventing the signs of aging. Its regular application gives your face a natural glow. The choice of a good toner depends on the needs of the skin. Toners are produced to be used for dry, sensitive, normal, and combined types of skin. There are special products for aging skin.


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We recommend women who wish to know how to look more attractive without makeup sunscreen with an SPE value of 30 or higher in the summer. It protects your skin from the glaring sun but also moisturizes it. Sunscreens are popular among cosmetologists and dermatologists alike. Avoid going out without sunscreen to prevent the appearance of abnormalities such as spots, wrinkles, and premature skin aging.

Bad habits

Some people like touching their faces: they rub their foreheads and rest their hands on their chin. One should give up such a habit. Touching your face with your hands increases the number of bacteria and may lead to wrinkles.

Face Masks

Everyone knows about facemasks, but very few people find the time and desire to use them. In addition, it is worth it! This is a very effective remedy and helps to solve many skin problems.

In addition, most importantly, you should never go to bed without removing the makeup from your face. It should be done carefully, using specific products.


One of the new trends of our time is cosmetics with many vitamins in their composition. These are known as nutricosmetics. Giving preference to powders with vitamins from such collection eliminates the signs of aging, improves blood circulation, and activates the work of cell regeneration. There are no spots, redness, or rashes on the skin. Your skin becomes healthier.

Athletic activities

Even a simple workout or cardio exercise, if done regularly, can improve your skin’s condition. Regular exercises speed up blood circulation and oxygenate the skin. Skin without any makeup becomes luminous and clean. Healthy athletic activities include running and jump rope classes. More walking activities are also helpful.

How can you visually add beauty to your face?

Long-term treatments make you look good right after the morning rise.


Keep your eyebrows tidy and maintain their shape. Your eyebrows help accentuate your eyes without any makeup, so keeping them in perfect condition is essential. Nice eyebrows draw attention and create a proper accent. It is possible to choose a suitable shape on your own or address a beautician. Choose a tone slightly darker than the natural shade when coloring. This method helps visually reset a few years and look younger. Eyebrows should be of rich color and beautifully shaped. Therefore, the face looks more attractive.


perfect smile - How to look more attractive without makeup

A beautiful smile is a great way to make you look prettier. Therefore, do not forget to take care of your teeth health. Brush them twice a day for at least 2 minutes. Pay attention to each tooth. Brush hard-to-reach places particularly carefully. Go for an ultrasound cleaning twice a year to get rid of plaque and dental calculus. Use special enamel-safe tooth whitening treatments.


Eyes often reveal tiredness and age. You need to care for your eyes to keep them glowing and looking rested. Eyelash care includes lamination and curling tongs. Curled lashes seem to look longer. The procedure is especially necessary for those who have been rewarded by nature with blond lashes. Curl eyelashes with a special brush. Lifting gives a more stable result than the use of forceps and brushes. Do the procedure in beauty salons. It can be light and combined with the lashes coloring.  The dye stays on for a long time and is not washed out by washing or perspiration. Seawater and the sun do not harm the color. You can use this method if you do not have time or desire to spend time on make-up every day.


Use special products to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Puffiness makes the eyes look tired and makes you look older. There is a proven effective way to remove puffiness – tea bags. Place them on your eyes for 15 minutes and relax without straining your eyelids. Ice cubes can quickly get rid of puffiness. Freeze ice cubes from water with chamomile and use them when necessary. Wipe your face with such cubes every day. This is a true cryo-massage, which is very popular among cosmetologists.

Proven means in the fight against bruising are patches. They smooth and moisturize the skin, refreshing its tone. You can use these patches before applying other cosmetic products.


The lips also need to be taken care of. Cracks and dryness do not add to the attractiveness of our faces. Use a balm to avoid these problems. Hygienic lipstick comes in handy in winter. In summer, choose a cream with SPF. Do not go out without applying the balm.

Regularly remove dead cells with the sugar scrub. This professional tool is valuable and safe. Masks are used not only for the face but also for the lips. There are special patches that moisturize the lips for a long time. You can use warm olive oil instead.


Check out this little trick: apply colored lip balm to your cheeks instead of blush. A good option is a soft pink color. Apply it on your cheeks with your fingers, lightly touching your facial skin.


In case of poor eyesight, choose colored lenses. They make your eyes more expressive. If you prefer glasses, choose a frame shape appropriate to the oval of your face. Correctly chosen glasses make people perceive them as fashion accessories, rather than a means to correct vision.


You also need to know how to dress when considering how to look more attractive without makeup. Clothing should be more comfortable than fashionable. They say for a reason: «It is fashionable that in which a person feels confident.” The ability to choose the right color, style, and clothing is invaluable. The color of the clothes should match the person’s color type. That way, the face against the background of the clothes will look rested and smell fresh. Guidelines for selection include warm or cool skin tone, eye color, and hair shade. All these tricks allow you to look bright without makeup.


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Hairstyle greatly affects your appearance, and every woman who wants to know how to look more attractive without makeup would agree with this statement. Untidy hair can ruin any image. Wash your hair every day. Cut the ends of the split ends. Distracting attention from the face by emphasizing something else is a good technique. A hairstyle can emphasize the virtues of the face, and there is no need for makeup. Nevertheless, if there is no time to do a hairstyle, choose a beautiful haircut. The choice depends on what facial features you want to emphasize. For example, if you keep hair bangs, it can attract attention. Get dry shampoo for the daily care of long hair. This product significantly saves time.

General tips

1.        Getting enough sleep is very important for your health and appearance. You need to sleep for no less than 7 hours a night. That way, you will be in a good mood and feel healthy.

2.        Adhere to the rule regarding the norm of clean water. It is important to drink at least 2 liters a day. Water removes toxins from the body, and the skin condition improves.

3.        Appearance and well-being depend on a proper diet. One should limit the consumption of sweets and fatty foods and have regular meals. Eat healthy foods and add more fiber to your menu. Change eating habits by eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, and lean meats. Such a menu is good not only for the skin but also for the whole body. Keeping a healthy diet makes your skin glossy, bright, and moisturized.

4.        If you cannot get the necessary daily amount of vitamins and minerals from food, take vitamin supplements. They are good for your skin.

5.        Facial massage is quite effective. Knowing the technique, and applying it correctly, the blood circulation improves and as a result, the face looks fresh. Massage is a substitute for lifting: it lifts the facial muscles, and the skin tightens.

6.        Try to avoid stress and remain calm and balanced in every difficult situation. Breathing exercises, good music, bathing, and meditation can help.


Proper nutrition, healthy sleep, drinking enough fluids, and sports activities are the main secrets of well-being and the ability to look good at any age and to know how to look more attractive without makeup.

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