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How to look more stylish and change your image, and which way to start?

It’s no secret that every woman wants to look attractive. Here’s the article about how to change your style and how to look more stylish; what steps to take, where to start your appearance transformation.

Why style is so important?

A well-known proverb is “Meet a man by his clothes, see him by his mind” – and there is some truth in it. A person’s appearance, style, manner of dressing, behavior, and image is the first thing that draws the attention of others. After that comes the opportunity to show his mind, talent, professionalism, character qualities, and so on. But the first impression largely depends on appearance and style.

Women’s style is a topic for a particular discussion. It is women’s fashion that is so capricious and changeable. Trends change every season (if not every month), and famous couturiers go along with cheap clothing brands delight customers with fresh collections of fashionable things.

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Having your style is essential for several reasons:

It allows you to express your personality,

It affects how others think of you.

It can make or break a positive impression of a person.

It corrects your body shape,

It emphasizes your mood.

We recommend you reconsider your priorities in style if you do not overthink what is fashionable now and how best to compose the closet for spring, summer, autumn, or winter. A beautiful appearance has hindered no one but helped in both professional activities and personal life. And then it is worth paying attention to it.

Let’s change the style. In what situations is it necessary?

To understand what direction you should go when choosing a new image, we advise you to determine the priorities for your life. What is most important to you – now and in the future? There may be situations, for example:

You want to make a career and expect a job promotion soon, so you should work on your business look and compose a current office dress code that will emphasize your career aspirations.

You’ve married and found your soul mate, then you should think about creating a more feminine and romantic image;

You dislike dressing up, and your personal life is okay, you’re not a career woman – then a casual and fashionable image will be just what you need;

You are a young mother on maternity leave, or a housekeeper, or perhaps a novice blogger – then you have a significant reason to structure your closet under fashion trends.

There can be many situations, but the basic rule is to put together your closet in a way that helps you achieve your goals and plans, rather than hindering them, and raises your self-esteem and self-confidence.

We recommend changing your style if you want a positive change in life, refreshing your external and internal energy.

Why should we change our clothing style?

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It is painful to change your style because it means giving up the dressing habits you’ve accumulated over the years. For example, a girl who wants to meet her loved one or suffers from loneliness, wears jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, has a short haircut, and prefers not to be too “bothered” about feminine style – simply because she is not used to it and is not comfortable.

And indeed, it is much more comfortable for her wearing jeans than a dress or skirt, and even shoes with high heels. But how many chances will she have to attract the attention of that only and unique man, who will surely pay attention to a girl with a more feminine and romantic style? Even if they have a perfect match in character and attitude towards life – the first thing he will notice in her is her appearance (as well as she does in his appearance).

So it is worth following the advice to change your style since they have worked for many others.

Where should you start?

We advise you to start with simple steps. It is advisable for women who are addicted to a particular image, who dislike changes in their lives but understand that they still need to perfect and improve their appearance. Of course, after wearing sneakers and jeans, it is difficult to turn to a business suit, and after constantly wearing pants – to wearing skirts and dresses. It is quite possible.

Women’s clothes

If you want to know how to look more stylish, start changing your style at least once a day. Wear a feminine dress once a week, for example. Buy a beautiful skirt and blouse, but only those models that you like and will sit comfortably on your figure. Spend little money on clothes from famous brands yet – you will spend a lot of money on something that you will not wear afterward.

Instead of a sports shirt or top, buy a blouse of thin fabric or lace, with pleats or ruffles on the sleeve line (this is one of the fashion trends this season, by the way). Such a thing can also be comfortable, and you will look much more elegant.

Jewelry and bijouterie

Add more jewelry to your image; wear a ring, earrings, and a chain, for example. Complement a strict jacket with a stylish brooch. A small but elegant piece of jewelry will be appropriate even for the office style; for example, earrings, a thin bracelet, a small pendant.

Hair and makeup

Always take care of your hair and makeup if thinking about how to look more stylish. Make a light styling, choose long-lasting and high-quality cosmetics, which will emphasize your appearance in the most favorable way. But do not overuse makeup because in any situation, stylish and natural makeup, creating the effect of a well-groomed appearance, will be preferable to a bright lipstick or a thick layer of foundation.

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Women’s eau de toilette or perfume is one of the principal touches on creating an image, whether it is a fresh and light fragrance for a businesswoman or a sweet, woody scent for a feminine person. We should not ignore the fact that a pleasant fragrance not only complements the image, and evokes positive associations. We advise you to pay attention to a recent perfume novelty, as well as a light, unobtrusive and sweet fragrance for spring or summer. Perhaps these perfumes will complement your image.

Accessories and bags

If you used to wear bulky bags, wear clutch bags, tote bags, or small crossbody bags from time to time. They are suitable both for everyday images and for a date. You can notice that even a minor thing such as a bag changes your mood, and self-perception will change.

Add trendy sunglasses to your look, which are now in abundance in almost all fashion brands. The most popular sunglasses are the “cat-eye” shape, large glasses in the style of Hollywood stars, as well as in a massive transparent frame and with metal details on the contour. Quality sunglasses give your look a unique chic, and they are worth choosing to compliment your look.


Changing your style from time to time will be beneficial for any woman. It depends both on fashion trends, the characteristics of the figure, and on the internal self-perception. Clothing lifts your spirits and helps to achieve life goals, so if you’ve wanted changes for a long time and to know how to look more stylish – don’t delay and start now!

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