How to look stylish everyday

how to look stylish everyday

Women’s image: how to look stylish everyday. The glamor and style of a woman’s image are often associated with expensive clothes and accessories. One may think that if a woman has a limited budget and denies herself many things, then she is not the woman to please people around her. You can, but you shouldn’t think so. There are many examples around us, proving that even a cheaply dressed lady can captivate and admire her image. So how can we achieve this?

First, learn once and for all that it is necessary to create your own image. It is necessary to think through all the details. Examining all the features of your appearance from face to figure, from smile to gait, you need to emphasize your advantages and disguise the disadvantages. I mean, not to hide, but to mask. Because, the wise lady can turn even a defect of her appearance into a highlight, which is not present in other women, or into a magnet, which attracts other people’s eyes. Stylishness is not something that can be taken for granted. Style is a reward for individuality, for attention to yourself, for confidence regardless of age.

1st Style Rule states that the content makes the form.

how to look beautiful everyday - How to look stylish everyday

– The choice of clothes, shoes and accessories to wear during the day depends on one’s mood. Inner state and mental impulse determine the length, style and color of your dress or suit.

– Even the newest and most beautiful article of clothing will not “play” in your image if there is no sense of its internal attractiveness.

– Even the most simple article of clothing can revive the entire image, if there is a feeling of pleasure in your eyes, in your gait, in your voice.

– The main affirmations to start the day should be the words: “I’m smart and beautiful,” “I am the only one,” “I’m amazing today”. Any phrase that convinces a lovely woman of her own exclusivity can become a personal confidence-booster.

– First, we like ourselves, and then those who surround us. Let’s not dress for “other people will like me” – Let’s dress for “this is especially good for me”.

2nd Style Rule: Health is Beauty

how to look trendy and stylish - How to look stylish everyday

A healthy complexion, a trim figure, a rested appearance and the desire to smile are the best decorations for a woman of any age. This is easy to achieve if you take sports and a healthy diet as a norm of your life, give up bad habits and keep to the daily regimen. Health is a stylish thing.

– The condition of the skin, teeth, hair, and nails is an indicator of a woman’s health and a firm touch to her holistic portrait. Frayed hair split ends, dull shades, unshapely hairstyles, stale breaths, yellowed teeth or frayed nails have no relation to style. However, they are a sure way to ruin it. A stylish woman is a woman who is healthy and well-groomed and always knows how to look stylish everyday.

3rd Style Rule: Everything spectacular is “simple”

– Basic pieces of classic cut clothing are the foundation of any look and never get old. You can easily combine them with other items and accessories.

– Clothes made of monochrome fabric shade and emphasize the complexion or shade of eyes, hair. Mottled and bright clothing draws attention to things, in which it is important not to get lost yourself.

how to look classy everyday - How to look stylish everyday

4th Style Rule: Expensive does not mean spectacular

– You can spend all your savings on clothes in an expensive boutique and look like a cow in the saddle wearing them. You can also buy exclusive stuff on sale (or second hand), which has no equal in the closets of girlfriends and colleagues.

– If you like a cheap item and properly care for it, then it becomes a priceless addition to your image. Neatness is the key to attractiveness and stylishness.

– The cost of clothing is not as significant as its practicality. Only comfortable clothes can give you confidence in movement. Style is something that does not restrict movement and does not constrain thoughts.

5th Style Rule: A thing is for me, but not me for this thing.

How To Look Elegant Everyday

– Not chasing fashion, but dictating fashion yourself, is the unmistakable path to an individual woman’s style. If someone wants to be like you, then your style is flawless.

– You should not put up with a piece of clothing just because it is the fashion trend of the season. This is especially true if the garment doesn’t suit a lady. Fashionable is something that suits your face and fits your figure and age.

– Look inside yourself for a feature that will never be found in anyone, and turn this feature into a fashionable signature of your own image. It is impossible not to notice a woman with a “zest” in a crowd. Such woman has a secret on how to look stylish everyday.

6th Style Rule. Many do not mean attractive.

how to look beautiful everyday naturally - How to look stylish everyday

– Minimalism has always been in fashion. Do not overload your image with many multifaceted chains, jewelry, and rings. Sometimes just thin chains and noticeable pearl-drops can emphasize the graceful curves of a woman’s neck.

– Rings (especially those with large stones) on each finger make hands heavy and add a few years to the true age of their owner. Older women are more often addicted to the multiplicity of rings on their hands. In other cases, this passion is a sign of poor taste. For a young person, it would be ideal to have one thin ring on each hand with small stones or without them. The combo of two rings on different phalanges of one finger on a young woman’s hand looks very modern and original. The other fingers of the same hand should be free of jewelry.

– Bracelets (if they are several on one wrist) should not turn into fetters. The purpose of the bracelet is to emphasize the elegance and slimness of a woman’s wrist, to draw attention to its sexuality. But the more formal style of dress, the thinner and unobtrusive should be a bracelet on the hand. As well as its complete absence, it will only emphasize the moderation and taste of its owner.

7th rule of how to look stylish everyday: Whether your suit fits you, or not.

How to look stylish everyday

– All the representatives of the fair sex dream about a perfect figure. Fewer women would like to work on their forms from day to day. And even more lovers want to stuff their rounded hips and tummy in super tight pants or a tight dress. They think, somehow, that the clothes on the size less miraculously make them look slimmer. In reality—the effect is the opposite. Narrow, tight clothing makes it difficult to breathe and restricts movement. And this makes a lady lack self-confidence. This means that her style will not be added to her image. There are so many puffy ladies around who know how to look stylish everyday, and you can’t take your eyes away from their stylish image. They choose clothes according to their size and proudly wear them throughout life, even if they do not quite fit into the accepted standards of beauty.

Style is harmony in image, which reflects the harmony in the inner world of a woman of any age. Combining it with the art of correctly combining the elements of the image in clothing and accessories, makeup and hair, will guarantee you success.

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