How to look stylish teenager girl

how to look stylish teenager

How to look stylish teenager girl? The style is very important for every girl, especially during the teenage years. You can show your individuality in everything, including your appearance. In this article, we compiled tips on how to look stylish and always feel on top.

A basic clothing or “there’s always something to wear.”

Universal items can adorn the clothes of any girl that are possible to combine with each other, creating new images each time. This is a topical clothing style in classic colors, such as black, white, beige, gray and brown. To get a better understanding of how versatile things are, let’s consider the “top “and “bottom “separately:

Functional “top”.

T-shirts and tops, long sleeves, shirts, comfortable sweaters and jackets belong to this category

The perfect “bottom.”

Here we would like to see jeans, shorts, skirts and pants.

how to look cool as a teenager - How to look stylish teenager girl

So, “top” and “bottom” will combine with each other, allowing you to create new looks. Just change a pair of jeans for a skirt or a shirt for a t-shirt, and you’ll have a new look.

Fashion brands produce capsule collections that include versatile models that match each other. You can also monitor the images of famous bloggers and notice that they are based in a basic closet, but there is a zest in everything!

Emphasize your strengths.

You may like your upper body and arms, or you may like the bottom! It’s worth emphasizing what you love about yourself. Bright tops will emphasize your arms and waist, and tight pants will stress the beauty of your legs. If you’re not sure of your strengths, you can ask a friend or a consultant at the store to help evaluate your choice. Sometimes it’s easier to see from the outside what looks good on others.

Essential rules:

1. All clothing should fit your size. Even the most perfect jeans can stick out or form unnecessary creases if you have picked them wrong.

2. The same clothes may look good on one girl and ridiculous on another. Choose styles that fit your figure.

3. You should always feel comfortable in your clothes! You can wear the most fashionable outfit, but feel stiff and uncomfortable in it.

Pay attention to accessories

They say that beauty is in the details. The correctly chosen accessories make your image bright and unique.

Jewelry, bags, belts, scarves, and even gloves create additional accents in your image. You can find many examples in fashion magazines of how accessories give a special style to ordinary clothes. You can check out the proposed ideas, but it’s important that the accessories go well with your outfit and your preferred style! Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories, but stick to the rules below.

Important rules:

1. To look spectacular and not overload your image, stylists recommend wearing only three or four massive accessories.

4. If you have a bright image, then you don’t need big and colorful jewelry and bags for it. And, on the contrary, if the image is neutral, then you can vary it with a bright accent of accessories

5. Don’t combine an elegant evening dress with a watch!

6. If you can’t afford to buy the accessories you like, then you can make your own unique piece that would emphasize your personality!

Be well groomed

Style is inseparable from how well groomed a girl is. Look at famous bloggers, models, and actresses: all of them are immaculate and that’s why they are so attractive. But how to become a well-groomed girl?

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The first thing to do is to keep up with hygiene. Clean and styled hair looks more helpful than disheveled hair with greasy roots. Hair is an adornment of any girl! Regardless of the length and the chosen hairstyle, all the hair requires proper care. Pay attention to the condition of the hair ends. Sometimes split ends can spoil the beauty of your curls, so it is advisable to cut them once every couple of months. If you are wearing long hair, you can explore what hairstyles suit you with different clothing styles. The result might be interesting!

It’s also worth paying attention to your skin condition: a healthy, glowing and clean skin is the key to your attractiveness. Adolescence is closely related to the hormonal restructuring of the body, so young girls can often notice rashes on the face and some other parts of the body. Here, you need to wash your face with special remedies, learn how to get rid of pimples and, if possible, do not extrude them yourself, because some post-acne and even scars can remain on the face! Besides facial hygiene, do not forget to take care of your body and take a shower every day.

There is a well-known opinion that nails are the calling card of every girl. Indeed, it has never been more beautiful to have protruding hangnails and nibbled nails! Be sure to trim your nails and clean the dirt under them using a special brush. You can experiment with nail polish in a variety of shades, but before you do so, make sure that your nails have no traces of your previous manicure. Don’t fear turning to professional beauty salon treatments and bringing elements of creativity to your manicure! Don’t forget to moisturize your hand skin with hand lotions or creams: it also needs care.

Young girls don’t always need makeup to highlight their beauty. If, however, you want to put makeup on before going out or create a unique evening look, then this is a great way to emphasize your natural attractiveness. If you want to know how to look stylish teenager girl, remember that everyday makeup should look natural.

Essential rules:

1. All products you use must not cause allergies! If you see redness or itching, then you should refuse such a product. When buying cosmetics or creams in a store, you can check whether the product is suitable for you by putting a sample on your skin.

2. Makeup shouldn’t look too flashy unless you’re going to a theme party or a photo shoot!

If you’re getting shellac on your nails, don’t take it off by yourself. You can damage the nail plate that way.

Do you need a healthy lifestyle?

how to look fashionable as a teenager - How to look stylish teenager girl

It’s no secret that the look of any person depends on such basic things as a healthy sleep, proper nutrition and exercise. Sleeping 8-9 hours every day and going to bed before midnight are two major factors that create beauty! Girls who neglect sleep often look tired, with puffy eyes and dull facial skin. How can you become the most stylish girl in your school class if you’re always sleep-deprived?

Dull skin is also affected by how you keep your water balance. It takes about two liters of water for one person to look fabulous! Your skin will not only glow, but it will also become clearer.

Besides the water balance, it is also worth focusing on nutrition, because “you are all that you eat”! It’s important to eat three meals a day, and your meals should be well-balanced. If you don’t eat enough, you can even gain weight, because your body will be under stress!

Sport is also an essential part of your appearance. Slim girls attract more attention, and many stylish clothes look much better on such figures. But physical fitness isn’t the only benefit of exercising! In addition, your mood will be better rather than worse, which means people are more likely to be attracted to you.

Be confident.

Style isn’t just about how you look, it’s also about how you present yourself! Each person is unique in his or her own way and has distinctive personalities, talents, and tastes. Even a person’s gait can say a lot about a person. However, in this section, we have also tried to highlight the main points that will help you create your own style.

Your posture is very important.

how to look attractive as a teenage girl - How to look stylish teenager girl

Many girls often walk around with their smartphones in their hands, sharing text messages with friends while walking and yet slouching! Even if you wear your best outfit and look 100%, your posture can ruin the entire impression of your image. A straight posture is not only a way to look prettier, but also an indicator of your self-confidence! People typically pay attention to girls whose posture has a straight back.

What happens if you smile a lot?

One way to be more attractive is to smile. Kindness just beautifies a girl, because other people reach out to such a person. You will not only be the center of attention, but you will also form your environment, where there will not be friends with terrible qualities.

Be yourself.

Despite the large number of fashion publications and bloggers who set trends and influence style, it’s important to explore what’s appropriate for you! Adolescence is the best time to experiment. You can change hairstyles, hair color, clothing styles, and try different makeup techniques while learning how it all looks on you. It’s essential to create your own style and not be afraid to experiment. So, if you like yourself when looking in the mirror and feel comfortable in your outfits, then you already have your own special style! Don’t chase fashion and change your preferences, copying the style of others, because every one of us is different, and there is someone who might like the way you look, and who might even imitate your style!

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