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Handbag color matching tips

A bag is an accessory that affects the general perception of a woman’s look, so it is important to know how to choose a handbag color correctly. It is unnecessary to choose the bag in tone with shoes or clothes. It is worth trying to pick up clothes for the existing fashionable bag. Combination variants are various: it is necessary to know the general recommendations about how to wear it correctly.

Stylists’ advice

Stylists advise us to choose the color of the purse without looking at the tone of the shoes. Study the color palette offered by designers if you want to be in a trend.

In the 2020 season, the focus was on the bright shades of red, blue, and orange, and muted colors of yellow or blue. The backpacks are also relevant, which represent an addition to the look in the style of punk-rock, casual or militaristic. So we can select the colors not in the gray or black but in any other color spectrum.

How to choose a color of our bag.

In response to the question about how to choose the color of the bag for autumn and winter, the community of stylists encourages women to abandon the traditional autumn color palette. This season’s fashion combinations include wine shades, royal blue, yellow, deep green, silver, and fuchsia. If you follow these tips, autumn and winter will delight you with rich emotions.

How to choose the handbag color to match your clothes and shoes? To properly combine a bag and shoes, you can choose their tone, but it is unnecessary at all. Do you have any idea about what to wear a bag of fuchsia color or other bright colors? Try to play with shades. For example, choose a gray-blue model for dark gray shoes, and coffee with milk color for brown ones. But if you have chosen the right shoes for your look, and they have bright memorable colors, then it is better to use an accessory of calm colors.

If you do not want to match the shade of the accessory with your shoes, then match it to your clothes. You will have several options for choosing combinations:

For clothes: you can choose a purse to match the tone of dresses, skirts, blouses; In one tone of clothing: if you are wearing clothes with a print, pattern, then you can combine the color of the bag with one shade existing in the clothes;

According to the contrast: a strict black and white outfit will look different if you add a metallic clutch to it. Most women are interested in what color of a bag will suit all clothes. The answer is black, brown, gray, beige.

You will be surprised, but there is also a non-standard answer to this question: the model of metallic color. It is very convenient if you have an evening bag of metallic bronze color in your wardrobe: it will decorate even ordinary clothes. This bag color will fit any clothes even better than silver or classic black ones.

Shape. Pay attention to the shape that prevails in your set. A rectangular handbag, for example, will successfully highlight the square silhouette of the jacket. We recommend business ladies to wear strict and prestigious models; ideally, envelope-type models in low tones.

The soft shapeless bags are perfect for shopping. Stylists advise young owners of bag models to combine matte and shiny materials. The color can be any color you like, but in this case, it is better to choose calm shades of shoes.

Pattern. To choose the right color, try not to copy the print pattern exactly. It is better to make a subtle hint at the repeatability of the pattern. This rule is especially relevant when using animalistic prints: do not try to recreate the color of the bag with leopard print in your clothes. A set that combines a bag with flowers with small carnation earrings or pendants on a bracelet in the form of flowers will not cause saturation. Or if the circles on the backpack repeat peas on sneakers.

The perfect color that matches a woman’s appearance:

A dark brown clutch leather can damage the integrity of the image of a romantic person who likes to dress up a light sundress with a floral print in summer. A bag of powder color with rhinestones will not suit the casual style lovers. If you like clothes of saturated tones, choose accessories in the monochrome or calm shade because your look should not exceed 4-5 colors.

If the “pearl” of your look is a powder accessory, then you can choose a catchy orange or burgundy colored purse. Conservative ladies, who dislike experimenting with a color palette, should choose models of beige, black, gray, or brown colors that fit almost everything.

We have described how to choose a handbag color to clothes and other elements of your appearance. Which particular model to choose? The one that looks the most beneficial and corresponds not only to the color but also to the size, style, and fashion.

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