Most frequently asked skin care questions and answers

skin care questions and answers

Our skin is sensitive to the daily effects of dirty air, changeable weather, dietary experiments, and quality and poor cosmetic products. That’s why it’s so important to protect it. Let’s look at the most popular skin care questions and answers girls and women ask on this topic.

How can I properly care for my skin?

The body requires daily cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. But the face needs it all in a double amount. After all, it is constantly exposed. 

It is the face where the most active blood vessel system and increased functioning of the sebaceous glands, so it is more susceptible to age-related changes. 

Regular care improves aesthetics, significantly reducing the risk of various diseases: pigmentation, acne, and rosacea.

Is intensive care too helpful or harmful?

All members of the fair sex like different beautiful bottles with nice-smelling contents. But we must admit to ourselves that what we buy is only sometimes good for us. The components of other products may not be combined.

As a result, instead of “silk and velvet,” we have dryness, flaking, itching, redness, and irritation. A dangerous mixture of acids, retinoids, and niacinamide makes it look like this.

Active cleansing ingredients do not get along with sensitive skin with a tendency to atopic dermatitis. An allergic reaction will occur if they come into contact. It is better to pay attention to brands of skin care cosmetics with a less aggressive composition.

Even with a sound barrier function, healthy skin will have difficulty tolerating a large number of products at the same time. But with the timely rejection of unnecessary, it will quickly go better.

Buying an advertised drug at the nearest pharmacy is easy, but it could be safer. A dermatologist may require a certain amount for a consultation, but about that much, or even more, you will have to pay for the consequences of the love of self-medication. So let’s not risk it!

Do I need to go to a cosmetologist?

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You can do without the steep cosmetic procedures if you know how to interact with the epidermis. It is essential to choose the right products by taking into account the characteristics of the skin so that there is no reason to go to the salon for help. 

You can apply masks, serums, and creams for daily nourishment and hydration. Your own hands will work great as a beautician.

It is advisable to turn to a professional for severe disorders or age-related features for help. The usual cream and tissue masks will not help with a second chin, sagging cheeks, ptosis, and deep wrinkles.

Can I use devices for home care?

It depends on what kind of devices we’re talking about. For the fatigue type of aging, one can use a device transmitting microcurrents, which helps to fight swelling and no more. 

You can buy one, but be skeptical of promises like “toning, lifting, moisturizing…”. These are just advertising slogans to attract attention. But if you like it, take it, because it will not be worse.

Another option is ultrasonic cleaning. Before using it, it is necessary to use a mask that opens the pores and then use the device to complete the session with a drying mask. 

You can do this procedure up to a couple of times per month. It does not give many results, but it can cause much damage. Even owners of oily skin should treat it cautiously; using products containing acids is enough.

Devices to remove black dots are not sold yet, so do not hope for their appearance. So-called the usual sebaceous threads, which are traumatized, expand and protrude blood vessels. Then you will need the help of a specialist immediately.

Is facial muscular gymnastics effective in the fight against age-related changes?

There are a lot of authors’ techniques. They started back in the middle of the XX century when a famous ballerina turned to the surgeon Reynold Benz with a request to restore the tone of her facial muscles. He wondered, “What if the face also needed a workout?” 

At the time, only a few people knew about facial gymnastics. Nowadays, things are different. You can freely choose the technique you like, read reviews, and talk to people who have been practicing it for a long time. Individual exercises are selected for each age group. But for visible results, training at least 10-15 minutes a day is necessary.

Even though it is 99% useful, it also has contraindications: fever, ENT diseases, brain injury, cancer, hypertension, blood pressure, and a certain period (from a few hours to 2 days) after visiting cosmetic procedures. If you have any of the above, it is better to postpone the exercise for the time being.

Does lymph drainage facial massage help against wrinkles?

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Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent cosmetic procedure for preventive action against age-related changes, swelling, dullness of the complexion, and overall skin condition. Courses perform it. One technique includes around ten sessions.

The massage improves blood microcirculation in the vessels and the skin. There are a lot of techniques on the Internet; choose any of them, try them, and if you like, perform them.

What effect do nutrition and hormones have on my skin?

The interaction between nutrition and gastrointestinal function has virtually no effect on the skin. There are disproving facts; however, they are not convincing enough to risk your health because of the advertising promises of nutritionists.

If there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract – a consultation with a therapist is necessary. Otherwise, when the skin seems to react to specific products, you must exclude them from your diet and observe the changes based on your sensations.

Endocrine disruption also has consequences. Thyroid problems begin, facial and body hair grows densely, and weight increases/loss. A cosmetologist or physician should first recommend the patient visit a gynecologist or an endocrinologist when the symptoms are present.

Is it possible to get used to the injections?

If ” habituation ” means getting used to the positive effects, then definitely yes. For example, a course of smoothing wrinkles and folds was carried out, and after 3-4 months, the impact of the drug stopped, and the age-related problems returned. 

There is a desire to repeat the course to regain youthfulness. By the way, it is called botulinum therapy, in which the doctor injects the patient with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin.

What are the dangers of cosmetic procedures?

Botulinum therapy has been successfully used for over 20 years and has not caused severe problems. The only problem is the drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid. But it takes a few months for the issue to disappear.

Fillers dissolve after six months to a year, but a certain percentage of hyaluronic acid remains for some time. The filler could accumulate if a girl has an injection in the same area a year later. Swelling may appear. In the worst cases, some chronic inflammation or fibrosis will occur.

Before the injection procedure, patients are given a paper consent, which they must read and sign. The paper lists all possible risks. Be sure not to hesitate to ask questions on each point, discuss all possible nuances with the master, and, if there is something you do not like – refuse the service. 

Is it necessary for a cosmetologist to have a medical degree?

A cosmetology specialist must have a higher medical education. It would help if you ensured he has a diploma and all the necessary certificates, confirming his competence and professionalism before treatment.

If there is only a diploma in nursing, then the maximum that you can trust this person – is the application of medicines under the guidance of a doctor. He has no right to prescribe procedures and treatment independently.

It is necessary to enroll in medical school to become a doctor cosmetologist specializing in therapy or medicine, complete a dermatovenerology residency and improve the training in medical cosmetology.

How can we choose the right professional?

There are several selection criteria:

  • Personal perception – a beautician can be the coolest for a vast audience and have much experience. But it is better to look for another if you dislike him, even for no reason.
  • High level – the company must have a medical license and use only certified medicines in this work. Before providing any service, a patient signs a contract, and after paying for the procedure, a receipt is necessarily issued, which should be kept until the end of the course.
  • Accessible information – all documents confirming the professionalism of each employee should be freely available on the clinic’s official website.
  • Scale matters – you can also find a good doctor in a small clinic. In this case, the volume of services may not match your needs.
  • For example, the rejuvenation method is chosen individually depending on the aging type. 
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. A highly specialized cosmetologist only tries to solve some of the client’s problems for the sake of money but recommends another specialist who is most competent in the tasks at hand.
  • Doctor’s appointment. During the consultation, the beautician must explain the prescribed procedures and question the girl: what she was sick with, what allergies, and what medications she is currently taking. If, instead of all this, he immediately proceeds to action without explanation or questions, it is necessary to say goodbye to him immediately.
  • Tactfulness. The doctor has the right to treat only those problems that bother the patient. Be wary if the beautician begins to indicate in a harsh or even aggressive form the defects of your appearance, for example, wrinkles, which do not bother the patient in any way.
  • Exception. For example, a woman who has severe acne wants lip augmentation. First, it is necessary to eliminate the disease, and the specialist must insist on it. Health is more important than esthetics.

We recommend visiting different clinics first to compare the employees’ quality of service and professionalism. After that, you can choose the one you like the most based on your preferences.


  • Proper skin care solves aesthetic issues and helps control skin ailments.
  • Healthy skin doesn’t need a lot of skincare products. Timely cleansing and moisturizing are enough.
  • Active cosmetic treatment can irritate the skin.
  • If age-related changes do not disturb you, and there are no diseases, you can easily do some procedures at home (we are not talking about injections).
  • Beauty machines for independent use do not harm you, but it is better not to count on their substantial benefit.
  • Facial cleansing can often be done only during acne treatment; in other cases, it is unnecessary.
  • Producing hormones or a carefully formulated diet does not solve the skin problem.  
  • Cosmetic injections are not addictive.
  • Simple remedies do not cope with deep wrinkles; only plastic surgery can do that.
  • A cosmetologist should be a doctor.
  • The beautician must tell the patient about each prescribed procedure and explain why they are needed.
  • If there is even the slightest risk associated with the procedure, the beautician must refuse the patient.

The main criteria for choosing a cosmetology clinic is having a license and an interest in the patient’s medical history without imposing useless advertised procedures. However, it is worth reiterating that safety and health are more important than esthetics.

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