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Let me start with my backstory about my and other women’s beauty products list. About a year ago, my cousin came to stay with me. She is a dozen years younger than me and generally a progressive girl who follows all kinds of fashion. We got to talking about cosmetics. I asked permission to look through her makeup bag. When she dumped the contents of her bag on the bed, my eyes widened. There were so many products I didn’t know the names of – highlighter, sculptor, concealer, bronzer. And suddenly, my sister said, “geez, where’s my beauty blender?” It’s hard to describe what I imagined when I heard that name – some device that agitates the face to make it beautiful. Later it turned out to be just an egg-shaped sponge. I had never felt so backward in my life.

“This is not the way to go,” – I decided – “I need to fix the situation. After all, I have two daughters growing up, and I still have to teach them how to make up. Told – done. So I searched many sites on the Internet, looked at dozens of master classes, bought new products on the beauty market, and tried them on myself. I decided to write a short review about all these products. It can be useful for ladies of my age, and it can be useful for very young women who are just beginning to learn the basics of face makeup. So, the cosmetics that every girl should have are:

Makeup base-primer

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Using a primer foundation to get successful and long-lasting makeup would be best. It can have different consistency (cream, serum, base) and directions of action, depending on the type of skin:

Matting is suitable for owners of “oily” faces. The foundation reduces sebum activity, removes shine, and ensures makeup staying power for 8 hours or more. The disadvantage is that it clogs pores if used daily. Good products are Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel (this primer is very light and clogs pores less than similar products) and Studio Secrets by L’Oreal.

Highlighting means for those whose skin are naturally dull and pale, as well as for aging skin. For example, Photo Ready, a primer from Revlon, makes your skin fresh and radiant and reflects any light, so it’s great as a makeup base for photo shoots.

Smoothing primer is for girls with uneven complexion, pigmentation, and signs of fatigue. Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer rubs away all the irregularities of your complexion like an eraser, evens out your complexion, and makes your skin look fresh. Many girls like this Maybelline New York miracle product.

Silicone. Professional makeup artists use La Base Pro Silky Primer Spray by Art&Fact and La Base Pro Silky Primer by Lancôme.

Moisturizing primers protect the skin from UV rays and over-drying in winter and summer, such as Double Wear Flawless Hydrating Primer by Estée Lauder or Primer Hydrating by Laura Mercier.

So, girls, primer is one of the important ingredients in your makeup kit that you should have. Which product to choose depends on your skin type, but I advise buying a foundation with the highest level of SPF protection for summer use.

Concealer and/or corrector

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Concealer and corrector are not the same, though their applications are similar. They are both used to conceal imperfections in the skin. Concealer, however, has a more dense texture, is applied more precisely, and can help hide serious blemishes such as pimples, moles, and scars.

Concealer is light and translucent. You may apply it to large areas of the face. It masks black eyes, redness, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, and vascularity. You can apply concealer directly on top of your foundation and easily adapt it to any skin tone. Here are a few products that I liked:

Correctors – Art Professional Makeup liquid with an ultra-light texture from Eveline Cosmetics and Hide The Blemish cream stick from Rimmel;

Concealers: Clarins Instant Concealer with green tea leaf extracts, aloe, and caffeine, and the economical and effective Fit Me by Maybelline New York.

I often see a pallet of concealers in stores (several shades are in a box). I haven’t tried this kind, but they say they are great for masking strong imperfections like wrinkles, pimples, etc.

Tone cream

Toner is not a surprise to anyone. Almost all girls have it and include in their women’s beauty products list. It will help if you choose your foundation according to your skin tone. People usually put a drop from the test sample on the back of the palm, rub it and analyze the result. This method doesn’t always have any effect because my hands are quite dark, and my face is very pale. It has always been incredibly difficult for me to find a foundation that goes on my face unnoticeably. After some trial and error, I found the perfect one, or rather, even two:

Fit Me by Maybelline, which is beautifully mattifying;

ALLIANCE PERFECT (“Perfect Fusion”) by L’oreal Paris.

The beauty market is full of offerings. Plenty of foundations are worthy of attention, but it is necessary to choose the product individually.

Sculptor, highlighter, bronzer

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Sculptor, highlighter, and bronzer are three products that are not necessary for your makeup bag. But if you have them and learn how to use them, you will not regret them. Before, these three “miracle products” were available only in the arsenal of professional makeup artists. Remember the incredibly beautiful models with perfect facial features and glowing or tanned skin? It’s not natural wealth but the skillful handling of cosmetics.

In the following women’s beauty products list, I’ll briefly tell you what you need for what:


Highlighter has reflective particles in its composition, giving the skin a glow and certain areas of the face volume. Highlighters have different textures (creamy, liquid, powdery) and shades. There are cool ones with white and blue sparkles (Pearl line from SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR LIQUID line by BECCA Cosmetics), suitable for pale-skinned ladies. Others are warm with pink and gold sequins (Illuminique by Estrade, Master Strobing by Maybelline) for naturally swarthy and tanned beauties.


Sculptor helps visually correct facial anatomy, reducing the forehead or cheekbones, removing excessive volume, and adding expressiveness to certain features. Sculptors can also be dry, cream, or liquid. It is necessary to choose the shade of the product as close as possible to the skin’s natural tone. Good options are Face Studio Contour in the form of a stick from Maybelline and a professional palette for sculpting 3 Steps to Sculpt from NYX Professional Makeup.


Bronzer is a product that helps to create a light tan effect on the face and even out the natural tan if it turns out terrible. You can use the bronzer as a sculptor, by the way. Primers are relatively inexpensive but worthy of attention. Look for Makeup by Revolution in three different shades, and for pale-faced people like me, Paradise 01 nu tan tation by L’Oreal Paris; if you want a professional bronzer, you should try the most long-lasting Soleil Glow Bronzer by Tom Ford.

I told you about sculptors, bronzer, and highlighters. You can find out how to create beauty on your face by watching video master classes, of which there are countless on the Internet. For example, here is some a young woman explaining in a very accessible way:


It’s impossible to surprise any girl with powder, either. But only some understand what this product is for. In the past, when the arsenal of women’s cosmetic bags was very limited, the powder was used to remove shine from the face and even out skin tone. Nowadays, the range of its applications has greatly expanded. In the first place, the powder sets all the creams applied earlier. And in the second place, it serves as a primer for makeup and removes shine.

Since it is almost impossible to match my pale skin tone so that the powder would be invisible, I prefer colorless products (transparent). By the way, don’t chase cheapness when buying powder. After all, too cheap products have silicones in their composition and severely clog pores with daily use. I like powder brands:

Pupa, particularly Luminys Silky Baked Face Powder – it’s moisturizing and hypoallergenic in a marbled color.

L’Oreal Paris – melting and adjusting to your natural skin tone Alliance Perfect from the same series as the foundation I wrote about above.

Relouis – transparent, with particles that absorb sebum Pro HD Powder, without fragrances and dyes.

Hourglass – Translucent Setting Powder, transparent Veil powder, without talc, but with diamond particles.

These are my favorites. At least one of the options listed would work for you, too.


Blushes are a great lifesaver for those who are naturally too pale and for those who managed to get only a couple of hours of sleep the night before or haven’t slept. They make your face look fresher, perkier, and brighter if applied correctly . The variety of blush textures is amazing. They can be dry, baked, or crumbly, like a stick, mousse, cushion, or balls. I like the following brands: Cream Blush – inexpensive but noteworthy with a creamy texture from manufacturer ART-VISAGE; Invisible Illumination – a liquid with a nude shade from Lumene; Perlamour – two-color pearlescent balls from Divage and Sleek Makeup Blush – not very expensive, but competing with professional luxury products.

Eyebrow makeup

The contour has been corrected, the bruises have been covered up, the forehead and nose have been powdered, and the cheeks have been browned. It’s time to draw the eyebrows. Why? So that it is beautiful. For example, my eyebrows are naturally thick and wide. I started plucking them at a young age. Now they are too thin. At the same time, one eyebrow categorically refuses to grow back, so you can somehow correct the shape, and the second happily “spike in the moonlight” ( it needs to be thinned). So, in general, it is a problem. The following remedies help me make them straight, beautiful, and, most importantly, the same:

Gel – it arranges the hairs and fixes them so that they do not tangle in different directions (Lash Brow Gel from ESSENCE);

Mascara: it functions the same as the gel but can also add color and volume to eyebrows (Maybelline’s Brow Drama);

Pencil – it helps to highlight hairs where they are missing (Eyebrow Pencil by Eveline Cosmetics copes with this task by far);

Shadows help fill in the eyebrows with color ( only for a short time, though) and make them look thicker (“Brow Artist Genius Kit” by L’oreal).

After a few minutes of witchcraft with the above products, my eyebrows turn into perfect arches.

Eye pencil or liner

The eye pencil is for contouring along the growth of the lashes. I use black in everyday life, but I use blue or green for special occasions. There are a lot of shades of pencils in cosmetics stores. Choose a variant of the color of your iris or your mood.

It would be best if you had a liner to draw perfect arrows. I like the Perfect Slim highlighter from L’Oreal Paris. It’s very handy for drawing arrows of any length and thickness.


Shadows are used to decorate the eyelid. There are a lot of shades, too. Choosing natural beige, golden, brown, and light pink shades for everyday makeup is better. For the evening, images are bright red, gray, blue, green, purple, and other shades. An excellent choice of shadows from Pupa, NYX, Beautypedia, Essence, and Maybelline.


Mascara makes eyelashes thicker, longer, and more voluminous, as well as tints, separates, and curls hair. Black mascara is a classic piece. You can choose a blue, purple, or green alternative to creating a bright image for the occasion. I like mascara from Lancôme, but it costs a lot. Cheap but worthwhile options are the various lines from Maybelline, Max Factor, and Relouis.

Lipstick and lip gloss

Lipstick can make our lips bright, lush, and voluminous. The lipstick can help finish your look, no matter how you intend it to be. We can choose the color of lipstick according to our taste. I advise the owners of narrow lips to prefer shiny series and liquid lip glosses.

Girls with puffy lips should prefer matte shades. And one more note – bright red suits everyone, but it is better to try it on only for evening makeup. A lip pencil, chosen according to the shade of your lipstick or gloss, can help make the contour clearer. I usually use luxury lipstick because it doesn’t dry lips and has vitamin complexes. I prefer Rougea Levres Merci by Vivienne Sabo ( inexpensive but well-made), Lasting Finish by Rimmel, Color Sensational by Maybelline, and Color Riche by L’Oreal Paris.

Makeup fixer spray

A makeup fixer spray is used to help the “beauty” that you create not become blurred and not to disappear but to keep it looking fresh all day long. It is applied in the last place by spraying, creating an invisible layer on the face

Finally, let me tell you what a beauty blender is. It is a sponge shaped like an egg or a drop (so it sounds more aesthetic). There are some advantages of a blender: it follows the curves of your face better and therefore provides a more even product application, and it also almost does not absorb any cosmetics, which results in the economical use of the product. Such a useful thing with an intriguing name. Here I finish my review about women’s beauty products list, and I hope to be useful to someone. 

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