18 most stunning women in the world

most beautiful woman in the world all time

The subject of beauty has always fascinated women. There are a lot of most stunning women in the world, and every girl dreams of perfect body proportions and facial features. Many women have a lot of tips and tricks for maintaining youthfulness and beauty. Many people improve their appearance with sports; others resort to plastic surgery. Of course, you can […]

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Women’s beauty products list

a woman's beauty

Let me start with my backstory about my and other women’s beauty products list. About a year ago, my cousin came to stay with me. She is a dozen years younger than me and generally a progressive girl who follows all kinds of fashion. We got to talking about cosmetics. I asked permission to look through her makeup bag. When […]

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Women’s beauty standarts in ancient Greece

Was there an analogue of the modern concept of “glamour” in women’s beauty in ancient Greece? Yes, the ancient Greeks had the word “kalokagatia” (variants of translation: “beautiful and kind”, “beautiful and good”), which meant the harmony of external beauty and inner virtues. Famous philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle reasoned about such harmony. What was the external beauty of ancient […]

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