How to look modest and stylish

how to look modest and stylish

How to look modest and stylish? In Japan, there was a belief that a true geisha could stop a man with one glance. Stories of extraordinarily beautiful women of the past always excite the ladies’ minds. It is impossible to stop the modern man with one look, but an elegant and stylishly dressed person always attracts attention. So how to […]

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Women’s beauty standards throughout the history

female beauty standards through history

Women’s beauty standards throughout the history have been changed over time. Women have strived to be beautiful and have made great efforts to conform to the existing canons of beauty. Nowadays, a slender girl with high cheekbones, sunken cheeks and plump lips is considered a beauty, but a hundred years ago, her appearance would have been considered unattractive. And this […]

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Women’s fashion questions

what is the latest women's fashion

Fashion is fickle. Many things come in and go out of it, leaving a lot of women’s fashion questions about how to look great, what will be relevant, and how to dress stylishly without spending too much money. Here are a few current features and fashion trends you should consider. Is fashion convenient or beautiful? A decade or 20 years […]

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Style for pregnant ladies

style for pregnant ladies

A pregnant girl who takes care of herself always wants to look beautiful and looks for proper style for pregnant ladies. And during pregnancy, all the more so. Choosing clothes becomes more difficult for upcoming mothers, but it is possible to assemble a closet effortlessly with the help of little tricks. Clothing selection criteria for pregnant women During pregnancy, you […]

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