How to dress simple but look stylish

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Every girl, leafing through the glossy pages of fashion magazines, secretly dreaming of being like one of the models: to have such perfect skin, shiny hair, stylish clothes, well-chosen accessories, and how to dress simple but look stylish. But many people don’t even realize that the expensive image is made not by spending $2000 on new boots, but by using little female tricks, which we will talk about.

How to create a gorgeous image?

Creating a luxurious image so that men see you off with a delighted look, and women look back with envy, is easy at all. In this article, we share secrets, emphasizing that you do not have to spend a lot of money. The most important thing is knowledge, patience, and exactingness to yourself.

Here is an approximate plan of how to look expensive and beautiful, not in financial terms, but visually. Create the impression of a successful person!

1. Hands

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The first thing every girl on her way to perfection should pay attention to her hands. Rule number one! Keep your hands in good condition. You can determine who is in front of you by nice fingernails and skin: a real lady to the fingertips or an ordinary peasant woman wearing fashionable things.

It’s up to you to decide how to keep your fingers in perfect condition. It can be a regular visit to the salon and a professional manicure, having shellac every two weeks, or skillful handling of the nail file at home.

Choose an option based on your budget, but in no case, do not neglect this item (this is the first one!). There are a lot of novice manicure masters nowadays who are ready to make your hands beautifully groomed for a little money.

2. Hair

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Everybody knows that there are no unattractive women, but incompetent hairdressers and no investment in women’s beauty. You need to devote time to your hair to understand how to look expensive.

It would be helpful to go to professional stylists. They choose the right length and color for your hair and make the perfect styling, which will emphasize the dignities of the face (making lips puffier, eyes brighter and more expressive, and tone of the skin more even).

It will be an excellent investment in your appearance; also, you can ask your loved ones to present you with a certificate to go to the salon for your birthday.

From what every girl can do – using health masks and oils, cutting hair before the appearance of split ends, watch the color of your hair and – comb your hair! Carefulness and neatness of your hair emphasize your beauty, lightness, and health!

Besides regular visits to your hairdresser and using individual health products, your hair needs daily care. Buy professional shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products.

Such a set is not very expensive, but it will be enough for a long time. And the result will be clear after the first use: your hair will be silky and shiny. It’s a win-win for those who are thinking about how to look charming and nice.

3. Clothes

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Many believe that the main answer: “How to look expensive?” is to buy costly branded clothes. That is possible, but try to choose things for their style and quality rather than for their famous label.

Also, remember that the “Sale” sign can be not only your best friend but also your worst enemy. When people buy dubious jackets and cheap knitwear, and then it turns out that things do not fit together and wear them better only at the country house. Be vigilant! Fashion changes, leaving catchy things to collect dust in your closet.

To know how to look stylish, you must not chase the novelties of the season, but choose the classics in clothes. Thus, things will serve you over one season, and successfully selected accessories will make the image fashionable and harmonious. Professional image-makers advise us to focus on shoes and bags and pay attention to the essential wardrobe items: trousers, jeans, shirts, and jackets. 

4. Shoes

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How do to look expensive with cheap shoes? – It’s impossible! Think about shoes in advance. If you have a minimal budget, it is better not to buy the “market” variant, but go shopping at the end of the season. You can buy quality branded boots in the summer with a good sale discount. The major fact is that shoes should always be clean, spruce, and appropriate to the general idea.

5. Quality

quality - How to dress simple but look stylish

Only qualitatively sewn clothes will answer the question of how to look stylish. You can buy a dress in an expensive store with a tag “100% polyester”, but believe me, such a thing will not give spice to your image. This fabric is harmful to your skin; it is not breathable and loses its appearance after the first washup.

Take inspiration from fashion standards – only quality fabrics, only perfect sutures, and silhouettes.
It is better to give preference to natural fabrics, which have only 20% of synthetic materials. The quality of the tailoring makes the thing cheap. So, examine the purchase, paying attention to the symmetry of the pattern, seams, zippers, and buttons.

6. Strict black

stylish black - How to dress simple but look stylish

Many people know how to look stylish, just using black in image creation. But it only looks elegant in an upscale design. A few dollars’ clothes become a burned-out rag after two washes. It’s better to have one best quality thing than three low-quality things. An excellent quality thing will serve you longer, and you will look more expensive.

Petty tricks of “Rich Image” and how to look stylish

It is clear how to look expensive and neat, using the advice of image-makers! Now let’s reveal a few tricks that will help each girl look like a million dollars with minimal investment:

  • ALWAYS! Your clothes must be tidy: clean, with no pellets and kinks, good smelling;
  • Avoid mass-market designer hits – they won’t last a long time and will not make you look better;
  • An ordinary jacket will tell you how to look stylish if you wear it with a scarf and decorate it with a carelessly fastened belt of medium width;
  • Show creativity in things that “don’t fit well.” A skilled dressmaker will turn them into an exclusive, perfect fitting for your figure;
  • Have bright blue or classic yellow boats in your wardrobe. They will make stylish even the most humble outfit;
  • The chic secret is elegant simplicity. Have the basics of the classics in your closet: a small black dress, blue jeans, pencil skirt, thin shoulder straps top, white T-shirt, black turtleneck, and club jacket. Combine things, emphasizing the merits of the figure;
  • A beautiful form will brighten up any outfit – go in for sports;
  • Choose jewelry with minimal accessories;
  • Natural makeup and shattering hair are the perfect alternatives to patent-patterned hairstyles and colorful MakeUp;
    Get use the most of white color which makes wonders, being an example of how to look always groomed (remember, all clothes must be clean!);
  • A hard bag, a dress with sneakers, one earring – and you’re on top of the fashion Olympus! Experiment it!
    Scientists discovered an interesting fact: becoming wealthy, a man gaining weight, while a woman is losing it. Work out, take care of yourself, and you will always look very expensive and nice!

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