Top skincare questions and common mistakes

top skincare questions

Facial Skin Care and top skincare questions.

Proper skin care requires following rules that can help you maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. However, women often make mistakes without even realizing it, and all the efforts in the fight for beautiful skin come to nothing. Our article will help you check yourself and possibly reconsider the principles of daily facial skin care.


It is not worth buying cosmetics at random, blindly relying on the opinion of others or popular advertising headlines. The key to choosing skincare is knowing how well the product is right for you, your skin type and your skin condition. The wrong skincare products might do nothing ( in the best-case scenario ) or add more problems like rashes or redness.

Right Way

It’s best to choose cosmetics for your skin on an individual basis. The best way to get effective advice on the right products is to talk to an expert in person or online. Experts can help you create a comprehensive treatment program to combat blemishes and improve the condition of your skin.


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” You don’t need to moisturize if your skin looks good.” That’s one of the most common misconceptions! If you don’t moisturize your skin enough, and even more so if you don’t moisturize at all, your skin becomes more vulnerable. Irritation, dryness, flakiness, and premature wrinkles appear, and your complexion fades.

Proper Way to Get It Right

Apply moisturizer in the morning and evening. Light creams are preferable in the warm season, but more nourishing versions in winter, as they will help restore the skin after exposure to strong winds, dry air and fluctuating temperatures.

Expert Opinion

“Choose a moisturizer based on your skin type and condition:

An intensive moisturizer with urea, hyaluronic acid and natural oils is a good choice if you have dry, flaky skin. Such products will quickly reduce dryness and tightness and give your skin a well-groomed look.

Greasy skin creams have light textures and sebum-regulating and matting ingredients, such as those with lactic or oleanolic acid, allantoin and Enanthia bark extract.

It’s important to soothe irritation and protect against environmental influences if you have sensitive skin. Consider using creams with panthenol and natural oils to create a thin protective film on its surface.

Age-appropriate skin care creams containing peptides work well, like those with the Matrixyl-3000 Complex™, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis for younger-looking skin. Products with this component can be considered an alternative to vitamin A (retinol). They are milder and don’t irritate the skin.


Makeup removal is an important part of your regular beauty routine. Firstly, intensive care cannot be effective without preliminary skin cleansing. It allows pores to be thoroughly cleaned and the skin to be prepared for further procedures. Secondly, poorly cleansed skin has no relaxation, so inflammation and premature wrinkles may appear on it.

How to do it correctly

Use cleansers twice a day. Washing in the morning with a foam or gel is enough. In the evening, remove makeup with special makeup removal products (micellar water or hydrophilic oil), then wash with foam or gel.


skin care questions to ask - Top skincare questions and common mistakes

You need to cleanse your skin regularly with special exfoliants to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But the constant use of scrubs and peels can traumatize the skin and deprive it of its protective layer. Therefore, the main thing is to act carefully and only sometimes.

Proper cleansing

We recommend deep cleansing the skin, not more than once a week. If you have hypersensitive skin, it is better to do without scrubs with large abrasive particles. You can replace them with milder agents with enzymes, for example, enzyme powder.


When there are discounts in cosmetic stores and famous bloggers regularly select the best beauty products, it’s hard not to buy another beautiful bottle. But it is worth refraining from spontaneous purchases and constant experimentation. The reasons are simple: consistency and regularity are important in everything, even skincare.

Remember the right way to do it.

Apply new products regularly for a few weeks. Take your time getting rid of the cream after a week if there are no results. Not enough time has passed yet.

Proper skin care includes toning right after washing your face


The toner is a kind of conductor that helps the products’ active ingredients that will be applied afterwards to penetrate the skin better. These products remove residual cleansers, normalize the skin’s pH, and relieve discomfort after washing.

The right way to go

Use the toner according to your skin type twice daily: in the morning and evening. Apply it immediately after washing and before applying your moisturizer.


You risk getting an infection by choosing such a harsh method of dealing with pimples. Doing so can make the situation even worse. Red-blue stagnant spots, pigmentation, and scars are frequent consequences of the habit of squeezing pimples. It is extremely difficult to cope with neglected acne, and it is not always possible to improve the condition of uneven skin relief, even with the help of special resurfacing.

Right way to

To deal with single pimples, use cosmetic SOS medicines. They perform pinpointed, drying the inflammatory cells and destroying harmful bacteria. It is better to visit a cosmetologist if you have too many pimples. Professionals will determine the cause of the problem and find the appropriate care.

Do not extrude your pimples. It leads to the appearance of scars. 


Rubbing your face with a cotton pad containing alcohol is bad, even if it seems to dry up the rashes. It leads to total skin dehydration: it becomes sensitive and reacts violently to external exposure. As a result, allergic reactions can arise, rashes and oily shine intensify, and age-related changes progress faster.

Right way to look after your skin

Use special products for the care of problem skin. As a rule, they contain AHA- and BHA-acids and clay. If you notice the alcohol in cosmetics, pay attention to its concentration: the closer the alcohol is to the bottom of the composition, the more alcohol is present. Choose products with a minimum alcohol content to be on the safe side.


Most people know that sunlight is the enemy of skin. But many people believe that skin doesn’t need SPF protection when overcast. That is a misconception. Harmful ultraviolet radiation is always present, both in cloudy and cold weather. Use special sunscreens to keep your skin healthy.

The right way to protect your skin

SPF 15 or 20 cream is enough for autumn and winter in the city. The skin needs stronger protection in hot weather, SPF of 30-50. When going to the seaside, choosing products with SPF 50, which has the highest sun protection filters, is better.


The skin around the eyes is delicate and needs gentle care. There are no sebaceous glands in this area, so it needs to be moisturized regularly. An ordinary cream is not appropriate: it is heavier than required and needs to meet the needs of the sensitive area.

What’s the right way to use

Use a special cream for the eye area. They often contain additional ingredients, for example, to correct dark circles or eliminate puffiness, and their textures are adapted to thinner, more delicate skin.

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