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A life full of rude romance and tempting danger, glamour and glitter, luxury combined with careless elegance are the everyday life of gangsters that boys want to imitate, and girls admire so much. Perhaps a particular “demand” is the external attributes of these “gangsters”: clothing and accessories. But the gangster clothing style is possible to bring into everyday life. You need to know what clothes will be appropriate for work, and what for leisure with friends.

stil chikago - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

The “gangster” style in its original form does not fit today’s streets and offices, but we can take some elements as a basis. The base of gangster-style clothes is a sensible chic, which is in demand everywhere. If it’s a suit, it has to be strict and elegant. If it’s a dress, it should be luxurious. But if it’s an accessory, it has to be first class. That’s because the gangster’s credo is to live in a big way!

Gangster style and modernity

Let’s look at how you can “squeeze” such a reckless style into the everyday dress code. Straight trousers of grey, black or brown colors, a white blouse with long sleeves or three-quarters long sleeves, a tie, a naughty silk vest, and a fitted jacket will be appropriate as the clothes.

You can choose a medium length skirt with a strict cut instead of trousers, which will perfectly harmonize with high heels shoes.

If you dislike the gangster suit, then a dress in the 30s style may be also suitable for you. It can be long or short, fringed or not, but its mandatory feature should be femininity and boldness, the degree of which you can determine by yourself. Clutches, gloves of any length, stockings with arrows, loafers or boots, headbands or head rims, and hats will be suitable for you as accessories.

The color gamma can vary from monochrome to “traditional” stripes. The latter ones emphasize the gangster style more vividly, that’s why it was Hollywood declared the first sign of a dandy of “exquisite bandit”.

modern gangster style - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

Gangster-style clothing selection

Gangster-style clothing offers more freedom of choice for going out. You can afford to bring your look as close as possible to the authentic style of gangsters’ clothes, or rather to say, their beautiful girlfriends.

The brightest image can be the image of a constant assistant of the fearless gang leader, causing awe and horror throughout the district. You can change your pants for tight leggings or breeches; leave your shoes aside and dress your pretty legs in tall tight high heel boots; put away your blouse in the closet and put on an open top. Fake suspenders or a belt with a holster – and the party will go according to your scenario!

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Feminine clothes will be suitable for the image of a beautiful flower which brightens up the hard life of a gangster with its charming and naïve eyes. The dress must have an alluring neckline, wrap a figure of beauty and slightly hint at impregnable permission. You can choose any color of your dress, but black and red will look more natural. So saying, strictness and intended brightness.

gangster style girl with cigarette - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

Stockings (preferably black color), heeled shoes, a clutch with rhinestones, glittering earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are not too much to wear in a gangster style. Boa may or may not be a mandatory attribute of “gangster girlfriend”, so it all depends on what clothes style you take as a basis: native or sung in the movies.

Speaking of the brightest detail here, then this is a cigarette mouthpiece. Even if you do not smoke, you can put a skillful imitation of a thin female cigarette in this thin and elegant tube.

“Al Capone’s girlfriend” make-up

The heyday of gangsterism came in the 20-30s of the last century. In this epoch, ladies rejected corsets, wore straight dresses with lots of beaded threads, fringe and sequins, cut their hair short, and made a very impressive and recognizable make-up. To become a gangster’s girlfriend, the make-up in the style of Vera Cold will help: pale matte face, lips decorated with hearts and painted with wine-red lipstick, and strongly painted black eyes – a kind of retro smoky eyes.

The skin must be in perfect condition for the makeup to look neat. You need to moisturize your skin well and then apply a very light tonal cream or a cream with a matte effect. The glitz in the makeup was not in fashion at the gangster times. You’d better paint your eyebrows in the form of an arc with a pencil, so you have to tarnish your own with concealer and makeup.

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Your lips should be painted so that their corners remain unpainted, and their central part should look like a small puffy heart. Lipstick should be dark or satin, but without nacre and gloss, or should be matte, but not “gouache” one.

The key accent of makeup is the eyes. We cover eyelids with dark, gray or black shadows, and the lower lid is also very dimmed. We widen shadows around the eyes to make them seem huge, bottomless and passionate. The contour is underlined by a greasy black pencil, which also is shaded. Modesty is inappropriate here, so do not spare mascara, and even better – stick thicker and more authentic eyelashes. A baby wig or an icy wave wig topped with a tiara with rhinestones or a flirty beaded bandage with feathers will complete your look.

Gangster-style party

A party in this style is easy to organize with lots of liquor, cocktails of shakers, jazz music, noisy guests in spectacular outfits. Men in hats and double-breasted striped suits, ladies in spectacular decollete dresses with open backs and embroidered with sequins, sequins and beads.

gangster style - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

It is best to rent a country club or a private mansion with a swimming pool away from the city for a party. These parties require space and isolation, as they are very noisy and bright, and usually end up with shooting from Thompson’s automatic rifles and pistols. And nowadays, you can put a couple of pistols somewhere in a prominent place to create an appropriate entourage.

gangster party - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

Gangster wedding

If you use gangster motifs for the wedding idea, not going too deep into the historical content, you can use the features of this period in outfits and makeup.

wedding gangster style - Gangster fashion style clothing tips

A huge black limousine, ladies in flirty short dresses, from under the hem of which we can see the lace garters of filper socks; gentlemen wearing suits and beautiful hats; loud music – jazz, Charleston, foxtrot can create the right sensual, hot, very noisy and rapidly developing atmosphere, typical for that age. Very impressionable guests can shoot in the air. From toy machines, of course.

Using gangster topics opens up a wide field for imagination, allowing you to use elements of gangster clothing style in a variety of modern ones. You need not copy the past exactly to make it look spectacular rather than funny in actual life. It is enough to apply individual style elements to create the lightest illusions and perfectly blend with the past of almost a century ago in our turbulent modern era. Then the gangster style will seem elegant and even trendy in some ways, rather than vulgar or hopelessly outdated.

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