What is the urban street style clothing?

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Metropolis residents’ unbridled desire to express themselves has led to the development of a fashion trend called urban street style clothing. The style that gave birth to itself has filled with itself the streets of big cities.

Today, there is no rational definition of street style. Its feature is the complete absence of canons, specific rules and restrictions, and the primary advantage in the convenience of wearing clothes. Streetwear is perfect for walking, going to a shop, bar, or even work (if there is no strict dress code). Everyday clothes in street style are in close connection with the most fashionable trends, and a woman dressed in such a manner has excellent taste.

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Street-style clothes.

The history of this urban street style clothing dates back to the 80s of the 20th century. Japanese youth, tired of gloss and pathos, turned the official podium fashion into a street one as a protest. Tokyo’s youth laid the foundations for future fashion trends, not realizing it themselves. The street style already captured the main European cities ten years later. This phenomenon caused a real furor in the fashion world. And women, as if they woke up, expressed their individuality with the help of clothes, rather than following model standards blindly. They based style creation on their preferences rather than on the latest fashion trends.

The number of girls adhering to street style is increasing every year. Women of different social groups and professions prefer the universality and practicality of streetwear. The fashionable wardrobe of famous stars also has a lot of things in the street fashion style. Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, and other no less famous people are loyal fans of street style. The representatives of the world show business keep up with their colleagues and hurry to dress up in the street fashion style, showing their individuality.

Street style features in different countries.

It is in the street style where the national flavor is most expressed. For example, the American fashionista dressed in this style will look different from the English one, and the Japanese fan of street style will differ from both of them. The streets of cities of different countries dictate their fashion nuances. The distinctive feature of street fashion in France is the romanticism and sensuality of the image, the basis of which is fitted dresses, unfailing berets, and scarves. French women avoid too catchy clothes. They give the primary role to the inimitable inner charm inherent to every woman capable to play with the image.

Rock-and-roll theme and some hooliganism of the image prevail in the London street fashion. Fashionistas in black jackets and black jeans, in boots with colored Mohawks on their heads, walk on the streets of England.

A striking example of London street fashion is the image of punk culture, which is popular among the youth of the country.

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Androgenic style represents Japanese street fashion. “Anime” clothes, torn haircuts, and fitted jackets are popular here as an element of gender averaging. The dashing contrast is the “Lolita-like schoolgirls” who popularized the image of naïve femininity.

The mixture of various nationalities on the New York City streets also affected urban street style clothing. The basis of street fashion in America is a mix of distinct images and stirring sexuality. Lightweight dresses and short shorts, revealing all the delights of beautiful legs, T-shirts combined with fur and jeans of the most inconceivable styles, plaid shirts, and short denim jackets. It’s easy to notice the predominance of eclectic style, which mixes with western “casual style” and some local «country» style trends.

Despite the youth of street style, it has its nuances. First, it comprises vintage dresses and bright tights, t-shirts with colorful prints, plaid shirts, and tight jeans, scarves, jackets, sneakers, and massive jewelry. The distinctive feature of street fashion – the dissimilarity of its followers among themselves and complete freedom in creating the image.

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General trends of urban street style clothing.

Despite the striking differences in street fashion of different cities, it is possible to find common trends typical of street style. First, it is complete freedom and diversity of clothes. The rule of street style is the convenience and light carelessness of the image, combining vintage things with the latest fashion trends. Things with a loose top and tight bottom prevail in streetwear. Fashionists complement with extravagant and bright accessories – large jewelry, scarves in iridescent colors, leather bracelets, or glasses in solid frames.

Street style fans are aware of the latest fashion trends. They are not afraid to mix original styles of clothes, standing out from the crowd, and telling the world about their mood through clothing.

Coco Chanel’s famous phrase: “I like fashion to go outside, but I don’t allow it to come from outside” has long been outdated. And today it is the street that defines the tone of official fashion. And designers take ideas for their future collections, taking into consideration the latest street style trends.

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