How can I look stylish every time?

how can i look stylish

If you think about how can I look stylish, it is possible to look good and stylish without spending a lot of money. And now nobody is talking about secondhand. The key thing is to choose the appropriate essential clothing and then fashionable stuff and accessories.

Let’s open our closet and carefully examine everything that fills it. Look at how many things there are that we don’t need.

“This is just in case I lose weight, and this is the one I wore yesterday.”

“And this is just too pretty for me, so I don’t wear it. This one makes me look fat.”

They say that women always have a closet full of clothes, and they have nothing to wear. If we carefully examine our belongings, we can easily do more than just empty a lot of space, but also understand what stuff is still worth spending money on. For example, a closet full of gray, uninteresting clothes, washed shirts, old stretched sweaters. Of course, you won’t look stylish and elegant in such clothes.

how can i look rich and classy - How can I look stylish every time?

Understand right away that many old things in the closet will make no one fashionable. Throw everything unnecessary out and go shopping. But first, let’s learn a few rules for choosing to clothe.

1. The first thing to consider is your body type.

It is important to understand that a tight T-shirt and leggings will never adorn a lady with a plump body. Slim girls will never attract attention by walking by if they pull on a hoodie three sizes larger. Choose clothes according to your body type. You’re already on your way to looking good.

2. Color is the second and important rule.

We are all aware of which color suits us and which does not. If you see a blouse that you like, but the color is wrong. Immediately, no. Give it back to the sales staff and move on. You can find a better one in the next store.

You may not find it right away, but it’s better to pay money for something that makes you look attractive than for something you’ll wear with little pleasure. And don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. To avoid being defeated in this battle with colors, know your color type, and then learn how to combine them.

3. The third rule is that the accessories play an important role in the images.

Sometimes a bright scarf or bright shoes can change the image. And just a belt or strap worn on the dress can change the dress itself and advantageously emphasize the waist. Handbags are a specific topic. And even if there are only two of them, but they should be expensive. A scarf can also help to combine with unique looks. So it is possible to wear a lot of scarves. Remember that it is possible to look stylish without large expenditures, and correctly selected clothing will emphasize beauty, care, and style.

how can i look classy but casual - How can I look stylish every time?

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