Women’s personal accessories always in use.

women's personal accessories

All women love women’s personal accessories, even those who don’t consider themselves fashion experts at all. The world of insignificant items which can dictate an entire wardrobe is so big that everyone can find something to their liking, regardless of style, age, or even budget. An unimpressive dress turns into a fantastic find in combination with the right handbag, and some necklace helps correct a wrong neckline, and a tiny brooch adds a highlight to the complete image. The world of accessories is like an enormous store of magic. We’ve written a guide to help you get your way: 10 accessories that every woman needs!

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1. “Shoes.” There should be a lot of shoes in your wardrobe. But among the models that you have chosen because of their practicality, or because you love that color, or for some particular outfit, there must be “the right pair“- more than just shoes that are killer stylish. It could be snake-print pumps, an accessory that’s difficult to choose and that will turn a simple white dress into a real fashion candy. Or black shoes with a fashionable miniature heel. Or pumps with a red instep, which will be just flickering as you walk and will tease whoever thinks to look at your legs. In short, something unique.

Flat soled shoes - Women's personal accessories always in use.

2. Flat-soled shoes. Many women despise wearing flats. This type of footwear does not deserve such an unequivocal rejection. Flats look very helpful for narrow feet and in combination with the right clothes (and NOT jeans-skinnies!). From the standpoint of health, we recommend wearing them even less often than high-heeled shoes. But the choice is not limited to just flats! There are many types of shoes without heels: loafers, clogs, popular this year shoes without a back – muli. “The right” pair you should have among these shoes: an alternative to “those” high-heeled shoes, which you can’t wear every day.

diamonds  - Women's personal accessories always in use.

3. Diamonds. It doesn’t matter what form diamonds come in: these sparkling stones in any of their forms add charm and sophistication to an image. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets..are all women’s personal accessories. Genuine diamonds are too expensive, but they are worth it! Even if you have to save up and buy small earrings, you must have diamonds in your jewelry collection. The small size of the jewelry is only for the best when you deal with such dazzling gemstones. Even the tiny diamond will give a proper chic to any outfit, even if it comprises worn jeans and a T-shirt. The main thing is not to spoil your look with cheap rhinestones!

pearls - Women's personal accessories always in use.

4. Pearls. It is only at first sight that pearls look simpler than diamonds. Its charm is just absolutely different, but in no way less than the attraction of sparkling stones. Delicate femininity is all in a small string of pearls! Pearls come in different colors and shades, and each variety will add something specific to your look.

textured leather handbag - Women's personal accessories always in use.

5. A handbag made of textured leather. Smooth leather alone isn’t enough! Learn how to use prints and textures, but be careful: such an accessory is a real dictator in your wardrobe, it dominates your clothes and requires special attention to combinations. Do not be afraid of leopard prints or dressing “like a python”: with the right approach it is not at all vulgar; the main thing is not to overdo it.

clutch woman - Women's personal accessories always in use.

6. Clutch. The clutch is indispensable for a social party and an essential part of women’s personal accessories. But that does not mean that it only has its place there: a small bag without handles can ” make a role ” in any, even perfectly ordinary situations. Matching a clutch bag to the color of shoes or accessories is yesterday’s day: that things go together does not mean that they are the same color. It would be much more interesting to use contrasts.

belt girl - Women's personal accessories always in use.

7. Belt or strap. Many women neglect belts, and it’s in vain! It is no less crucial detail of the image than the purse. It is more flexible: you can have only one bag in hand, but you can wear several belts at once. If your image requires it, of course. A closet needs to have belts of different types: narrow, wide, medium, leather, or textile, so you have the choice of combinations.

cocktail ring - Women's personal accessories always in use.

8. The cocktail ring. They were invented in the 1940s: large, eye-catching jewelry is a kind of tribute to the fashion of the previous period, which aspired to luxury. Cocktail rings are large, intricately inlaid, often with many stones (which are not vulgar in this case), and they are a real eye-catcher. According to the etiquette rules, this is the only variety of rings with stones that can be worn until 6 p.m.! And etiquette also requires wearing cocktail rings only on the index or middle finger, but never on the little finger and not on the ring finger (we noticed that many society beauties, like Paris Hilton, shamelessly break this rule).

Wide Cuff Bracelet 1024x1024 - Women's personal accessories always in use.

9. Wide Cuff Bracelet. Wide jewelry gives grace to thin hands. But if you have big wrists, then be careful when experimenting. In any case, it makes sense to pick the broad bracelet that suits you: gold, silver, leather, with enamel inserts; or more complicated and designer items. Despite the size, simplicity usually characterizes these bracelets, so they easily fit even a restrained office image. 10. Metal bracelet watch. They say that such a watch doesn’t fit into every casual style. But can we try it? If you dress more sporty, but keep your look simple and don’t go too far in the thrash-glam direction with sequin-encrusted caps and flashy T-shirt lettering, this is a bold accent watch that will highlight your unique charm. It’s also indispensable on a night out as women’s personal accessories.

A minimum set of women’s personal accessories that every woman should have.

Let’s begin with accessories since it’s up to the woman to decide whether to wear them. And yes, nothing will happen if you go out of the house without a ring, earrings, and a chain, you can do that, and sometimes you even need to.

Gloves. Hands should be protected from the cold and wind, so gloves are necessary. Choose the clothes according to the weather, in winter – mittens, if the climate is cold; in spring and autumn – gloves. It is convenient to have several models: leather or classic ones for coats or raincoats, wool or knitted gloves for walking.

Bag. Choose a comfortable model for your work that can contain all the things. You can choose a backpack if your work clothes are not business style. For outings, buy a beautiful clutch; buy a belt bag for walking around the city. Bag and gloves are accessories that can be often changed, so it is unnecessary to buy an expensive model for many years. Modern eco-leather looks elegant and comes in all shades, and it is not considered a cheap material.

Wallet or purse. Which accessory to choose depends on the number and type of documents and money you constantly take with you. If you pay by bank transfer, have many discount cards, driver’s license – a purse is good for you. If you prefer cash, then get a wallet with a tightly closed compartment for coins. It is better not to economize on this item. Wallets are often worn for years and not changed, so natural leather and classic cut are appropriate here.

Umbrella. One sturdy umbrella in a neutral color is enough to serve you for several seasons. You can put a raincoat in your bag for unexpected situations; it takes up little space and may help in unforeseen cases.

Choosing a case for the phone, scarf, watches, key chains, hairpins, glasses, be vigilant. If the phone case is painted with roses, it would be appropriate in a cafe or fitness club; but it will break the strict image if using it at a business meeting. We can say the same about hair ribbons, cheap glasses, and other accessories.

What to do if you’re on a budget? Choose a classic haircut with styling that does not need hairpins, or choose a strict hair bundle styled with hairpins. Buy a simple monochrome phone case with no inscriptions or drawings. If you wear glasses to correct your vision, buy them in an appropriate frame – this is primarily health care. If glasses are a sun accessory, you’d better refuse them because they will do more good for your eyes than using inexpensive models with ordinary plastic. Sometimes the lack of jewelry or an accessory is better than a cheap alternative that will give you away.

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