How to become more attractive to a man

how to become more attractive to a man

What is the way to become more sexy and desirable to a man?

The question of how to become more attractive to a man concerns many women. It has long been known that men love women, not because of their looks or the ability to cook delicious cutlets. On the contrary, men fall in love with their feelings when close to a woman. You can often see a picture when a very successful and attractive man is married to a not-beautiful woman who does not have the ideal forms or appearance. The reason for this is the woman’s inner beauty and her ability to play with a man. Men like to play with women; it allows them not to lose interest in their beloved woman for a long time.

What the woman must do to be attractive to a man? How to excite these inner emotions and how to become more attractive to a man and sexier in the eyes of a man? Are there any special tricks and stratagems? There is a definite answer – yes, there is!

Always smile!

Add a charming smile to your sly look to look sexier in men’s eyes. Smiling sincerely and sexually is a difficult skill, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll get what you’ve been striving for so long. Of course, you shouldn’t always keep smiling on your face. Show interest and sexiness in your smile only with the person you will conquer.

how to be more attractive to a man - How to become more attractive to a man

Passion in the relationship with your husband

Experiencing moments of crisis within the pair affects the intimate relationship. It is worth listening to Ayurveda, who advises us to maintain the passion ourselves. It disappears during some periods, and you need to wait out the time.

During pregnancy

The waiting period for a baby is full of incomparable joy and happiness for a woman. The relationship with her husband can take a back seat. You can not allow the man to resent that he is not given enough attention. You should try to be around more during pregnancy, give compliments, praise for achievements, and inspire new meaningful actions.

After several years of being married

It becomes challenging to keep the warmth in the relationship as time passes. You need to make an effort and find compromises and ways to interact again. Spouses begin to feel each other like blood relatives. It becomes difficult to keep interested, to understand what is attractive and what is not.

Ex-partners can get back together if they realize they can’t live without each other. After several years of marriage, spouses experience a relationship crisis. If they find sense in staying together, their marriage strengthens.

It is possible to remain attractive to the opposite sex at any age. The essential thing is to feel unique and irresistible inside yourself, to be able to communicate. To be always a desirable and beloved woman for a man means finding the keys to his heart and finding common ground.


Many women believe that bright and provocative makeup will emphasize their sexuality. That is a big mistake. If you want to look sexy and be desired by your man, light and casual makeup with an obligatory contrast on one of the areas (lips or eyes) is enough. Try adding arrows to your eyelids to make your eyes more expressive. Use blusher to make your cheekbones more refined. Increase lip size with gloss or lipstick.

how to be an attractive woman to a man - How to become more attractive to a man

How can you always be desired and loved by your husband?

How to become more attractive to a man or your husband: – means to wait and meet him from work; pamper him with new culinary masterpieces; to look beautiful at any time of day, with or without clothes; to be always in a good mood, not to grumble, especially about nothing; to praise your man even for a trifle things; to renew interest in his person from time to time, for example, by performing a “belly dance.” But the biggest secret and the result of your love are children, whom you will present to each other. By completing the wishes mentioned above, you will be desirable in bed. Take care of yourself, buy beautiful lingerie, learn modern techniques for seducing men and apply them in practice. Respect your man, and you can proudly say, “I love and am loved! A woman who respects herself will be able to make others respect herself and others, including her “ex-boyfriend.” Do not go down to the arguments, shouting, crying, and unnecessary explanation of relations in the process of breaking up. But if you’ve decided to part – go for it to the end!

How to be always desirable for your boyfriend

Sometimes we are too demanding to others and do not notice our shortcomings, misbehave. Don’t you recognize yourself in these humorous recommendations on how to become “desirable” for your lover: 1. Be more capricious. Caprices and pranks look very attractive in the eyes of the male sex. 2. Imagine yourself to be a “star” and constantly remind your boyfriend about it. 3. Be jealous of your lover “to every pole” and let him know how much you care about him. 4. Flirt more with your boyfriend’s friends in front of him, let him experience the intense torment of jealousy. 5. Give your favorite more remarks on how to behave, particularly in front of strangers or your mutual friends. 6. Tell your boyfriend about your “exes,” constantly compare him to them and give him examples of their merits. 7. Criticize the gifts you receive from your lover and never say complimentary words about him. Here are seven essential tips, by following which you can be proud of being the “old maid” forever.

how to make yourself more attractive to a man - How to become more attractive to a man

How to be always beautiful and desirable by your husband at any age, at 40 (45)

Feeling the approaching old age, many people try to make up for their youth and start looking “left.” However, a proverb has a similar meaning about women of this age: “Life begins at forty!” So, nature gives equal chances for people of the opposite sex, and a wise woman will use them. It is possible to be loved and desired by your husband at any age: ” Love is for all ages!” During the life together, you know like no one else tastes and preferences of your man. So use this knowledge for your benefit and get to know how to become more attractive to a man. Keep the fire of love in your family home!

How to be desirable for Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, Virgo, Gemini.

There is a belief that the stars influence the character and behavior of people. Of course, you should not blindly rely on them; you can and should fight for your happiness in any way. And the stars about men born under different zodiac signs say the following: Aquarius men are friendly. You need to constantly change your image to be desirable for Aquarius, revealing more and more new features. If you manage to capture the heart of Aquarius, it’s for the rest of your life; Sagittarius men are eternal romantics. To be desirable to a Sagittarius man means to put up with his hobbies and avoid infringing on his freedom. Let him come to the right decision for himself.

That is the only way to be desirable for this type of man; for Capricorn, women who can cook and run a good household are wanted to him. Sometimes he prefers women much older than himself to his peers; Aries men are witty and attractive. They talk more than they do. As a rule, they are faithful in love. To be desired for Aries means to have sexy and loyalty, to listen to his nonsense and speeches; men born under the sign of Virgo are rather meticulous in choosing a lady of the heart. According to their perception, a woman should be an ideal in everything. Gemini man is complicated to be desired for such a man – a constant work on a physical and spiritual aspect. He is demanding to himself and others and always searching for a new. Only clever and bright women who can cook and not impose their views on him can interest the Gemini.

How to be desired for your husband in a crisis of relationships

Every married couple has a “relationship crisis.” Some have such a crisis after a year, others after decades of life together. Spouses get to know each other perfectly and anticipate a verbal reaction to particular events. As a result, they lose interest in each other, and the former relationships become burdensome and do not suit both partners. Women endure this crisis more acutely. There is one way to resolve this situation: not to give in to irritation and to return the old feelings. First, change yourself. Look at yourself through the eyes of men, try to understand what he lacks in your relationship and what else he would like. Sometimes a vacation spent together helps to overcome these barriers in your life, and sometimes, on the contrary, a short break helps to reconciliation and improve the relationship. Don’t look for a ready-made formula: “Every family is unhappy in its way.” So, start making steps towards your happiness, and it will come knocking on your door.

How to be desired during pregnancy and after childbirth

how to make myself more attractive to guys - How to become more attractive to a man

Many women suffer from the fact that they lose their attractiveness during pregnancy or after childbirth. However, this is most likely a far-fetched problem. Of course, you are not the young girl that you were before, but a woman who has reached a phase of maturity and sensuality. Do not give up if you find yourself fat after childbirth. Take care of yourself, treat your body with love, and you will become doubly desirable for your beloved one. After all, you have presented him with the continuator of his family – a new human being!

How to be desirable remotely for your chosen one

Do you remember how a mother taught her unwise daughter to become desirable to men in an operetta written by Johann Strauss, “The Bat”? The ridiculous and comical advice seems to have deep meaning. In fact, to let your chosen one understand that you are desirable for each other at a distance can be without uttering a single word – just eyes. It is possible to make a man fall in love with you with the help of magic, but you will not be able to be a confident girl and achieve your goals. Nevertheless, the secrets of female happiness are not too difficult to understand.

Legs from the hip and go with a beautiful gait!

Sexuality is also manifested in gait. Try to walk lightly and naturally, keep your posture straight, do not put your head down. And here a lot depends on the shoes. Girls think that it is impossible to look sexy in low shoes.

But if there are skills in the art of wearing shoes on high stilettos, then this kind of image will look ridiculous. So instead, you can wear ordinary sneakers to float and attract a man with your lightness.

How to become more attractive to a man

Many girls dream about a man to fall in love with them and remain desirable for him until the end of life. First, however, you need to know a few rules to help you achieve your goal.

Men can sense women from a distance and easily detect their emotional state. They can feel if a woman is interested in him or impress him. So play with a man, show him the weakness inherent in real women.

Fantasize and do little tricks to get a man interested and be sexy for him.

Do not focus too much on your child

Many women find this advice to be selfish. As a rule, women are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. Therefore, they forget about their hobbies and ignore a man and their beauty and in the issue of how to become more attractive to a man.

Focusing on the child can lose the existing relationship, and you can not get back harmony. You need to find a balance and have time for everything to build a strong union. If you think only about your child, the man may begin to think about another woman.

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