What makes a woman desirable to a man

what makes a woman attractive to a man

Every girl ready to meet her soul mate wants to know what makes a woman desirable to a man. What is the secret of women who are successful with men? It is not always a face and figure that meets modern canons of beauty. A desirable woman is often the one who has a particular fire inside. Men like moths are flying to it.

Men say about a desirable woman that she has a sparkle in her eyes, that she is an attractive companion who is not easy to conquer. You can get a thousand pieces of advice, but the basic rule is to be interesting yourself. Read more in our article about how to become desirable.

Characteristics of a desirable woman

Wise women know what makes a woman desirable to a man, and that attractiveness is their weapon. They will never force themselves on because they have confidence in their charm. Such women are not afraid to get into a relationship. They don’t stick to guys and hang on them like a straw. We appreciate them for their individuality and their self-esteem.

Girls who prioritize a guy’s social standing in a relationship focus only on the money in their wallet. They behave very openly in society and express their priorities through their behavior. They do not bring relationships into a cult. Many girls, on the contrary, allow too much presence of a partner in their lives. The intertwining of two lives prevents a woman from associating herself with a significant and independent person. Clever ladies cherish their independence. Such behavior is what makes them attractive and more desirable.

what makes a woman attracted to a man physically - What makes a woman desirable to a man

A wise woman always chooses the waiting position. She will not take a step towards him until her partner demonstrates his feelings to her. She can hint, turn on her charm, entice, but never be the first to offer an appointment or call.

Attractive and desirable women are not in a hurry to acquire a new status. Because of this, they are less likely to feel pressure from men. Hot women can arrange a spectacular show for their chosen one at the moment of passion. However, she needs to understand that a man is serious. So a woman will not delay the answer and quickly agree to a long-term relationship.

When a girl is passionate about something, she becomes more desirable. It can be her favorite job, hobby, and an exciting business she sincerely loves. She has burning eyes, and her smile shines more often. Such a lady looks happy. If a woman is enthusiastic, she strives to succeed in her favorite business. She develops, studies a lot, dreams of becoming better. The quality of the actions performed becomes essential to her. She flourishes because she grows professionally. The desire to become a beloved and desirable woman will never make her put off for tomorrow what can be done today. An exciting and essential activity brings joy and pleasure to her. She will not give it up. Instead, the woman will manage her time very wisely.

Characteristics of a desirable woman

What makes a woman desirable to a man? There are two components of a woman’s happiness: confidence and attractiveness. Female attractiveness consists not only of the appearance, facial features, the volume of the lips, and the shape of the figure. It develops through a set of personal qualities, character, and temperament.

Only a confident woman can conquer hearts

A lot of women want to become self-confident more than anything else. They understand that by achieving this quality, they would be irresistible in the eyes of others. They want to live with confidence, to have actions, and to feel that they are self-sufficient: these are the most necessary traits. Such women know better than anyone else that it is not stylish clothes and cosmetic changes in the size of body parts that make them desirable and attractive, but a simple self-confidence, strength, and charm.

They have sensuality

Desirable women have no issues attracting the opposite sex because they are sensual and sweet. They can make a banal evening to arrange a passionate rendezvous and conquer your man in bed. Such women smile and look differently. So men understand that they are needed. And when a man feels that someone needs him – he would move mountains for such a woman. So how to become the most desirable woman for your husband? Women can convince, motivate, energize, give their men more power to achieve their goals. So they become the most desirable for them.

They can control themselves

An attractive woman will not behave inappropriately or indecently. She has everything under control. She does not panic or waste her energy on unpromising external circumstances. And she does not get frustrated by malicious attempts of outside influence.

what makes a woman appealing to a man - What makes a woman desirable to a man

Desirable and attractive women are less angry and know how to deal with anger and aggression. They can create a positive atmosphere around them, look more optimistic at everything around them, and never dwell on negative emotions. They don’t stress out their partner because of these skills. He feels relaxed next to such a woman, making him feel good. How to become a desirable girl and what makes a woman desirable to a man? Women with such a sharp mind spend enough time outside their partner’s space. They regularly meet friends, do sports to relieve stress and run in the morning.

They avoid gossip

Wise women don’t spend their time on gossip and idle talk. She has no time for it. So there are no schemer and gossipy women among them. But, on the other hand, every woman knows: if someone quickly discusses other persons without them being present, it may sooner or later concern her too.

Attractive ladies know that unnecessary gossip, rumors, and conversations create misunderstandings, problems, quarrels and sometimes cause negative attitudes toward them. That is very unpleasant when it comes to family and friends. If a girl doesn’t understand it and continues to participate in such conversations, it’s hard to consider her an adult person.

They are not afraid to express their needs

What makes a woman desirable to a man or your husband? Hot women do not hide their problems and easily sound out their needs and desires. They will not hide their dreams from their husband.

When you talk about your secret aloud, you increase the credibility threshold of the man. He begins to appreciate such a woman for sincerity and tries to fulfill her every desire.

They understand humor

A friendly smile, a charming laugh, and having a sense of humor are the most famous and most straightforward means to become desirable.

Such a woman can defuse the situation, can joke in time, cheer up and bring a lot of positivity to those around her.

Be honest with people

You need to be honest when building a relationship with a man. People always appreciate this quality in all circumstances. If you can honestly confess your feelings and desires and talk about your possibilities or lack of them, the connection between partners will become stronger, more intense, and much more profound. Thanks to this, you can find the answer to becoming feminine and desirable.

Five secrets of how to become desirable

1. Love men

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Sincere love will help you become desirable for men. Men appreciate real feelings, but not fake ones. They are sure to respond to them if you show care for your male partners. It is difficult to remain satisfied with sex if you see a competitor in the business or an enemy in the relationship with your friend, for example.

How to be unique and desirable for a man? Social psychology has long found an answer to the age-old question: we like and are sympathetic to those who reciprocate. How do women form an attitude towards men? In 90% of cases, it is created from the image of the father, stepfather, older brother. By watching the behavior of a mother or grandmother, an older sister, we adopt some of their patterns: the behavior, attitudes, different concepts, and sometimes unconsciously copy them.

2. Move a lot

It is challenging to start a new day in a cheerful mood and good spirits without morning exercises, jogging, or other physical activity. But now we are not talking about sports, but flirting. Have you ever noticed when a girl starts flirting, she sets some of her body parts in motion? Touching with hands, moving her hips, winking – all of these things fascinate men. Specific ” randomness” makes guys tremble. Women set the mood. Only you understand how to become the most beloved what makes a woman desirable to a man.

There are proven options in the piggy bank of desirable behaviors to seduce men: put your leg on your leg, touch a hair curl with your hand and fix it, gently move your fingers smoothly over a glass or other item. Add a pleasant sweet voice, a smile, and a good mood to this. Your man will never resist. Of course, you should not perform such actions intentionally; they look clumsy and awkward.

Are there any other tricks for becoming the most desirable woman? You can not attract a guy’s attention, no matter how much you twirl a bracelet on your wrist or wink at him. And if the lady has no sincere desire to have such a man but practical, and in some cases, mercantile interests, the trick will not work. Some girls think of increasing their sexuality. Psychologists recommend such women not to wear underwear but wear clothes without it. Women experience metamorphoses in their behavior during this time: their gaze becomes more languid, their voice sounds sexier, their gait changes.

3. Be inconsistent

what makes a woman desirable - What makes a woman desirable to a man

A woman’s inconsistency confuses men. She flirted to him two minutes ago, and now she’s indifferent and immersed in her world. It’s hard for men to make sense of it. Thanks to these techniques, your vis-a-vis will be in a constant desire and hunting mode. Andre Morua said that such tactics increase passion and love. Morua is one of the recognized experts in the psychology of love to trust his opinion.

It is easy to apply this secret: an expression of complete affection today, a slight coolness tomorrow. The main thing is not to turn such actions into manipulation. Men will soon find you out and lose interest in you.

4. Play with the head tilt

Men unconsciously choose a woman with a head not proudly raised and a nose turned up to the sky, but the one who passes by with a slight tilt of the head. It is because a man needs to feel that he is a leader. He needs to dominate all the time. And a woman with her head tilted is in a lower position for him. So he feels superiority.

5. Have your social circle

A woman can attract the glances of men when she is independent. Passionate and enthusiastic people are not lonely and sad. They have a lot of interests, appointments, acquaintances, and they are not dull. They have no time to be idle because they always have something important to do. A man likes that a woman who has her social circle will never be annoying and will not bore him. So he feels freer.

Create a hype. You have to get a lot of men around you. Do you remember the episode of “Gone with the Wind” with the lead character Scarlett O’Hara? Males crowd attract other members of the more vigorous sex. Women’s choices are formed at this time—the desire to compete for the “trophy” increases in potential contenders for your heart.

Women’s Mistakes on the Way to Becoming Desirable

how can a woman be attractive to a man - What makes a woman desirable to a man

Eliminate bad habits and adjust some character traits. In this case, you can expect admiring glances, love, and support from your partner.

Criticism. If you are accustomed to solving problems through disputes or voice increases, making constant comments, using phrases with a negative tone – you will never be more desirable at this moment. Men become cold to women who constantly criticize their actions, moreover, if there is no admiration for them.

Scandals and tantrums. Look at yourself in the mirror during another quarrel or tantrum. Your appearance is far from sexy at all. When you yell, raise your voice, or insult your man. He realizes it’s disrespect. You devalue his personality. No one is likely to tolerate this for a long time.

Constant control. Both women and men should understand that the man has his time, space and stays without you. Trust your man, allow him to do his business, have their hobbies. A person should not feel like property. A man needs to understand that his freedom next to you will not be infringed.

Disrespect.As soon as a man realizes that he is not respected and, in addition, it is openly demonstrated, he will leave such a relationship.

Unkemptness. Your attractiveness will suffer if you will not give enough time to your appearance. Man always has a desire to be proud of his girlfriend. She should have her hair combed, nice nails, elegant ironed clothes, little makeup, and smell good. Sloppiness and lack of freshness will scare a man away. Try to be always beautiful for your loved one. Now you know what makes a woman desirable to a man, so you will undoubtedly become the most desirable for him.

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