Wearing your boyfriend’s clothes tips.

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The idea of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes isn’t as extravagant as it seems: 80% of all modern women’s wardrobe items are taken from the men’s wardrobe. Big clothes (and men’s clothes are usually big for girls) are not always in trend, but at the moment it should not bother you because oversize clothes will remain with us for a few more years.

boyfriend clothes - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.

What is important to remember before you revise your loved one’s wardrobe and decide about wearing your boyfriend’s clothes?

Rule #1: You should wear your man’s clothes somewhere outside the intimate home environment only if you are relatively comparable in size.

If you can wrap his shirt around yourself three times, you’d better go to a men’s clothing store and buy items of comparable size, and leave your man’s shirt for romantic home breakfast on Saturday morning.

If there is no dramatic difference in size between you and your man, you can borrow almost everything in his wardrobe, except for structural cut clothes (pants, jackets). The most important thing is to combine these clothes correctly (and do not forget to ask the owner for permission to avoid unnecessary family dramas).

So, if you are ready to experiment, then we will revise his T-shirts.


Men’s T-shirts are not only good for sleeping in them, but they are also great as a “bottom layer” in a variety of combinations, especially printed T-shirts. Last fall’s hit was “washed” men’s T-shirts with rock band logos (hello, the 80s!), and t-shirts with brand logos are in this spring. Both trends will remain relevant.
You can wear a T-shirt of your boyfriend under the jacket or with his big denim jacket on your shoulders, and it is better to combine these manly things with tight jeans or even skirts, for an interesting contrast


Men’s sweaters and sweatshirts are good because they have long sleeves in which you can warm your hands when it’s cold outside and they cover your asses. It’s both fashionable and warm. The fashion for oversize clothes has made all men’s knitwear relevant to us. You can wear sweatshirts, cardigans, and men’s sweaters of rough knitting anywhere this autumn and winter. It is better to combine them with tight jeans or boot-cut jeans (and heels shoes). A men’s big sweater with your boyfriend’s jeans may look too bulky.

6men clothes - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.


This is a micro-trend that’s unlikely to be relevant in a year, so use this opportunity right now. Big men’s jean jackets are worn with tight jeans or miniskirts, with men’s T-shirt or sweatshirt underneath. If the jacket is very large, it should just be placed on your shoulders without putting your hands up the sleeves.

girls in men clothes 1024x671 - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.

Spring 2018 made a hit power suit – a big men’s jacket, which you can wear this autumn. Such a jacket is also put on the shoulders instead of wearing it. It just gives the necessary volume to your silhouette and makes the look more contrasting.


boyfriend shirt - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.

I have written about men’s shirts (especially a simple white men’s shirt) before. Despite the common stereotype, it is better to buy a white men’s shirt of your size in a men’s clothing store than to wear your man’s one. This is a thing of a structural cut, and it has a stiff collar, so if the shirt is very large, it turns out not to be stylish. You can wear not only white shirts, by the way. Blue shirts are much more versatile and you can use them to create very interesting sets.

But soft flannel men’s plaid shirts are another thing. Such shirts have a soft collar, and the fabric is well-draped, so you can wear them as an alternative to jackets and light jean jackets. These shirts combine well with accent costume jewelry and dress-skirts and high-heeled shoes.

boyfriend t shirt - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.


What is sold now in collections of various brands called boyfriend’s jeans once started as women’s habit of putting on and wearing the jeans of their men. So if you have the same size, you can easily take his favorite jeans, especially old and heavily worn: the older the jeans, the softer the denim, and it looks better on our round butts. It is a wonderful idea of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and jeans.

Men’s jeans are of straight cut and medium fit doesn’t suit everyone. So before you borrow your man’s jeans, decide if they really fit you or not.

Boyfriend jeans are part of Victoria Beckham’s look, she always wears them with shoes or boots in heels.

W 1024x271 - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.


Old leather men’s belts are a real Fashionista’s fetish around the world. First, they have such a typical shabby look! This effect cannot be achieved artificially. Second, they’re soft and you can tie them up with a fashion knot. Third, they are long, and you can sometimes tie them in two turns… You can create a lot of fresh ideas with men’s belts, so make sure you pay attention to them when thinking of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.

And if your man does not mind piercing a hole in his belt to fit your size, so that the belt was not just an accent, and performs its direct purpose in your image.

boyfriend belts - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.


The fashion of minimalism has made the men’s laconic design a real macro trend, and today we can find such watches in the women’s lines of almost any brand, but is there anything comparable to a real men’s watch? They are larger than women’s watches; they are not overloaded with decor and they have large dials that make women’s wrists even more fragile. The single rule is: the watch face must not go beyond the projection of your wrist, otherwise the whole picture will look as if you are wearing a brick on your hand.

boyfriend style belt 1024x427 - Wearing your boyfriend's clothes tips.

If your man is much bigger (or smaller) than you, and his wardrobe did not help you in your fashion searches, then you can find all the necessary units in men’s clothing stores. The prices are 20-30% lower there than on things “in the style of boyfriend” in women’s collections so that the love of oversize clothes will help you save your budget.

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