How to look fashionable on a limited budget

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Dressing stylishly and expensively, and dressing in expensive boutiques are separate things. In this article, we observe helpful tips on how to look fashionable on a limited budget and you can look stunning in clothes from the mass market.

Pay attention to the way they make clothes.

Check all the seams, zippers, buttons right away when trying on things in the shop. Protruding threads, uneven stitches are what will spoil the appearance of even a very nice skirt or dress. You can find in the mass market as neatly sewn things, as well as outright hackwork. If you see that the zipper is clumsy or the darts look strange? Pass by.

Choose black, white, pastel, and pure colors.

Non-expressive and dull colors most often make the clothes cheap. Lilac, olive, pale yellow are beautiful shades, but they look very poor in synthetic fabrics and strange styles. The same with acidic and metallic shades: bright pink and gold colors will turn you into a nutcase. Wear classic black and white, expressive pastel (lilac, blue), or saturated colors (deep blue, emerald).

Remember that classics never go out of fashion when thinking about how to look fashionable on a limited budget.

Blue blazers, black pants, white blouse are relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We’re learning the basics of the capsule wardrobe. We mix up the classic clothes with some stylish accessories and a beautiful image is ready.
Get your clothes in shape.
There’s nothing wrong with stitching or reshaping clothes from the store. To shorten the length of the skirt, to make a dress fitting – the smallest and cheapest atelier can fix the defects of any clothes for two days.
Clothes should sit on your figure. Some girls’ favorite mistake is to buy at the sale a chic M size thing while wearing XS. Keep in mind: you will never look expensive and stylish in a dress that is not of your size. The key thing is to make the clothes fit you, but not the price tag or its brand.

Monitor the condition of your clothes.

Everything must be clean and ironed. Your clothes shouldn’t have any cat hair or torn buttons on them! If you’re wearing an old sweater with pellets, even cool jeans and new shoes will not help you. Take care of your favorite clothes, follow the laundry rules, and don’t drop them anywhere.
With proper care, a quality garment will serve you for years and every day will look as if you have just bought it at the store.

Be careful about trendy things.

You don’t want to wear a pencil skirt, blouse, and boat shoes each day. Sometimes you want something special. Like trying on culottes or a combo dress. Before you buy another item of the latest fashion, think: “How will I wear this thing? Does it make me look better? Does it hide flaws and emphasize advantages?” Even the most trendy thing can ruin your outfit and make you look like a fool.

Do not make a mistake with your underwear.

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Imagine that you have a perfect look: beautiful skirt, cool blouse, good shoes, stylish accessories… But the only thing that catches everyone’s eye is the lines from a bra or underwear. Oh, it’s a disaster! Sometimes you can’t wear lacy lingerie under a tight top, and thongs under a tight skirt. Such little misses can cheapen your look.

Research the fabric composition.

Fabric is a very important thing. Not all synthetics are cheap, and not 100% cotton is always what you need.
For example, a sweater containing 50% wool and 50% acrylic is cheaper than a natural analog, but it looks and warms up equally well. Blouses with added polyester (up to 30% of the composition) do not wrinkle, but it is much easier to iron them (unlike cotton). You should understand that if the item contains only acrylic, then it will cover with lint. And some things from polyester look cheap and unattractive.
Clothing made of natural fabrics is more expensive, and our goal is to find cool things made from accessible, but quality fabrics.

Do not overdo the accessories.

Overdo With Accessory - How to look fashionable on a limited budget

The right accessories are the key to a spectacular and attractive look. A nice hat, leather gloves, a bright scarf, original earrings – sometimes only one minor detail is enough to look interesting and expensive.
Just do not overdo it: if you hang tons of cheap costume jewelry (or even diamonds), nothing will look good. Be careful with rhinestones, sequins, animal prints so you don’t want to look like a fashionista from the street, do you?

Strive towards elegance.

elegance girl - How to look fashionable on a limited budget

Elegance in everything! Let that be your fashion motto. ” Dressing with elegance” is almost synonymous with “looking expensive”

Take care of yourself.

You can look cheap and untidy, even in a million-dollar suit. Everything from the top to the heels is important in your beautiful look. Dirty hair, red skin, hands without manicure are the signs of cheapness. This does not mean you have to go to beauty salons every day and spend all your money there. All you need to do to look nice is to spend some hours a week at least.

Follow these 10 points – and no one will know where you dress – in a regular mall or the most expensive boutiques in the world and you will never get stuck with a problem on how to look fashionable on a limited budget.

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