How to always look stylish and beautiful

how to always look stylish

You can spend a hundred bucks on yourself and look funny at the same time. Or you can talk to a stylist and learn how to apply his advice to life and know how to always look stylish and beautiful. Speaking about the image, the image specialist always separates the concepts: fashionable, beautiful, stylish, expensive. These characteristics can be harmoniously combined or contradict each other. We tried to emphasize the essential tips that, separately or together, will help you make the image stylish and expensive.

1. Clothes according to your size. A suit that fits properly is the sign of an expensive look. If a skirt or blouse is too small, too tight, or makes creases where it should not be, it can cheapen even the most expensive outfit.

2. Pattern Check pattern, stripes, polka dots, goose-foot. Such prints look great in their classic form: in black and white, in a calm or dark color. Pay attention to the details: the connection of the pattern, the way of printing, the quality of coloring – everything must be perfect.

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3.Non-creasing fabrics. If you look at the “expensive” images, you can notice that all of them are without these ugly creases at the folds. Natural fabrics with a few synthetics, or modern, innovative cloths, which can not be ironed at all, have such a feature.

4. Color. Pay attention to white: the color of luxurious life, yachts, impracticality, and therefore selectivity. White clothing always identifies a rich person who knows how to always look stylish and can afford to wear clothes for once.

Pastel shades dimmed, complex light shades are rare, and that is why they are so valued. They combine perfectly with each other and are suitable for almost everyone, and look not only stylish but also very cool.

Black. Be careful with this color. Black looks beautiful and expensive in quality fabrics, laconic styles, and bold textures. But black clothes that crumple, fade, burn, roll or create a shapeless silhouette, on the contrary, cheapen the image. So let’s forget about knitwear and thin “cotton fabrics”.

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5. Shoes and accessories. Models of dark colors (for the fall and winter season) and creamy (for spring and summer season) always look more expensive than similar bright ones. Beige and black loafers are classics, which almost do not show their cost. And if you face the choice of what to spend your money on, buy expensive shoes. Shoes are the first thing that people pay attention to.

6. Large pleats. A slightly oversized shirt looks better than a tight shirt. It creates the architecture of a look because of the structural creases.

7. Laconic cut with no decor. A simple design and quality fabric can visually make even a bright thing look elegant, not just white or black. Remember: the purity of lines always looks more expensive. Therefore, let the clothes and accessories have more geometric shapes rather than layered, soft lines.

8. Matte textures. It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be things with glitter in your closet. It means that the basic stuff should be matte: a pantsuit, dress, pants, coat, shirt… Say “no” to shiny blouses, clothing with “a sheen” fabric with an extensive addition of synthetics and “shiny” tights. Tights are preferable in natural color, by the way. The idea is to create the effect of bare legs. But black matte tights also look good.

9. “Expensive” styles. Classic, intricate romance, navy are the most expensive styles. You can mistake in the classics as well, but it’s very difficult. These styles are so simple and recognizable that it is difficult to determine their value, and it plays in the hands of those who want to look expensive and wish to know how to always look stylish. But styles like grunge, sports, naive romance, norm-core, boho, ethnic, sexy, and Provence can look trendy, classy, authentic, beautiful, but not expensive.

10. Silk Blouse. Neither faux nylon nor polyester, but silk! It gives it soft pleats and a delicate sheen. An excellent investment in your clothing.

11. White or gray pantsuit. This clothing will probably never go out of fashion and will always be associated with luxury and confidence. The neutral gray color is always in trend and can be combined with any texture and color.

12. Coat. It came out of the famous design of beige coats by Max Mara and became a top hit among fashionistas, bloggers, businesswomen, and ordinary stylish women. It is a breathtaking piece that will transform any look.

13. Classic trench. Perhaps one of the most expensive-looking outfits. We can combine it with everything. Models are for every figure and type.

14. Pants-palazzo. Long-familiar skirt-palazzo refers us to the luxury of Italy, villas, and yachts. We wear palazzo with a cropped top, an oversize shirt, tucking it into the pants, a sweater, or a sweatshirt, tucking its front into the pants. The principal thing in creating an image with palazzo pants is to show your waist, fully or partially tucking in the clothes or using a shortened model of the top. Elongated tops, shirts, and sweaters that cover the waistband of the pants are prohibited for fashionistas who know how to always look stylish.

15. Jeans without elastane. Jeans in a light or dark shade of blue are classic and vintage. They are not tight, but fit the hips and look elegant and discreet.

16. Bag of rigid shape. Such a model always looks more advantageous than a shapeless and soft one. The solid form does not automatically make it expensive, but with other parameters (the color is dark shades of precious stones in autumn and winter; nude: in spring and summer, quality accessories, neat seams) an expensive look is guaranteed.

17. Laconic accessories and jewelry. Articles of geometric shapes with a minimum of insignificant details look rich. The classics are welcome: a ring with a diamond, a string of pearls, small round earrings, watches on a thin strap. It is important to say what looks cheap and unstylish: cheap bags with decorations; jewelry in the boho and grunge style; gold rings with cubic zodiac symbol, letter or flower; plastic jewelry; accessories with rhinestones; wide belts with an elastic band; everything shapeless, fabric, with ribbons.

18. Haircut. Many people love long hair. But first, it doesn’t suit everyone. And second, long hair looks expensive only when it is in perfect condition (thick, shiny, silky). Often a good haircut radically changes the appearance for the better. Hair color should be as natural as possible. Pink strands, attractive shades are fashionable, stylish, but not expensive.

19. Manicure. Nude and dark red shades are the most sophisticated and most versatile options.

20. A healthy look. Something that doesn’t depend on the brand or the price tag: well-kept hands, shiny hair, beautiful teeth, and clean skin. You can’t look expensive with unpainted hair roots, that’s for sure.

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