How to choose accessories for clothes.

how to choose accessoreis for clothes

Properly selected detail of your look can unrecognizably change the appearance of a person. With the right approach and knowledge of how to choose accessories for clothes, it is possible to correct the figure successfully, to get beautiful harmonious color combinations, to feel your impeccable style. In this article, we will tell you what it means as a clothing accessory, what its varieties are available, how and in what combinations it is better to use them. Our recommendations will help you choose the best jewelry to emphasize your individuality, availability of impeccable taste, and hide flaws.

What completes the look?

Each correctly selected detail can complement men’s and women’s look, highlight attractive features, and hide something that need not be shown to others. To surpass all expectations and to achieve an ideal appearance, it is necessary to follow the rules for combining some details. For example, there are some distinctions: stones are usually worn in the evening, and during the daytime, it is better to wear metal products or objects made of natural materials.

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Not only the aesthetic aspect is important, but also the practical one when thinking how to choose accessories for clothes. Imagine that suddenly the wallet or belt will disappear from your possession. Nobody wants to carry money in the pockets. Another thing is when a beautifully selected wallet perfectly matches the color and texture, with a belt, bag, or shoes. It looks expensive, presentable, and shows the excellent taste of the owner.

No less important are the minor details, such as a scarf, hat, and gloves. All these attributes add to the men’s and women’s laconic outfits the elegance and sophistication. So, a silk scarf with leopard ornament will bring a touch of sexuality to the strict image of a lady, and the handkerchief can make a central detail of the expressive look from the boring outerwear. Perfection hides in trifles.

The same decoration, combined with different leather goods, and costume jewelry can have a unique look. It is equally suitable both for a work trip and for an evening stroll along the seafront. Jewelry and other auxiliary attributes increase the opportunities to create various looks, with a minimum of clothes involved.

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What types of accessories exist?

The fashion industry offers fashionistas many options on how to complement and transform their images. There are the basic items it is common to use:

Shoes are one of the key components of men’s and women’s wardrobe. Representatives of the strong half of humanity must-have classic black or dark brown shoes, sneakers, and loafers in their collection. We can combine them with almost all clothing and are suitable for any event. Beautiful ladies should have new fashion models of boots, elegant androgynous shoes, ballet shoes, or high heels boots in their wardrobe.

A bag is not only a multifunctional item but also an aesthetically appealing element that creates an image. Leading experts in the fashion industry say that every woman should have at least three bags. For everyday wear, the most indispensable bag will be the shopper because it is spacious, and also has many compartments for storing all kinds of women’s accessories. If you tend to the universal options, then the best ones are the extra spacious models in a single color palette. For official events and business style, a briefcase is ideal. Use the sophisticated clutch bags for evening outings. Natural snake and crocodile leather products with a bright color palette are now in the trend.

Small accessories, such as hats, gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, and other stuff that keeps you warm on frosty days. Cage and animalistic prints are now at the top of popularity. Products are also always in the trend of saturated shades – yellow, green, salad. For ladies who want to show their material wealth and the top position in society, fur scarves in expressive execution will be appropriate.

To the question, what else relates to clothing accessories, the answer will be simple: all items, without which you can not do. But if you have them your look will be significantly transformed:

Watches are an indispensable attribute of a stylish outfit. In the era of digital technology and smartphones, it is unlikely to hear the familiar phrase “What time is it?” on the street. However, this is not the key value of chronometers. They emphasize the status, add elegance, and confidence in oneself. Both classical models and super-functional smartwatches capable of receiving messages, showing weather and geolocation are in demand today. The versions without hands and numbers with straps made of smooth genuine leather also look very stylish. The selection of the color scheme is according to goals. Pink, gently lilac, or blue colors are for ladies, and traditional black, dark brown-gray colors are for men.

Costume jewelry and precious jewelry are a perfect complement to any chosen outfit. Bracelets of 80s design, pearl necklaces, minimalist gold, and silver chains, without fancy decor are in demand. Costume jewelry is also in great demand this season in the fashionable stream of social realism.

Sunglasses are an important element of your image, which can hardly be overestimated. They not only protect the skin and eyes from exposure to harmful UV radiation but also can correct the face oval and add seriousness. The retro version of Sci-fi, forms of cat’s eyes, police, drops are now in fashion. Skilfully selected, the glasses will be the perfect final touch of any look.

It’s up to you to decide which accessories best fit your clothes. If your closet contains a lot of bright, elegant things, it’s better to choose items with minimalist execution (leather haberdashery, for example). However, if you wear standard, unremarkable outfits, then stop at eccentric jewelry, scarves, glasses, bags. Always stick to the rule of balance preservation. Read next some tips on how to choose accessories for clothes.

Things that we should take into account

The main thing you need to know before buying new clothes is to follow the current fashion trends. Based on the latest trends in the fashion world, you cannot create an original look, but also show the perfect taste and understanding of the fashion industry. However, it is also important to pay attention to other aspects, such as the color of your skin and hair, the features of your body structure. Further, we will explain how to choose the right accessories for any clothing to look attractive, expensive, and tasteful.

Personal color type.

The color palette of things affects the visualization of the whole look. Thus, girls associated with the “spring” season have warm shades: red freckles, honey-gold or brown hair, peach-colored skin, light blue, or green eyes. The outfits and attributes should be selected more carefully. Tones are close to mustard, tender orange, peach, lavender, khaki, blue. The burgundy stuff does not fit.

For women whose color type relates to winter or summer, cold colors such as jade and emerald are the most suitable. Pomegranate, rich wine, raspberry, pink, and lilac will be imbued with red. Yellow-green or bright orange color is better to delay. The black and white colors are suitable only for “winter” girls. Women of autumn type have brown eyes and red hair shade. Such ladies look beautiful in coral, plum, and salmon colors. Gray color variations are categorically unacceptable.

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The figure is important.

The shape and type of the selected items depend on what kind of figure you have. For a body in the form of an overturned triangle or rectangle, the attributes that emphasize the lumbar and hip areas will be ideal: large, heavy bracelets; briefcases and bags on an elongated handle; irresistible boots, semi-boots on a heel of any shape.

You don’t know how to choose accessories for clothes then choose a classic pearl necklace or thin chains with elegant pendants. Specialists do not recommend wearing a heavy necklace, an enormous brooch, too large earrings, or a scarf made of natural fur. Such items will make a heap on top of the body, from which the look will not be so beneficial. It would also be nice to complement the look with a hat of medium size – berets, hats with small fields, caps. For ladies, whose body shape corresponds to a triangle (or symbol X) with visible hips, the following attributes will be useful:

Necklace and small earrings are suitable. The set may include several non-standard pendants, a brooch. It is appropriate to wear a light silk scarf on the neck.

Strap: the options made of genuine leather of rare animals that have a bright palette of colors: rich plum, silver, lacquer-white or gold look great. Models from textiles, equipped with ultra-fashionable prints and sequins, are also acceptable.

The bag is worth taking with neutral shades and pleasant forms. The length of the handles should be adjustable, and the bag must be at a lumbar level, but not at a hip level.

The mentioned above items will emphasize the chest and waist.

For the ladies with a figure like an “apple”, leading experts in the fashion industry recommend choosing medium or even large jewelry. The ideal option is flat models, which have the effect of additional volume. Beads and earrings of elongated shape look good on such ladies. If the legs are slender, then they should be highlighted with the right chosen shoes. Take eye-catching models with an abundance of decorative elements such as zippers, buttons, and straps. For women of rounded body, the following items are unnecessary:

Wide belts divide the body into two parts, visually shortening it, and also strongly attract attention to the not very ideal waist.

Large necklaces are on a short strap. Shoes are with big buckles or a fur patch.

Hats are of sleek natural fabrics.

Develop a subtle sense of taste, purchase only beautiful quality attributes that will make your silhouette irresistible.

Body structure is the important thing

When consider how to choose accessories for clothes experts advise girls with lush shapes to complement the look with steep lines, which make the figure more elongated. An elongated light scarf, elongated earrings, and the same necklace will be perfect here. Avoid heaping and give preference to the miniature or medium size handbags with smooth contours.

If you are the owner of a beautiful waist, then use a belt that will not only decorate you but will also emphasize your refinement. The ideal choice of shoes would be the ones with a stable platform or a small heel. Hats should also be chosen with special scrupulousness giving preference to products of medium size.

With a noticeably thin waist, you can wear belts of non-standard design, including items with leopard ornament or snakeskin. Fringe, unusual buckles, metal details are also welcomed if they are in harmony with the rest of the look. There are no prohibitions in the choice of jewelry: thin, thick, bulky, short, long. You can wear anything that is in harmony with the general style trend.

The box bag is an original version and a way of the standout. Girls with slim hands should avoid too voluminous scarves, which can create an unwanted contrast.

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The right color combination.

There is an opinion that the color palette of shoes and bags should match. But fashion houses have started to deviate from this rule and accept more democratic variations. But there are still some rules:

If all items of the closet are made in the same shades, they must differ in texture. If your shoes have an animalistic print, buy a monochrome bag with a color that matches one of those already present in your look.

Try to follow a certain style in every detail. Normally, the color palette should softly complement the look and emphasize your advantages.

How should you combine jewelry? When choosing an accessory you should understand if it corresponds to your wardrobe or not. Remember the following recommendations if want to know how to choose accessories for clothes :

You should always take into account the “temperature” of shades and keep the color in harmony. Buy expensive but simple items if it is possible. It is unacceptable that the shape of the product stands out from the overall style concept. When adding expressive jewelry to your look, do not forget that you must have one or two accents. Otherwise, you can look like a decorated Christmas tree.

How to combine accessories and outfit

When combining accessories with clothing, remember that the color palette must match the general ensemble. It’s not good when a lot of too bright elements, and they also can’t merge into a single entity. It is necessary to keep a balance. Try not to overdo it, and everything should be organically and perfectly.

Now you know how to choose accessories for clothes and how to wear them correctly, what to focus on, and what to avoid. By skillfully using our advice so you can complement your look and also add elegance, originality, and impeccability to it.

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