29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

accessories every girl needs

What adorns a woman? Not only clothes, of course, but fashion accessories every girl needs as well. We suggest a few cool options in this article.

Beautiful pendant

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Many women have their favorite jewelry that they wear almost daily. It is perfect if it is a small gold pendant. It is graceful and small and would fit for any clothes and can be combined with both an elegant dress and an ordinary T-shirt. 

Spectacular Necklace

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Another option is a spectacular and solid necklace. It is ideal if it is made in a saturated color. So it will be possible to enhance the style of the clothing with which a woman would wear it. Such a necklace would look amazing in combining with an ordinary blouse or sleeveless jacket. You will succeed in this case to attract one’s attention to such a piece of jewelry. 

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Baseball cap

An ideal accessory for the summer is a baseball cap. It protects the fashionista from strong sun rays. Glamour lovers can choose a variant decorated with rhinestones. Fans of popular brands will like the variant with the logo of their favorite brand. Those who like cartoons can select a model with the image of their favorite cartoon character.

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If you don’t like baseball caps, you can choose a panama. It can also protect a woman’s head from the sun’s rays. The ideal option is a panama in a semi-sporting style. This model is universal to wear. We also advise you to select a product made of waterproof fabric.

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Stylish choker

It is quite normal that sometimes a woman wants to perform in her jewelry something beyond the usual. The best option for this is to decorate the daily outfit with a stylish choker. 

If a girl has not worn such an accessory, it is better to start with the simple one. You can decide, for example, a thin black choker, which will suit any clothing. Once you determine the style, you can opt for more extravagant options. They can be made of different materials and have different colors.

watch with trendy metal bracelet -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Elegant watches with trendy metal bracelets

Any woman’s closet must also have an elegant watch with a stylish metal bracelet. It is believed that such a watch does not fit very well into the everyday style. However, you should not hesitate to try it out. For a woman who dresses in a sporty style, but her image is laconic and there are no glam kinks in it, a watch with a metal bracelet can be a stylish accent that will emphasize her charm. 

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Wide Cuff Bracelet

Another stylish option is a wide cuff bracelet. This piece of jewelry will give grace to thin hands. If a woman has a thick wrist, then it is necessary to choose this type of jewelry thoroughly. It is worth trying to pick out a wide bracelet, which will fit the particular style of a woman. It may be, for example, a silver model or model with enamel inserts. 

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Such an accessory is perfect for a party. However, it does not mean that it only has its place there. You can wear it in everyday life as well. It is unnecessary to choose a clutch in the tone of accessories or shoes, and to worry about contrasting tones, as they look quite attractive. 

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Handbags in disco style

Handbags in disco style are an intriguing accessory. The designers who created such an accessory focused on the bag models decorated with sequins and metallic details. Lovers of merry parties would appreciate such bags. Such bags will fit any outfit, especially if it’s winter outside. 

black leather ballet flats -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Leather ballet shoes

Another accessory is quality ballet shoes made of leather. The advantages of such shoes include convenience and practicality. The ideal option is to complement the ballet shoes with a stylish dress or pantsuit.

leather purses for women -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Day purse

Another type of accessory is the daytime purse. It is perfect if it has a spacious interior, and it has a detachable strap with short handles. And also it is important that such a purse should not be very catchy and bulky.


best womens sunglasses -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Every woman has to have sunglasses. They will not only complement your casual look, but they can also help when you do not have time to do your makeup. Sunglasses can also provide a woman’s delicate skin with the protection from ultraviolet light. It is essential to keep in mind that sunglasses trends change rapidly. So the smartest solution is to choose the shape of the eyeglass frames, considering the proportions of the face.

So, to keep ideal proportions of an oval shape, it is better to choose frames equal to the widest part of the woman’s face. If the face has a wide upper third and a narrow lower third, the ideal choice will be glasses which are wide in the bottom half. Also, glasses without frames will be a good choice.

Regarding the elongated face, it will look more visually balanced if you wear glasses with wide lenses. With a square face shape, the ideal choice will be narrow frames, which have a width exceeding the length. Another option is to opt for a narrow oval shape.

To balance a face which has a rhombus shape, it is possible to use frames with an accent or contrast color. Frames with a decor in the line of eyebrows will also be suitable. And also the frames of a “cat’s eye” shape will look good on the face having a rhombus shape.

A round face would look elongated if we opted for narrow frames with slightly pointed corners. Also, the wide frames of the rectangular shape will look great.

Hairband with pearls -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Hair rim with pearls

Hair rim with pearls is another fashion accessory. Fashionistas have a variety of models. There are different models, including those with spectacular stars. Such a headband differs from its analogs with a flexible double base. Besides, it can hold your hair. Such a headband can be made of metal and polyester.

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Another accessory option is bandanas. New trending bandanas appear almost weekly. So the challenge for fashionistas to find the best variant for any image is easy. For those who like youthful style, it is ideal to use popular today bright models with interesting prints. However, it is important to consider the fact that for official events, they are not suitable.

womens knot headband -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably


It is impossible not to talk about such an exciting accessory as an elastic band for the hair made of fabric with a metallic effect. Materials such as polyester and elastane are used for producing such an elastic band. This accessory comes in different colors, which allows you to choose a suitable option. 

Set of hairpins -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Set of hairpins

Every fashionista should have a set of hairpins. They will simplify creating a spectacular image. An attractive option is when such products are decorated with sequins or pearls. Such models are ideal for a festive event. 

Wreaths for the hair -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Hair Wreaths

Wreaths for hair are unusual accessories every girl needs. Among their advantages is the fact that they look intriguing and beautiful, which can make any woman feel happy. A curious option is to use several floral wreaths as an original accessory. Such a look would be ideal for a romantic date.

types of ear cuffs -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Ear cuffs

Other accessories every girl needs are ear cuffs. They are easy to wear, and they can improve a woman’s look. In addition, they look spectacular, so they can create a party look. With that being said, even if a woman has an ear-piercing, she can wear the embouchure available in enormous quantities for different occasions. They will allow the beautiful woman to stand out from the crowd and look stylish.

Earrings with tassels -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Tassel Earrings

Accessory lovers would love tassel earrings as well. This is a popular accessory that can be found in any market. These earrings are indispensable accessories every girl needs, distinguished by their versatility. So, the absence of such dazzling earrings with spectacular tassels can be called a complete knockout for any fashion enthusiast.

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Ring-shaped earrings

Another option for such an accessory as earrings is ring-shaped earrings. Their fashion peak time was in the 80s. They have returned in recent years, however. Such earrings can bring any woman’s image to life. Even an ordinary T-shirt and jeans, combined with the earrings-ring, can help transform the teenager’s image into the look of a stylish businesswoman. It is important to keep in mind that such earrings are recommended to wear with styled hair.

Solokha headbands and hoops -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Solohi headbands and hoops

Solohi headbands and hoops are other fashion accessories every girl needs. Among the advantages of these accessories is the fact that they look stylish and easy both with styled hair and with loose hair. 

Purse on a bag

Purse on a bag -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Another accessory version is a purse on a bag. This is a modern trend invented by European fashion houses. You can put headphones or coins in such a purse. Such a bright element of women’s closet can be chosen in any size and color. Thanks to it, even a simple female outfit will look spectacular. 

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Transparent umbrella

We cannot avoid mentioning another exciting accessory – a transparent umbrella cane. It is distinguished not only by its unusual design but also by the non-standard shape of the dome, which can shield you from the rain. For the first time, people talked about such an accessory a few years ago, when the British Queen Elizabeth II appeared in public with it. By the way, Carrie Bradshaw – the heroine of the movie “Sex and the City” – had the same transparent umbrella. Today, the popularity of transparent umbrellas is growing, helped by street style stars and bloggers. The advantage of a transparent umbrella is the fact that it looks unusual, but it does not distract from the woman’s appearance. It is a universal accessory, which shows a perfect sense of style of its owner.

Fashionable belt

Trendy belt -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Fashionistas should also have a leather belt. It can be in different variations. A western style belt, for example. Such belts are made of artificial leather. Often, they have a metal tip with engraving. 

Another option of accessories every girl needs is a braided belt. At first glance, it is not conspicuous, but it looks quite impressive. 

In addition, there are belts made of artificial suede. Such belts have a spectacular metal buckle.

Snoods -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably


Snoods are an unusual accessory. The snoods are a scarf-pipe, which is suitable for any outfit. It can be well combined with both classic outfits and sports styles. If you want to add a little femininity to your image, it is better to choose a model that has a thick knitting. You can also complement the snood with a blouse or jeans.

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Balaclava hat

A balaclava hat is another fashion accessories every girl needs. Nobody knows why modern designers brought it into fashion. Such hats cover the beautiful women’s hair. However, we can assume they wanted to emphasize the beauty of a woman’s face. 

Rough boots e1653129554404 926x1024 -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

Rough boots

As for accessories that protect the fashionista from the cold, it is worth mentioning warm boots. Today, boots that have a voluminous and rough sole are very popular. Also, among the advantages of such shoes is the fact that they can be combined with any clothing – both with jeans and with dresses.

Mittens 768x1024 -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably


Mittens are another accessory that helps protect the fashionista in winter. And not those that grandmothers knit, but, for example, voluminous mittens, resembling boxing gloves or furry products long up to the elbow. Knitted models of unconventional length also look funny.

Woolen beret

Woolen Beret e1653130377588 1024x977 -   29 Accessories every girl needs to look fashionably

It is also worth mentioning another fashion accessories every girl needs : a woolen beret. It will not only keep a woman warm in winter, but also complete her image. Berets are elegantly combined with a coat and a scarf. You can choose both the tone of the basic clothes, and of contrasting colors. It all depends on the taste of the fashionista.

Everything is essential for a woman’s image to look complete. Accessories are also important. You can choose any of the options suggested in our article.

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