How to choose a bag as a necessary accessory

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How to choose a bag for everyday use: 5 stylists tips

Even if you like to update your collection of trendy accessories every season, then your wardrobe should have at least one versatile, roomy and practical bag for every occasion, which is suitable for a variety of appearances. We share tips on how to choose one that won’t let you down for sure.

Girls’ favorite accessory not only completes the image but also holds necessary things for daily tasks. We share our tips for choosing the proper bag for everyday use so that you won’t want to part with it.

how to choose a crossbody bag - How to choose a bag as a necessary accessory

1. Think about compatibility

Identify the clothes you wear most often and choose the bag according to the color palette and style. Try to find one that you can combine with anything in your wardrobe. A classic color palette is the best option in this case.

2. Don’t be wrong about size

Think carefully about what bag size you need. An accessory that’s too big with no real relevance will annoy you, and a bag that’s too small may cause you to have to carry your shopping bag. If you often take documents or a laptop, consider the required parameters.

3. The key thing is the contents

The value of the bag lies in its ability to hold all your most essential insignificant items. Pay attention to the storage compartments, the ability to stow your passport and money safely, and other points that will make the daily use of the accessory more convenient.

4. Opt for minimalism

A dazzling or unusual bag can probably get boring or look out of place if you go to an event after work, where the event requires a more strict dress code. Leave the accent bag for suitable occasions and choose a minimalistic design without extra details as a model for everyday use.

5. Invest in quality

You’ll want to wear a beautiful universal bag every day, which means the ideal model should be able to withstand all the challenges of the big city. Pay attention to materials, fittings, seams, and texture. Some types of leather will serve you longer than others. It is always better to buy a more expensive but better quality handbag than to throw away your purchase after a season.

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Handbags for businesswomen

It is difficult to be a businesswoman in today’s world. You want to look beautiful and attractive and remain feminine and stylish on one side. The other side is that you just need to be perceived as a serious woman and not just a fan of trends. How to combine these concepts? How to diversify a dull office dress code? How to brighten up your favorite image? How to choose a bag? Definitely with a chic, but discreet accessory.

We suggest the five best handbags for the businesswoman:

1. Dome bag or simply dome. This handbag has a shape like a small drum. The key feature is a solid flat bottom, rounded to the top, and it has short handles. Because of its rigidity, it is perfect for holding electronics (laptop, tablet) as well as folders with important documents. This bag has another funny name – “bowling bag”. In theory, the bag should hold a bowling ball and yet the bag should keep its shape.

They look very stylish and feminine at the same time. Models of patent leather look especially smart and “expensive”. We can well combine such bags with strict suits and stylish high-heeled shoes.

2. A more democratic variant is the tote-bag. Voluminous and capacious bags have long handles. They also can hold a laptop and important documents. However, a bowling ball cannot be placed into it.

You, for sure, can object that such a bag is “too simple” and a typical businesswoman would not buy such a bag. Initially, the tote bag was more like a version of a reusable shopping bag. But, believe me, as soon as you see a tote made of high-quality and especially exotic leather, you will change your opinion.

If you are a serious IT girl and you just need to have all your gadgets on hand all the time, you certainly need a laptop bag. But an ordinary textile bag does not look too presentable.

3. Handy laptop bag. The best solution would stylishly combine a bag for a laptop, a handbag for women, and a business briefcase. Such a bag is both comfortable and exquisite. Besides that, as a universal accessory, it would look great with a suit and jeans as well.

4. A more feminine version is a small handbag – a Birkin bag. It is slightly smaller, and probably you can’t get your laptop in this bag, but your tablet or important documents will. Thanks to its rigid structure, this bag will easily protect them from damages and keep you from monotonous looks.

Choosing unusual colors for this bag: red or brown, as an example, to have a brighter and more original appearance. It will not make your look less severe but will add a certain zest.

5. Another feminine version is the kelly bag. It coquettishly combines a business briefcase and a woman’s handbag. Its dominant feature is a trapezoidal shape, a rigid or semi-rigid structure, strict style, and a small clip on the front side.

You can often find them in atypical colors for business bags, which is what attracts fashionable women. The combination of austere styles and pastel colors looks very stylish. Choose your handbag wisely, because you’re a businesswoman, but also keep in mind that you’re a lady.

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