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zanellato bags - Fashion bags brands we should know.

ZANELLATO. Zanellato is one of the most popular and respected brands of women’s handbags. It is well-known enough in Italy and is in demand among fashionable women. The accessories were honored twice to be on postage stamps. The model “Postina”, made of soft, genuine leather, was produced based on classic briefcases of Italian postal delivery officers. It is so desirable that it is the most common handbag in the counterfeit industry. However, we can easily distinguish the original item from counterfeit: a special engraving should be on the rivet. Besides this model, the brand has a lot of other ones, which are characterized by the convenience of wearing, capacity, and beauty. Advantages: original design; wearability; using expensive fittings and materials; wide model range; practicality.

PAULA CADEMARTORI - Fashion bags brands we should know.

PAULA CADEMARTORI. The famous designer born in Brazil produced a line of handbags for women just in Italy. After leaving the fashion house “Versace”, a talented Paula at her age of 26 established her brand. She started with a little and reached the heights that many people only dream of. The products were publicized thanks to the unrivaled authentic design and modern technologies like the Internet and street-style. Advantages: non-standard design approach; a variety of models; wear resistance; wearing comfort.

furla bag - Fashion bags brands we should know.

FURLA One of the best and most revered fashion bags brands for women, the name of which can be seen in many top shows and competitions. Extreme popularity has come to it because of a variety of fashion shades, geometric shapes, and textures. Famous models are a small “Metropolis” and a bag “Melody”. Every beauty familiar with the world fashion industry wants to have at least one of them. Talented designers produce new product lines every season. Advantages: best shades; unique design; durability; high-quality level.

SARA BATTAGLIA BAG 1024x538 - Fashion bags brands we should know.

SARA BATTAGLIA S. Battaglia, a famous designer, made her first purse from the cut of her mother’s dress when she was six years old. Then the girl sold the product to her teacher. The history shows that the young master had talent, not only in design but also in artistry. Today, Sarah’s trademark is one of the most revered and recognized both in Italy and abroad. The distinctive features of the fashion house products are the original fittings in the form of bows, fringe, and rainbow colors. Advantages: attractive appearance elegance; wearability; enormous selection of collections.

COCCINELLE bag - Fashion bags brands we should know.

COCCINELLE. This brand, which heads the tops of women’s handbags, has its origins in the homeland of Parmesan cheese, in the Parma district of Italy. Productions of the Mazzieri family are annually gaining popularity among women. In literal translation from the native language, the brand name means “ladybug”. Tender salad color, blue, pomegranate, and other shades prevail in the collections produced by the fashion house. Advantages: original design; wide choice of colors; wearing comfort; durable fittings; high quality.

PUGNETTI PARMA - Fashion bags brands we should know.

PUGNETTI PARMA. This name entered the top of the best and most famous brands of women’s handbags recently, as the brand is less than five years. F. Pugnietti is a talented designer. But despite the young age, we can distinguish products from the fashion house by refinement and uniqueness. It bases the production on the ancient technique of the Parma manufactory masters, which has been developing and improving since the end of the 17th century. Painting and processing of leather components, the combination of cuts, sewing, and construction is almost the same as those used in the Renaissance era. Advantages: authentic design; a novelty in the fashion world; high quality and durability; multi-format models.

ELENA GHISELLINI bag - Fashion bags brands we should know.

ELENA GHISELLINI. Even if you have never heard the name of Elena Gicellini, you surely know the results of her work. For more than nine years, a talented designer from Genoa created women’s accessories for fashion houses “Givanshi”, “Roberto Cavalli”. We can find the products from the artisan under her name brand since early 2014. Thanks to delicate shapes, iridescent color and unsurpassed quality, Gicellini handbags stand out among others. Advantages: best materials; expensive fittings; wear-resistance; an extensive selection of different models.

GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA BAG - Fashion bags brands we should know.

GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA. Among the different fashion bags brands, products from Giancarlo Petrilla are famous for their unrestrained imagination, extraordinary decor, and the highest quality. All accessories are made at the old Italian manufactory in Palermo. Modern technologies allow talented masters to produce original articles for women. Advantages: using eco-materials; wide product range; durability, mechanical and other damage resistance; flawless cut. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the purse in each woman’s life. This closet item is not only an “assistant” but also a beautiful element of your image, which can emphasize its strengths and hide flaws. Products can be of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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