How to look fashionable every day

how to look fashionable every day

Tips in this article will help you know how to look fashionable every day.

Dress today the way you want to see yourself in the future. If you’re going to be in a particular place in life, to have a specific position in five years – start looking like that today.

If you wish a particular group of people to respect you, it’s essential to look proper today. So let it be your motivation.


Identify your color scheme. Determine what colors suit you and try to stick to those colors. Shopping becomes much easier when you strictly adhere to a particular color palette. You will only pay attention to specific colors when you go shopping. Choose neutral colors if you don’t know where to start. They are effortless to combine with other colors. White, beige, and gray are perfect neutral colors that suit everyone. Choose pastel shades if you want to wear more colorful things. Choose a style icon for yourself that you want to match. If you’re going to look like a royal family member, look closely at what they wear. If you’re going to look like some businesswomen – pay attention to what they wear.


Try to avoid trends. Classic stuff always looks good. Traditional things are timeless. Think about whether these things would have looked normal on your mother and grandmother. A great example is a trench coat. It’s very classic and goes with everything.


One alternative to do this is to wear a scarf. A silk scarf will adorn any outfit. Another way to spruce up any look is to add delicate glasses or a hat. You can find these things at second-hand stores, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your closet.


Long collars look classic and timeless. It is unnecessary to wear high-collar sweaters particularly in winter. You can find lighter fabric alternatives for any season.


Instead of wearing t-shirts or tops every day, opt for a blouse, for example. Likewise, replace a hoodie with a blazer.


Don’t buy things that don’t fit your size. Likewise, don’t buy things you think you’ll fit into when you lose weight. It may surprise you how things look; if you take good care of them, they can look different.


If you go to some fashion store, you will see prints or logos of some brand on almost every item there. Choose more classic items.


When everything is of the same color, there’s no problem combining clothes. Besides, it looks exquisite.


Opt for black or beige shoes. They go with everything.


If you are comfortable in comfortable clothes in which you are satisfied, you will look happier and more confident. It is the best way to improve your appearance. Make sure that the clothes suit you. You should feel like yourself in your clothes.

how to look stylish everyday - How to look fashionable every day

When there’s no time for fashion: Seven rules for looking stylish without spending your entire paycheck on it

1. Don’t fall into the trap.

Going on a hunt for the perfect pair of whatever – black pants, white jeans, boots in the “right” color brown – you buy things because they “seem” perfect to you. But I can tell you how many times I’ve looked for something specific and found “almost what I needed,” I immediately ran to the checkout counter. And then I found a second thing that was already better than the first and bought it. And then another one. See where I’m going with this? I finished up with a closet full of “just about what I needed.” So don’t make impulsive purchases: find something that will fit you perfectly.

2. Get rid of things that don’t resonate with your soul.

I borrow this advice from Japanese magical guru Maria Kondo. Of course, she approaches it more spiritually than I do. I encourage you, however, to pay attention to what’s in your closet. If you take something in your hand and don’t like it, donate it to charity or give it to a friend.

3. Don’t go shopping aimlessly.

Some day you enter the store having nothing to do. You’re not aiming for something in particular, a waterproof jacket, for instance. Instead, you go wandering just for fun, or maybe you go with a friend for company. Then, suddenly, you notice a knitted dress with flared sleeves and ankle-length, and you realize – this is what you want.

You: “Look at this, how beautiful! I want to try it on.”

Girlfriend: “Well… yes, cool, but where are you going to wear it?

You: “What do you mean? I’m going to wear it…I’m going to go dance on top of a foggy mountain with Robert Plant.” Girlfriend: “Put it back.”

Sounds ridiculous, of course, but it happens to the most stoic among us. If you’re one of those people who is comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt and sneakers, you probably never need a black sequined dress and a pair of sandals with 8-inch heels. If something doesn’t fit your lifestyle, there’s a good chance you’ll never wear it. So spend your money on something you’ll wear.

4. Don’t purchase items just because they are at a discount.

Lots of women got into this trap. Once I saw a brown chiffon jacket from Comme des Garcons and bought it, cheerfully shouting: “Look, now I have something from that brand, too, for only $150!” It remained untouched in my closet for many, many years until I finally gave it to charity. Remember: The most rewarding part of buying something you’ve had your eye on for an entire season is getting it at a discount. Wait for your item, and not the red price tags on something you don’t need.

5. Take it for granted that you should choose clothes according to your age.

There are indeed things in your closet that you wear, practically never taking off, week after week, year after year. So one day, you look at yourself in the mirror and realize that something is wrong.  One day I met a woman who was wearing a denim jacket with “Make way,” “Stop,” and “Route 66” patches on it. She looked about 20 years old from the back, but when I overtook her and looked back, I figured she was in her early 60s. I’ve been calling age-inappropriate clothes “Route 66” ever since. If you have classic pieces in your closets, such as denim jackets, jeans, or rompers, don’t give them up by any means. Just beware of the motley and ridiculous things from “Route 66”. They’re for teens.

6. Get novelty items from your closet.

Sometimes when I get into a fashion rut, I can wear the same things for months and still feel great. And then, suddenly, it seems monotonous to me. And then, I look in my closet and choose the opposite style item. And life plays with fresh colors again. So, instead of wasting cash and time on new purchases, it is sometimes a good idea to take an inventory of your closet. You may be pleasantly surprised.

7. First of all, be yourself.

If something doesn’t resonate with you or fits your lifestyle, don’t impose it on yourself by force. Once you’re yourself, it won’t stay unnoticed. People will look at you and genuinely say, “She’s excellent!

how to look always stylish - How to look fashionable every day

How to look fashionable every day, not only on holidays

How often we hear about style and how difficult it is to understand what exactly it means. We suggest figuring out how to look stylish every day, not groovy.

There are some simple tips to help you be a stylish woman in everyday life. The surrounding people will consider you a style icon even while you’re shopping for groceries, as long as you learn how to follow these rules on how to look fashionable every day.

Slight Sloppiness

The easiest way to look stylish is to add a slight sloppiness to your look. For example, just having one tucked in the edge of a shirt or sweater, not neatly rolled-up sleeves lifted to the elbow, not perfectly straightened hair, but slightly wavy; these things will make your image look lighter and more stylish at the same time.

Man’s clothes.

Every modern woman’s closet should have at least one item of outerwear, like the men’s clothes. Such a jacket, raincoat, sweatshirt, jacket eliminate women’s image of stiffness. But, unfortunately, because many women have a habit of buying clothes that shrink and tighten the silhouette, it slims you down and, in most cases, only worsens the figure.

White shirt + jeans

White shirts or t-shirt and jeans are the perfect look that you should refer to every time the thought of “nothing to wear” occurs in your head. It is a classic, incredibly stylish look that will always be relevant. In everyday life, a woman who chooses a white blouse and jeans will always win over someone who prefers things with a complex cut and print.

Wearing accessories

Many women for years do not change the earrings and always adorn the neck with a favorite gold chain with a pendant. They are not stylish accessories; they are jewelry, which in most cases is aging. Large metal accessories, silk hair scarves, eyeglass chains are trending these days. You should wear all the above things every day, and then your look will be stylish.

If the accessories do not conflict with your favorite jewelry, then wear them. However, if you feel your image is “overloaded,” then part with your favorite chain, at least for a day.

Carry your outerwear on your shoulders

An effortless but effective way to look stylish is not to wear outerwear but to put it on your shoulders. However, this trick does not act with all clothes. For example, a jacket, coat, and blazer should be loose, preferably male style, without a clear waistline.

One-color things

Many women consider monochrome clothes boring, and every time they buy blouses, pants, shirts, and dresses with prints, patches, beads, and sequins. Of course, such things may exist, but it is challenging to combine them. In most cases, ladies make mistakes and combine incompatible items. To avoid this and to look stylish but not ridiculous, wear single-colored things.

Consider the colors in your image.

It is enough to make a daily monochrome image look stylish, adding bright shoes or a bag. Remember that it is better to use one thing with an accent, as two or more can conflict in style and color.

Now you know how to look fashionable every day. Apply these tips when you go shopping.

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