Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

premium handbag brands

There are a lot of premium handbag brands in the fashion world. Fashion is an essential part of women’s lives. Ladies spend hours watching thematic shows, looking through glossy magazines, reading blogs to keep abreast of the latest changes in the fashion industry. Not following the trends and not having new items is a crime for many people. It is not a secret anymore that to create a stylish image; it is not enough just to choose and buy high-quality clothes. Accessories play an essential role. Choosing the right watch, brooch, or purse, you can emphasize individuality, social status, and unsurpassed taste. In this article, we will review a list of the most famous brands of women’s handbags, show their photos, describe their strengths and weaknesses, and will use this information to rank the best.

General characteristics

One of the most necessary attributes of a woman’s wardrobe is a handbag. It allows you to carry small things of daily use: cosmetics, telephone, wallet. Besides the functional component, this accessory must have an original design, making its owner unique. Any premium handbag brands cannot do without producing fashion collections. They represent its models in different interpretations, and the most popular ones are:

A Clutch is a small item with a long strap. There are every-day and evening versions. They are distinguished by elegance, decorated with rhinestones and other expensive trimmings. The classic bag is a fashionable detail of the look, made of both synthetic and natural materials. It is designed for everyday wear and is characterized by its average size. Sport and travel bags are characterized by their large size. They are produced of durable materials and are equipped with a strong handle. The fashionable addition of women’s look is so diverse that it leads a potential buyer into a stupor. The articles can be of different shapes and with all sorts of prints on them. The designs can have unique fittings and be made of various materials. We offer a rating of the best brands of women’s handbags to your attention below.

PRADA Almost every girl who understands fashion wishes to have an accessory from this Italian brand. The high quality of the goods, the perfect tailoring according to the author’s patterns, solid additional elements, and the best raw materials for manufacturing guarantee an impeccable look and long-lasting use. Fashion designs of this famous brand are presented by unusual design items. However, Prada focuses on classic models as well. It makes the products of high-quality genuine leather, use strict geometric forms and stylish fittings and colors. The fans of the legendary fashion house are world stars of cinema and sport, politicians, and influential businessmen. Advantages: unusual stylish design; sewing quality; increased resistance to wear and tear; presentable appearance.

prada bags 1024x683 - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

FENDI: Products from this well-known brand are characterized by status and luxury. Talented designers produce all kinds of clothes and accessories for our looks. The fashion house of Eduardo and Adele Fendi is the place where both Native Romans and guests of the Italian capital buy accessories. We associate the brand with the name of Karl Lagerfeld, who was the creative director in 1965. However, the legendary collection of handbags, which brought unprecedented success to the brand, was created by S. Fendi. Advantages: highest quality; author’s tailoring; long-lasting wearing period; a variety of models; original components; practicality.

fendi bag - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

gucci bags - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

GUCCI: Once again, the legendary “Gucci” takes an honorable place in the list of famous brands of women’s handbags. The unsurpassed collections of this fashion boutique reflect the subtleties of traditional Italy. Cross-body bags, mini clutch bags, and other bags have an elegant, unique, and authentic style. The exclusive products are produced under the supervision of the best specialists in the modern fashion industry, so all the products are worn long enough, without losing their original qualities, and rarely go out of fashion. The famous brand always pleases its admirers with a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Many limited collections of handbags are dedicated to particular cities or events. Advantages: wear resistance; perfect fit; unique design; elite raw materials for production.

LV - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

LOUIS VUITTON: It is the world-famous brand of women’s handbags, which is a leader in the list of the best brands, and whose logo is one of the most recognizable brands. The accessories are made according to the author’s designs from natural, ecologically clean materials of the highest quality. The products look not only irresistible but also are resistant to mechanical and other damages; they are spacious and comfortable to wear. The designers think through every detail in each model: ideal stitches, expensive fittings, division of internal space. Advantages: a variety of shapes; recognizability; high status; impeccable appearance.

valextra bags - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

VALEXTRA The designers have achieved incredible success in the fashion industry during 80 years of growth. Products from this brand are characterized by rarity, “magic” of execution, invariability, high quality. Stylish handbags are minimalistic because the founder father of the brand, D. Fontana focused on exotic types of genuine leather, using no decorative elements. There is nothing on the accessories such as extravagant fittings, logo, or jewelry. As a result, closet items have gained worldwide recognition and appeared in collections of the most famous people on the planet. Advantages: unique style; recognizability; durability; natural materials; A wide variety of fashionable models.

bottega veneta - Premium handbag brands in fashion world.

BOTTEGA VENETA: Exclusive products from the famous brand of quality handbags differ from other brands by skillful author weaving. Thanks to it, the brand is known all over the world. The company was founded in the early second half of the last century in the small town of Vicenza. The name of the trademark means “Venice manufactory”. At the beginning of its foundation, the brand started by opening a workshop for sewing woven leather accessories. At the beginning of the 21st century, the fashion house got its second life. Nowadays, famous Italian and German designers work there. Advantages: The author’s original weaving from leather; uniqueness; practicality; wide choice, for all occasions; long service life.

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