Women’s Trendy Unique Fashion Sweaters and Jumpers.

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A few years ago, we wore unique women’s sweaters and jumpers only in the cold season. Now the fashion trends have significant changes. Today, designers suggest wearing these clothes even in spring, when the full-fledged warm weather has not settled yet outside. In 2020, designers offer fashionistas a variety of bright and stylish solutions that combine three essential aspects: beauty, practicality, and warmth. This tandem allows you to connect the top with almost any bottom while maintaining your health and time for creating an everyday image.

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The latest collections represent new styles and designs. Therefore, to choose the right blouse, review the latest trends, looking at a mix of colors, harmonic decor, and varying styles. Although fashion has changed during a year, offering alternative solutions, there is no sense in waiting for radical changes in spring 2020. Most of the styles have been and will remain relevant. The only thing that will be a subject for changes is decorative elements, prints, and colors. Fringe, lace trim, abstract and geometric prints painted in several colors, and floral motifs associated with wildlife, will become an undisputed trend. Models in minimalism style, monochrome solutions, and beading finish look appealing. Decorating with metal fittings, sequins, and imitation pearls is allowed.

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Decorative trim in women’s sweaters and jumpers

sweater trim - Women's Trendy Unique Fashion Sweaters and Jumpers.

The only decor that all designers agreed with was fringe. They use it not only on the edge line of the item but also in the finishing of sleeves, upper and lower parts of the cloth. It can be monochromatic or include several tones that are very close to each other in contrast. We can compare the second variant with gradient transitions and ombre technique.

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Many brands have focused on femininity and romantic style. Therefore,  the lace, volumetric flounces, and trim embodying the Boho style remain as an advantage in their collections. But the use of sequins, rhinestones, beads, and metal fittings is becoming less and less popular. That has contributed to the style of minimalism, which is famous for several years in unique women’s sweaters.

Prints in sweaters and jumpers

The geometric, ethnic, and floral prints were and still are undisputed leaders in the spring of 2020. However, if there were large ornaments in fashion, now complex textures representing slight details replace them.

Lovers of all unusual and bright, stylists suggest looking closer to the next images:

1) folk;

2) eastern;

3) geometric;

4) floral;

5) anime;

6) graphic;

7) abstract.

Color scale

The most trendy solution in the warm season will be a combination of monochrome with large or volume crochet. Jumpers, blouses, and unique women’s sweaters in classic and warm colors will be more accessible. Black, white, beige, gray, khaki, soft pink, peach, emerald, azure, coral, lemon, sunny, burgundy, red, purple, these are only 1/4 of what we could see in the latest collections.

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When we speak about materials, it is impossible not to say that synthetics in the new season has crashed, giving way only to natural and “rich” fabrics. It allows each product to look more elegant, and its owners feel confident and comfortable.

Among the most relevant materials are angora, cashmere, knitwear, linen, cotton, bamboo.

Necklines in unique womens sweaters

Using necklines in modern fashion is not new. However, besides the classic V-neck, now models with a deep neckline, open shoulders and asymmetrical cut on the back will be at the top of popularity. Each of the models is good in its way, though it is not similar to each figure. Therefore, before you decide whether to choose a neckline, stylists and image-makers recommend trying several models, not two, for comparison.

sweaters for women - Women's Trendy Unique Fashion Sweaters and Jumpers.

Big collar

Model-transformer with a voluminous collar allows you to turn a regular sweater into a scarf, cardigan, and even a sweatshirt. Thanks to the shapeless silhouette, one thing can replace several items of the essential wardrobe. The major thing is not to miss the color scheme.

Unisex style in ladies cardigan sweaters

For lovers of men’s wardrobes, designers offer an exciting trend that allows you to exchange clothes with your man. Hoodies, sweaters, and unisex-style sweaters are voluminous, which enable women and their boyfriends to wear them.

Shortened lengths

For hot weather, we offer unusual light sweaters, combining long sleeves and shortened length. Such a solution looks unique, but it allows you to combine the top with any bottom with a big fit.


For the season of Spring-Summer 2020, besides sweaters, jumpers, and sweaters, we recommend each girl buy a knitted tunic. The beautiful and practical cloth will serve you for more than one year and – will emphasize the grace and elegance of a woman’s silhouette. And its cute and stylish design will allow women to look bright and unique every day.

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Open-worked women’s sweaters

For those who have never heard of filigree knitting, it is time to learn more about it. Next spring, you can’t do without it! We combine it with jeans, knitted skirts, and even classic straight pants. And it looks very nice!

Voluminous knitting elements

Knitwear in the new season is a design including volume elements. They can be small cones, simple braids, and even geometric shapes.

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