Pretty summer skirts which are always in fashion.

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Pretty summer skirts are the clothes of the long-awaited summer when a woman can show her beautiful figure. The styles of summer skirts can be different in recent years, and the fashion has become much more democratic. Look at photos of skirts of modern designers and you can notice it. The length of a skirt can also be of any length, from short mini skirts to long skirts to a floor. However, it is the long skirt that remains the most fashionable up to now.

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Your choice of the summer skirt’s model depends on your age, peculiarities of your figure, and the trend of spring-summer fashion.
The skirt needs to be comfortable and lightweight. This is the benchmark that should be the main thing when choosing a model of a summer skirt.

Which fabrics should we choose for our summer skirt?

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Summer skirts are sewn from thin fabrics that allow the body to “breathe“ and to move freely. Ideal fabrics for sewing summer skirts are natural fibers: silk, flax, cotton. They “breathe” and it is not hot in summer wearing such skirts, but like all-natural materials, they crease and shrink during washing.
This does not mean you should refuse sewing such skirts. It is better to abandon the skirts made of synthetic fabrics. Wearing them in hot weather is impossible and harmful, especially for children. One of the options of fabric for sewing summer skirts can be a natural lightweight fabric with an addition of artificial fibers and chiffon.

The major fashion trends of spring/summer

Trendy summer skirts of recent years are represented with a variety of models and colors. Designers’ collections contain many short skirts of bright colors and textures. But the main fashion trend for summer skirts is lightweight translucent fabrics. Ornaments and patterns, guipure decorative elements are very fashionable. But this summer’s fashion does not exclude other options, such as black skirts with fine stripes, peas, or floral patterns.

Nowadays, your choice of summer clothes is not limited by the strict laws of fashion. Fashion trends give only a general direction. And what skirt to buy or sew is up to you, and it mainly depends on the style of your clothes, age, and type of figure and situation. Perhaps that’s why there is a new fashion direction: skirts of unusual, original cut with a variety of strange decorative elements made of different qualities and structures, colors, and shades of fabrics.

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Summer skirt length

Despite the fashion trend for long skirts, short summer skirts remain very popular. Young girls prefer to wear many variants of denim miniskirts in summer. And this is reasonable because the denim short skirt makes the girl’s figure more attractive and sportive. These skirts are also very comfortable and practical.
If you have a slender figure, you can buy a short skirt with ruffles, flounces, and frills. For plump girls, we can offer skirts slightly longer the knees. Half-moon or sun form skirts are also one option for a non-standard figure.

Summer pencil skirts can be just below the knee or up to the middle of the knee, made of stretch jersey fabric, or with a small black and white plaid or strip.

The models of multilayer miniskirts from the 80s, decorated with embroidery, return to fashion.

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Long summer skirts

Long and elongated black and white summer skirts are the choices of fashionistas who have emphasized on fatal sexiness, hiding behind the black color, or the directness of white, airy fabric. It is also possible to mix white and black colors, for example, in a skirt made of flaps. Long satin floor-length skirts are also popular, both monochrome and printed, with a high cut on the leg section. The styles of long pretty summer skirts are various: lush, flared, narrow fit.

Lush skirts with flounces and ruffles, tiered and narrow ones with plumes and open cuts of maximum length are very actual this summer. Colors are from monochrome fabrics to the most colorful ones, with ethnic, oriental ornaments and gypsy motifs.

This season’s novelty includes the fact that almost all pretty summer skirts for any silhouette have a high waistline. These are straight skirts and tulip-style skirts, and multilayer skirts with ruffles of thin fabrics. Ruffles and frills can be performed in two or three layers, and can also be decorated with embroidery or prints.
A leather strap or belt can emphasize a high waist.

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