Street fashion for ladies and girls

street fashion for ladies

Street fashion for ladies is one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry these days. Today we will try to understand what is street fashion?

So, street fashion comprises modern styles from two fashion seasons: spring-summer, autumn-winter. First, it offers simple and comfortable styles not limited to strict rules, but combinable color solutions, as well as combinations of different styles, which seem to be incompatible at first sight.

Ladies should not forget about femininity and men about the brutality of the images. Let’s consider the major trends in street fashion for ladies.

Plaid street fashion

The plaid print presents in almost all fashion shows. Therefore, we can see it in absolutely all fashion chain stores.

And it is unnecessary to dress from head to toe in the clothes with print to avoid looking ridiculous. It is enough to have in your closet, as an example, a double-breasted voluminous jacket in gray and beige colors, or a fashionable long coat, loose-fitting pants, skirt, pantsuit, which women especially like.

pleated1 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

The checked cage is a classic, and as we know, the classics are always relevant. The most applicable are two types of the checked cage:

1. The ” Prince of Wales ” checked cage, so named because it was a favorite pattern of the Prince of Wales. Simplicity, strictness, and conciseness characterize it.

2. The “nova” checked pattern belonging to the famous Burberry house. The nova is familiar to everyone with its warm beige color and intertwined red, white threads.

Street fashion for ladies: fringe trim

Dresses and skirts with fringes are popular. It gives a certain playfulness to any look. The fringes can be of all kinds and at any length. There is no clear rule for its usage. Not so long ago, fringe was part of the closet of people of a particular informal group, but now it has become an excellent trend for fashionistas.

As for accessories, the most popular variant of its application is a bag with fringe. Every fashionable woman has such a bag. And it does not matter whether this bag will be leather, suede, or textile.

fringe trim1 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion knee-high boots

The jackboots are knee-high boots. It is difficult to combine them with clothes. But if you try, the image will be very effective and graceful.

Let’s review the leading rules of their application in your appearance:

The best way is to combine knee-high boots with short dresses and thin pantyhose. They look good at tall, slender girls. High boots should not make a vulgar look. So use a closed and modest “top” when you wear them, so as not to look like the main character from the movie “Pretty Woman”. Three colors are currently trending: black, gray, burgundy. Booties without a heel or with a tiny one relate to street fashion for ladies. Such shoes are perfect for everyday wear. It is easy to wear knee-high boots correctly as it may seem at first sight, and the principal thing is that they give unique femininity to your image.

Street Fashion Coats Oversize

The word “oversize” is interpreted in English as “too much, too big”. An oversize coat must look as if it is several sizes vaster than you; it must be loose enough.

The oversize coat is the hit of the season for street fashionistas.

It should be straight; laconic; with wide lapels; have a length not higher than the knee. This loose modern coat is suitable for absolutely everyone and by age and size.

bortforts 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street fashion Long Coat

If in the last paragraph we discussed the free coat, here we will consider the long coat as one of the dominant trends of street fashion. The long coat is always in street fashion for ladies. The ideal coat for street fashionistas should be both ” oversize ” and long at the same time. You should also wear it with sneakers. Only girls with a short height should be more careful in their choice.

Coats Oversize 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion Pantsuits

One of the most feminine closet items is a pantsuit. It is also at the peak of street fashion in this season. The pantsuit is one of the most feminine pieces in street style. It should be businesslike, look laconic, without unnecessary details.

The perfect look is a long jacket with slightly shortened pants. The jacket does not have to be a man’s loose jacket this season. It can also be a slim fit which makes looks more elegant.

Pantsuits 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

In summer, choose a pantsuit as bright, saturated, as well as calm pastel colors. Red, blue, saturated pink, soft blue, purplish pink will make the appearance inimitable. Flesh-colored pumps on a short steady heel will be a perfect addition to it. You can bravely go to a party wearing a guipure top under such a suit or fashionable top in the lingerie style.

If you need clothes for everyday use, then wear a pantsuit with urban sneakers in the “casual” style, preferably of white or beige colors. You will immediately get a very modern and comfortable image for any outings.

Street Fashion Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are slowly but surely returning to the closet of every fashionista. And we’re not talking about those coral and green skirts to the floor, which were worn by every second person a couple of years ago, and not even a part of the school uniform for girls. We’re talking about modern pleated skirts just below the knee-length (midi).

In summer, you can choose subtle light pastels, as well as metallic colors. In winter, go for deeper colors: blue, green, burgundy. Winter options, leather ones, in particular, go well with sweaters, shirts, and long suede boots, as well as with free-cut coats. In summer, pleated skirts are well combined with fashionable shortened tops, t-shirts, ballet shoes, shoes, as well as with urban white sneakers.

Basic application rule in the image – other clothes should not distract one’s attention from the pleated skirt, which should have the primary focus.

pleated skirts1 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion Fashionable Dresses

A dress is a principal thing in the closet of every representative of the fair sex. What dresses do street fashionistas wear this season?

They are: Shirtdress. It is one of the dominant trends for the last few seasons. It is distinguished because it is loose, it has buttons, a belt, and can be made of any material.

Dress-robe. The most comfortable variant. It also has a wide neckline and is ideal for girls with “puffy” forms.

Sheath dress. This dress is also at the peak of fashion. And particularly below the knee-length and a knitted one. It looks ideal for slender girls. It gives a lot of femininity to the image. Denim dress. It came back to us from an old fashion. Many styles and colors of denim dresses are always in fashion. And it is practical and comfortable, just like jeans.

Velvet dress, especially of burgundy color. It will be suitable only for slender, tall girls, as it can significantly emphasize any deficiencies.

Lace, knitted dresses, dresses in a Greek style, one-shoulder dress continue not to lose their relevance. And the little black dress has become a classic.

Speaking of colors, we would recommend focusing more on the color that suits you. You should not wear a dress of a particular fashionable shade just because of fashion if you get lost in it. Now there are so many dresses in all kinds of shades and styles that it should not be a problem for you to pick the one to look great.

The chief thing in choosing a dress is to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

fashionable dresses 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion Dress with Sneakers

Five years ago, the suggestion to wear a dress with sneakers would have caused us bewilderment at least. Today, combining sneakers with a dress is one of the major fashion trends.

Such a look is not suitable for sports activities, but everyday life. Let’s figure out what sneakers and running shoes are excellent for various dresses:

A dress of a sporty style, as well as a straight fitted dress, is perfectly combined with sneakers like “converts”. An airy summer dress is suitable for “sailcloth” light sneakers.

Sneakers of the urban type, preferably white or beige, will suit a sheath dress. I would note that sneakers of such colors are universal and will go with dresses of almost any color.

Dress with Sneakers1 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion Sunglasses

There is a tremendous variety of sunglasses in this season as never before. Various kinds of frames, with glasses of different colors, and made of different materials.

The times when sunglasses served only as protection from the sun are long gone. Now it is mainly a necessary and fashionable accessory.

Let’s consider their types specifically:

With flamboyant, various metal inserts, decorated with stones and different drawings;

Voluminous glasses with massive frames;

Eyeglasses with geometric frames; round glasses;

“aviators” have been trendy for several years; with bright colored glasses;

“cat eyes”; with an ombre effect;

Glasses “butterflies”.

As you can see, the choice of fashionable sunglasses is now huge. It is not a problem to find indeed those that are perfect for you. If you choose high-quality glass and comfortable frames, then you will never want to take them off.

But do not forget that the chief thing is not to overload your entire image. When wearing such bright glasses, wear something more modest in your clothes. So that only the glasses attract all the primary attention. Otherwise, your appearance won’t succeed at all.

Fashion Sunglasses 1024x427 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

Street Fashion Shoes

Shoes should act as a complement to a fashionable look.

Let’s take a season-by-season look at what shoes fashionistas choose:

Spring-Summer. The most fashionable spring and summer footwear are sporty ones. All kinds of keds and urban sneakers (except sporty) are at the peak of fashion. Also, street fashionistas prefer laconic sandals with a thin strap on a stiletto heel or a stable, massive heel. You will go nowhere without sandals in the summer heat, and they must also be pretty quiet. If you like ballet flats, then choose a pair with a sharp toe without extra details. Metallic-colored shoes are in fashion, but only the bravest fashionista will risk wearing such shoes.

high street fashion shoes 1024x494 - Street fashion for ladies and girls

In the off-season, it is worth giving preference to brogues (so-called boots with laces in the men’s style) and short ankle boots with a stable heel. Booties are also in fashion now. They can be of different colors. You can’t go anywhere in rainy weather without rubber boots.

There is an enormous selection of elegant rubber boots now, which can not be distinguished from the regular boots at first glance. However, they are not for constant wear. Decorated heels are also in street fashion for ladies, but such shoes are not for everyday wear, or the heel will deteriorate.

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