Benefits of clutch bags

benefits of clutch bags

A clutch is a small handbag that can be easily carried by hand. There are many benefits of clutch bags and it is one of the most versatile accessories.

A clutch may have a small handle without a strap, but it is usually worn under the arm or placed around the palm. It can be decorated with gold, pearls, rhinestones and feathers. Today the clutch is more than just a bag for going out in public in the evening. Clutches are worn daily, combined with dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans. Most often, these are clutches which greatly enlarged in size and sometimes reached the parameters of an average bag. They are still carried in hand, pressed to the side and propped on the bottom with the palm. Classic small evening clutches are also relevant; from season to season, designers offer more and more new kinds of clutches”.

Clutch material

what is a clutch bag used for - Benefits of clutch bags

Clutches are made of natural, artificial and mixed materials, the most popular of which are: leather, linen, cotton, leatherette, denim, satin and velvet.

The leather clutch bag is highly durable, has an excellent appearance and is suitable for use all year round. Products made of this material will last a season and artfully complement your look. A denim clutch bag is perfectly combined with skinny jeans, a T-shirt or a blouse; such models are characterized by high wear resistance and can withstand intensive wear and tear. The clutch bag of light natural fabrics is more suitable for the summer time of the year, and various prints and a wide range of colours combine these items well with the most popular styles of clothing.

Men’s clutch bags are usually made of leather: calf, pig. Such products are notable for their universality, practicality, and durability.

Clutch making

Modern designs are made with using special equipment and manually on a sewing machine. First, a sketch of the future model is made, the size is determined, and the design is thought over. Later, the finished pattern is transferred to the leather from which the clutch is assembled. After choosing a suitable material, a rectangle is attached to it and traced around the edges of the chalk; this operation is performed two times. Then there are two identical pieces of leather.

The next step is the cutting of the lining. Here the same actions are performed as with the base of the product. After the clutch is shaped, so the bag is form-stable, foam rubber is glued to the leather base, about 3-4 cm. away from the edge. Then a zipper is sewn on the clutch, and the seams are finished with glue and beaten with a hammer. The edges of the leather base are bent and stitched, and the same actions are performed with the lining. The last step is the joining: both parts of the clutch are joined by seams and then turned out of the bag through a zipper. The strap is made of leather. For this purpose, two half-rings are attached to the edges of the bag on the front side.

Benefits of clutch bags and clutch characteristics

what is a clutch bag purse - Benefits of clutch bags

The product has a rectangular shape, the thickness of which is up to 3-5 cm;

The clutch bag has no straps;

The front of the clutch bag is usually made of leather or leatherette;

The inside of the clutch bag has different sections. The top of a zipper or a button is for easy closing.

The inside of the clutch bag has different compartments, and the top has a zipper or a button for easy closing.

History of the clutch

Small handbags of rectangular shape appeared in the XVI century. They served the function of a purse. After a while, women began to use it not only to store money, jewelry, and a mirror but also to store love letters and a personal diary. These items were often decorated with precious stones, pearls, or lace. As a rule, ladies wore these purses on the belt or hidden under the dress.

By the end of the 16th century, purses symbolized wealth, prosperity, and a high societal position. The sewing technology gradually improved, and the bags began to be embellished with gold embossing. Trick-or-treat bags began to appear. These bags were called “clutch” in Great Britain, meaning “to grasp.” By the end of the XIX century, the clutch bag had a modern look, a special strap for which the bag was hung on the wrist.

At the beginning of the XX century, the clutch bag went out of style for a while, because of several factors, including the turbulent political situation in the world.

Coco Chanel and Christian Dior in the history of the clutch bag

history of clutch bags - Benefits of clutch bags

After a while, famous designers Coco Chanel and Christian Dior revived the popularity and trend of clutch bags and showed benefits of clutch bags . They used these small handbags in their collections, and Coco Chanel never left the house without a clutch in her hand. Thanks to this, many ladies began copying the style of the famous fashionista, so a clutch bag became widely spread worldwide. Women started to wear it not only for evening celebrations and festive occasions. This small handbag became a part of the everyday clothes wardrobe of many ladies.

The clutch bag still symbolizes high status and good taste and perfectly complements any image.

Today, clutch bag is trendy and in demand not only among women but also among men. These products still symbolize high status and good taste and perfectly complement any image. People use them not only as an evening accessory but also for everyday use. Nowadays, almost anyone can afford a clutch bag, and a wide range of materials makes these products more affordable. Designers create new models, skillfully combining style, sophistication, and high-quality materials. The clutches are decorated with beads, jewels, sequins, metal inserts, and even fur. A small handbag is appropriate for a social event, work, study, meeting friends, or a date.

The clutch bag has retained its relevance and popularity for centuries, and this accessory is great for women of any age. A good chosen handbag will perfectly decorate and complement any image.

Types of clutch bags

There are several types of clutch bags:

everyday clutch;

Evening clutch bag;

decorative clutch bag;



clutch bag for a businesswoman;

youth clutch bag.

The standard clutch is ideal for everyday wear. These models are black or brown, made of leather or leatherette, and may have decorative stitching and long chains. Practicality and versatility are the advantages of this clutch bag, and they will be an indispensable everyday accessory.

Casual clutch bag

The evening clutch is a trendy model; a wide range of colors and styles allows you to skillfully combine this accessory with a dress. These models may be decorated with metal clasps, rhinestones, or silk. Evening clutch is usually smaller in size than everyday ones, and it is recommended to choose monochrome handbags for colorful dresses.

Decorative models are designed to hold only a few things; they usually carry only keys, lipstick, and a phone. This clutch bag can complement any image, attract attention, and make no one indifferent.

The clutch-box has a rigid frame base, differs by its small size, is very popular among pop stars and actors, and is often seen on the red carpet. At the same time, these models will be indispensable accessories for going to the cinema, a restaurant, and on a date and will complement a romantic image. It is better to use something other than such a clutch for everyday wear, but these models are well combined with light-developing dresses and can be decorated with rhinestones.

Clutch box

The clutch box may be of various sizes: small handbags and voluminous versions, which can hold not only keys, documents, lipstick, and a phone but also a folder with papers. This is a good option for every day: for going to work, to a party, or for a walk. Such models are made of leather and lightweight fabrics. A wide range of colors and designs lets you find the perfect model for your image. The items can be embellished with inserts.

Clutch envelope

A businesswoman’s clutch perfectly complements the image with pants, a jacket, or a suit. The most popular colors are black, brown, white, and gray. These models give formality to the image, symbolizing seriousness, high status, and wealth.

The main distinguishing feature of the youth clutch bag is its bright, unusual, and exclusive design. These clutches are made of leather, denim, cotton, and many other materials. Popular colors are pink, turquoise, yellow, and green. Bright colors provide attention and do not leave anyone indifferent; thus, you will be at the center of attention at any party or special event. Clutch-transformers are gaining popularity – small handbags that can be folded in half and turned into stylish clutches. These types of clutches are multi-functional, practical, and easy to wear.

Benefits of clutch bags

what is a clutch handbag - Benefits of clutch bags

Versatility are benefits of clutch bags(great for everyday wear, can be used by both men and women);

Wide assortment (a wide choice of colors and styles simplifies the selection and allows you to combine with different clothing styles successfully);

You can use it all year round;

Practicality (the clutch bag does not require special attention to care);

Hypoallergenic (modern models are safe to wear);

Incredibly complements and transforms the image of any person);

Perfectly combines with business and other popular clothing styles;

Compactness and lightweight (due to this, small handbags are convenient to use);

Exclusive, unique, and unbelievable appearance;

Durability (the clutch bag decently endures physical and mechanical influences);

Durability (with timely care and careful attitude to these products will last more than one season).

The clutch has a stunning appearance and this is a main one of benefits of clutch bags.

Interesting facts

The world’s giant clutch bag is about 1 meter long, and its creator is designer Krizia. This model looks more like a paper bag; the most expensive clutch is the “Cleopatra Clutch” from Lana Marks; the cost of this product is 100,000 dollars. It is made of exotic leather, decorated with white gold and diamonds, and this is a masterpiece and exclusive.

How to take care of a clutch bag

Timely care increases the clutch’s lifespan. Let us list the basic rules for the maintenance of these items. In the case of dirt on the leather clutch, it is best to use a soap solution, and it is not recommended to clean it with gasoline and other chemical solvents. You must apply the soap solution to the dirty area with a soft cloth or cotton pad; afterward, you should rinse the treated area thoroughly with running water. The Leatherette clutch is cleaned with special agents, after which you should carefully wipe the treated area with a damp cloth. You can add a little vinegar to the detergent to give shine to items made of leatherette.

The clutch should be treated with special care products

Lipstick stains can be removed with a mild alcohol solution, and the contaminated area should be wiped with a damp cloth. If a light-colored clutch has lost its original appearance, you must treat the product with whipped egg white and milk. Lemon juice is an excellent way to remove ballpoint pen marks.

How to wash a clutch bag

We do not recommend washing the clutch in a washing machine, as the product may fall into disrepair, and the decorative elements may be damaged during the washing process.

How to dry a clutch bag

The best way to dry your clutch is in natural conditions, in a well-ventilated room. Drying the product near artificial heat sources, near a radiator, or under direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended. UV rays harm the material, and this may lead to a loss of rich color.

How to store the clutch bag

Do not store the clutch bag near a radiator or in direct sunlight to prevent the item from losing shape. If you are not planning to use the clutch for several months, it is recommended to stuff the article with paper, old newspapers, or dry napkins. Doing so will preserve the original appearance of the clutch even after long storage. Besides, to keep the material in all its qualities, you must wrap the clutch bag on paper, but hold in cellophane is not recommended.

The clutch bag is a necessary accessory to modern life. These products have been actual for many years and are in great demand. Their multifunctionality allows this accessory to carry documents, keys, telephones, and other things. Still, at the same time, the clutch bag perfectly complements the image and looks elegant in any style. One of the benefits of clutch bags that it is an excellent investment in any person’s look.

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