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 Some people confuse the terms “fashion” and “style.” There are many types of fashion styles for ladies. Fashion means constant change where taste predominates. You can have a fashionable hairstyle or furniture, a car, clothes, and all the things you use. Style is naturalness, constancy, outward and inward condition. Fashion dictates the choice of style and orientates the creation of one’s style that corresponds to one’s appearance type, character and behavior.

 Things distinguishing a stylish woman

 A stylish woman is always attractive. Some are brilliant in mind, others in the figure, and others in voice. So the components of an elegant image are:

 – goodwill;

 – physical health and carefree appearance;

 – the demonstration of correct posture and plasticity in movements;

 – slimness;

 – the presence of intellect;

 – individuality in clothing;

 – pleasant voice;

 – a face with appealing features;

 – attractive appearance;

 – confidence.

 To look healthy, slim, and beautiful, you need to eat healthy food, exercise, do not break the rules of healthy living, keep an eye on your weight. Clear, correct, and not hurried pronunciation is welcomed into the conversation. A stylish girl does not like to mush, shout, be rude, or whisper. It is better to listen more and less to speak. The main thing about a woman’s style is the mentality and charm at any age.

 When choosing clothes, hairstyles, and makeup, it is unnecessary to remember the number of years lived. The main thing is that the choice corresponded to the woman’s appearance. The second rule of the stylish image is elegance, where you can not do without individuality. A set of clothes, manners, poses, gait, and posture must constitute a whole, and then you will have an image of an elegant and stylish woman. It isn’t easy to achieve, but possible with some effort and observation.

Differences between fashion and style

types of dressing styles for ladies - Types of fashion styles for ladies

 As people differ, their styles differ, which are different in feeling and emotion. So a stylish woman is not the one who wears branded clothes, but the one who considers the characteristics of a particular style, sticking to a single image. It means that she selects clothing of the same texture, shades, similar cut, and design to match each other. In addition, when choosing a style from types of fashion styles for ladies, we consider fashion and our biological data.

 Fashion is a ” lady” capricious and fickle, offering a preferred color and style of clothing for the new season every year. A stylish woman will never wear something unsuitable for her, even if it is in fashionable colors. But by replacing a closet piece with a suitable accessory, she will still be fashionable. To be stylish means to choose from a trendy collection of appropriate options as additions to your outfits. That’s why they talk about the fickleness of fashion and the constancy of style, but they cannot be without each other.

Street Casual style

 An individual and unique fashion trend of the urban (street) style is characterized by comfortable and practical things, which express personal qualities. There are no strict fashion requirements, but the only thing is to feel free and comfortable without spending much money. Maximum freedom in choosing to emphasize uniqueness and personality. Therefore, an elegant style with slight carelessness turns out with this style.

 Some original trends are denim and nautical style, grunge, casual, rustic, and safari. The first item for creating an urban style is free-to-cut jeans. Next, they are worn with a shirt or sweater, T-shirt, shirt, or tunic. For the office, you should wear a turtleneck and a fitted jacket. Next, you can wear high-heeled shoes with long khaki pants and light or athletic shoes with shortened pants. Finally, you can wear loose coats in winter and cardigans and capes in autumn, complementing the image with fashionable hats.

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 Elegant casual style (Smart casual)

 Elegant style, with which you can create outfits for the office, library, city walk, or a social party. It results in a laconic, comfortable, and elegant outfit for a stylish girl. A smart-casual closet consists of 10-15 basic stuff. Preferable colors: white and black, gray, brown, and muted pastel shades.

 The main emphasis is on fashion accessories, close-fitting and semi-fitting silhouettes, laconic and uncommon prints. For example, Chinos or classic pants can be combined with a light-colored shirt with a half-fitted blazer. The heel of the loafer shoes is medium-height, and the color of the bag is the same as the pants.

 Casual style for young people

It concerns the fashionable styles of the young generation. The clothes are designed casually, practical and comfortable. The stylish image is suitable for office work if the leadership does not require a particular dress code. It is allowed to go to school, for a walk or to rest in such clothes.

Jeans and pants are worn with sweaters and T-shirts, and skirts with baggy pullovers and fancy sweaters. So it gets a classy look, even though it seems like these are the first things you find in your wardrobe.

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Comfortable Oversize Style

This style’s name means oversized, and the clothes look like they’re 1-2 sizes larger. The priority in the oversize style is comfort and coziness at the expense of a free cut that creates a blurring of silhouettes. The correct type is the one with the creation of contrasts. For example, if the top is voluminous, the bottom is skinny. On the other hand, we can wear a close-fitting blouse or turtleneck if the pants are vast.

A lightweight satin pleated skirt is complemented by a loose sweater or vest, choosing a base color. And also, it is possible to wear ankle boots with a heel or solid boots and accessories such as a purse, glasses, or earrings at your discretion.

Total look

This style suggests creating a monochrome look, using a single color scheme or a similar fabric. The popular range is practical black in Total black shades; and brown in Total brown tones. In addition, clothes made of wool, denim, cotton, satin are combined.

A variation on the Total style: Wear coffee-colored pants with a classic coat and a beige-brown turtleneck sweater. Choose a bag in a brown shade as well, and add other accessories.

 Femininity of Lingerie Style

This style looks like underwear, but such a thing in Lingerie Look should be the only piece for creating an image. So the clothes would not look like real underwear and not look vulgar, then you should complement it with a lace top, a silk skirt, or a black midi dress with a cardigan, a jacket, or a voluminous sweater. The shoes are fashionable massive boots, and white sneakers are also allowed. Avoid wearing accessories; otherwise, it will turn out to be absurd.

This style suits self-confident girls and young women, but ladies over 45 should not be carried away with underwear. It is enough to have one top or bra to look delicate and feminine.

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Features of the minimalism style

Minimalism Style is one of the avant-garde trends, which creates laconic, but distinctive images. Typical features of the style are:


A minimum of decorative details.

The absence of accentuated bright spots.

The main feature is the clean lines and the impeccable cut of the silhouettes. To complicate the image, we can add asymmetry to decorate the top with non-standard necklines and the bottom with scratches. You can also add a double waist to pants and skirts.

Minimalism does not mean a minimum of items in the closet. To create a minimalist image, you need to choose fashion items thoughtfully, avoiding complex elements with clear shades, so you can easily combine them. And, of course, avoid layering. Instead, add one original garment from your collection to the image. Such a style suits any age and figure; for all women – executives and rank-and-file employees.

Casual Sports Style

The clothes used to create the style are taken from sports clothing. Now such garments are worn not only at workouts, and separate items are added to the daily image. But completely changing over to a set of workout clothes is considered indecent. We can complement the sports style look with polo shirts, comfortable sports pants and shorts, skirts with pleats, and T-shirts, but sneakers are more common.

Cozy warm jackets, dresses, or sweaters are popular among young girls and older women. However, when choosing a sports style, you must remember that such clothes should be wool, knitwear, and cotton. The fabrics fit the figure, highlighting unnecessary folds and undesirable places for showing. Moreover, the color is often bright and even neon.

A sports-style variant of this image should include a white or beige turtleneck, a contrasting color hooded sweatshirt with a zipper and a hood, and sports pants, complemented by white sneakers with laces. As for accessories, consider belted or other small bags, combined with earrings and glasses.

Business style for your perfect look 

 Such style is chosen by ladies engaged in business and striving for perfection.

 Business women’s style is distinguished:

 – by straight lines;

 – fitted or semi-fitted cut;

 – symmetry;

 – restrained monochrome palette, which consists of a basic, calm color palette;

 – The absence of extra clothing; there are no soft frills and ruffles in a business style.

 Wear a classic white shirt with a long vest (suit fabric, belt), pants in a shortened version with loafers, or a jacket for creating a business-style look. 

 It is allowed to relax a little in an informal business style. For example, instead of classic pants, you can wear chinos or jeans without a jacket.

 Military Style

 Women choose a realistic style with military clothing details because of the extravagance and comfort. A woman in rough boots in a camouflage jacket and shirt looks bright and catchy. You can complete the image with lacing, patches, shiny fittings, and patch pockets. In addition, such clothing requires intricate tailoring, which, along with the protective paint and an abundance of pockets, makes the style look like a safari style.

 Some ladies use only particular items from the Military-style closet. These are vest with a camouflage pattern, strict double-breasted coat or jacket – parka. Sometimes they mix different clothes from other styles or borrow clothes from men’s wardrobe.

 Fashionable Military-style look consists of:

 a light, white blouse;

 dense, slightly loose pants in dark green or green-brown colors; patch pockets are acceptable.

 The image is completed with shoes: loafers, ankle boots, or other shoes with a high thin heel, as well as a belt and a bag.

Preppy comes from the word “neat.”

 This style is created based on the uniform of American schoolgirls or female students who study in elite educational institutions. It is a neat, not very strict image – feminine and sexy, but with a slight note of formality.

 The preppy style combines Business Style and Smart Casual types of fashion styles for ladies without being sloppy. And it consists of:

 – wool miniskirts and tweed vests;

 – Crisp shirts or polos;

 – of pleated sundresses;

 – blazers, sweatshirts, and cardigans.

 The patterns use stripes, plaid, or rhombuses but only two or three colors.

 You can create an elegant preppy look by wearing a black blouse, plaid straight, or a creased skirt with a beige trench coat. Complete it with long black socks or gaiters, a bright bag, and loafers. The style is appropriate for young women no older than 30 years.

 Looks in the playful Dolls style

 Baby doll is chosen by a romantic, infantile, and light-hearted person who does not stay unnoticed among the crowd. Clothing is made of soft, flying fabrics and delicate, cheerful shades with rounded lines. Often it is a silhouette of an airy summer dress with a mini abundance of decorative elements or a spring look with a trapeze skirt. Models for the Baby doll style are sewn with an enlarged waist. As for footwear, preference is given to Mary Jane’s shoes or ballet flats, combined with white socks or thick colored tights. A neat little bag with a piece of voluminous costume jewelry will complement the Dolly style. You can dress in this style if you are up to 20 years old.

Tips for style recommendations

 It is challenging to stick to one style, and it does not work. Women’s closet more often includes items of several styles. Their number depends on the character, the frequency of mood changes, or the situation. They are divided into groups to simplify the choice. Preppy, classic, and minimalism are types of fashion styles for ladies for office styles. Types of fashion styles for ladies such as Sports, safari, eco, or gaucho styles are chosen for travel and leisure. An animalistic image with elements of oversize would also be suitable here. If you have a romantic appointment or a particular evening, it is better to create an appearance in the style of Urban Chic, New Look, Boho, Avant-garde, and other similar types.

 It is helpful to make room in your closet for a basic set of versatile items, with which it is easy to create transitions between styles by properly adding shoes and accessories.

 The main thing in choosing the types of fashion styles for ladies is confidence and the desire to experiment, mixing elements to create a single and unique look.

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