How to get stylish look if there is no sense of style

how to get classy look

Many people worry about how to get stylish look or look expensive, and tasteful if there is no developed sense of style. However, some great tips help you create an elegant image and look fantastic, even if you buy things in the mass market and don’t want to bother picking out clothes.

1 Monochrome

A monochrome image is the clothing of one color put together in one look, known as a total look. It is the easiest way to look cool and stylish. It would help if you did not think about combining clothing items in different colors. Instead, try to use different textures: knit, cotton, linen, leather, denim, etc. Fabrics have different textures, and the image which combines such things in one color will not look boring. Even mass-market pieces can have an excellent effect: if colorful pieces of clothing will look cheap, then a monochrome version will add an elegant touch to your look.

2 Sweaters instead of hoodies

Sweatshirts refer to the sporty style of clothing, even without the various lettering and prints. Opt for sweaters if you want to make a good impression and look presentable. A sweater is a more versatile item in the closet than a sweatshirt. You can successfully combine it with denim in different colors, also with classic pants, and even sports pants in some situations. Be careful when choosing a nice sweater: keep in mind that the product made of acrylic will delight you up to the first wash, and as soon as you wash it, a sweater will cover with lint. A 100% wool sweater is a piece of fiction, as natural wool looks like a sack. Give preference to sweaters with 70% natural thread and 30% artificial one. Try to buy clothes made of cotton, but they would be less warm.

3 Accessories

Do not underestimate the impact of accessories on your image. For example, a well-chosen wristwatch or wallet can make the image more presentable, leather bracelets are ideal for those who prefer a sporty clothing style, and a male handkerchief can emphasize a certain carelessness in clothing. The presence of accessories in the image is a sign of your style ( if there are not too many accessories, of course).

4 Multi-layers

Put a light shirt on a t-shirt, for example, or put a vest on top of a shirt so you can wear your basics in all kinds of different images. An appropriate approach to composing sets of clothes can be composed of a small closet of many images. Besides all that, for people who have a figure disadvantage, layering allows them to disguise themselves successfully.

5 Ignore fashion trends

Trends are often a short-lived phenomenon. It is better for the persons who do not develop a sense of style to stay away from trendy things, especially if they want to know how to get stylish look unusual and bright. It is better to stick to classic and basic things, avoiding buying items of clothing that make it difficult for you to put together. The more simple clothes that go together in your closet, the more chances you have to dress stylishly without spending a lot of time on it and answer the question of how to get stylish look.

6 Carefully select your shoes

You can be right about your outfit, but you might end up ruining your look with inappropriate footwear. You can’t wear ordinary sneakers with any outfit combination: selecting shoes is as complicated as putting together the entire look. Thus, loafers are recommended to use if your clothing style is casual. The oxfords will look good with a classic suit or a tuxedo, and the lace-up boots or derbies will look great with jeans.

7 Remember the importance of colors

Black, white, gray, navy, and brown are the colors of clothing that most of the time combine perfectly. Focusing on these shades will save you from the fear of looking like a clown. However, clothes with bright colors and prints are much harder to combine.

8. Get jeans that fit you well. The love of jeans is trending everywhere these days, and that’s normal. If you feel comfortable and confident in them, the only thing you have to do is buy a model that fits you well. There are many styles of denim pants: there are ones with torn knees, whitewashed, tight, baggy, and shabby. Try to stick to the classic style of jeans in navy blue or black. Wear them with casual T-shirts, casual shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Principles and mistakes in creating an elegant look

Clothing colors

The key colors of an elegant woman’s closet can be neutral and calm: black, gray, beige, cream, white.

You should avoid bright colors, clothing with prints, and multicolored patterns to create an elegant style.

The red color is appropriate only for evening outfits.

It is better to choose clothes in dark colors in fall and winter and light colors in spring and summer. A white down jacket/jacket or white pants are not recommended in fall and winter clothing sets.

Avoid using a lot of bronzers, creating a tanned skin effect. The skin color of an elegant woman should be light color instead of dark.

It is worth focusing on natural shades when choosing the hair color: chocolate, brown, and blond.

If a woman decides to become a blonde, then the roots of the hair should always be light. Melting looks good if it has a natural look.

Red, bright red, or purple hair colors are difficult to combine with elegance.

Women aged 45 and older are better not dyeing their hair in ash colors, as the ash color is associated with gray hair, which means old age.

Outfit styles

Elegance and sexy style are not compatible.

Therefore, you should exclude everything from your closet that exposes most of your body (short tops with an open belly, too low pants, too deep cleavage).

If it is a dress with short sleeves or sleeveless, then you should better combine it with a cardigan, bolero, or jacket. That is especially true for women with problematic figures.

The older a woman is, the more preferable is the option of pants to skirts (as the legs are becoming more and more imperfect).

It would be best never to use a narrow top and narrow bottom to create an elegant image. Tightening the body is okay for teenagers and models in their 20s, but for mature women, it is better to combine a voluminous bottom and a narrow top or vice versa.

The rule of elegant style is minimalism and simplicity

Usually, this is a more classic style, where there is no place for a combination of contrasting styles and all kinds of exaggeration (too many different colors, jewelry, accessories). Therefore, it is essential to choose appropriate clothing for the situation.

You should wear an evening dress, high heels, and jewelry only for evening outings. More simple sets are used during the day.

All jewelry should be small or medium size. Massive jewelry in day sets is risky to use for an elegant image.

Examples of items that are striking elements of an elegant style can be:

Beads of pearls (genuine or very well crafted artificial pearls), short or long.

A silk white or cream-colored shirt ( opaque)

Snake, ostrich, or crocodile leather handbag (black, beige, brown, gray)

Thin black leather strap

Cashmere beige/light grey/coffee-colored cardigan

Quality of items

An elegant woman should be cautious about the quality of the clothes she wears.

Crumpled, torn, stained clothes and shoes spoil any image, so checking what and how you’re wearing is vital when going out in the street. It is essential not to ignore small creases, missing buttons, protruding threads, and uneven seams because an elegant woman can not afford to look sloppy when wanting to know how to get stylish look.

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