How to look stylish with simple clothes

how to look stylish with simple clothes

How to look stylish every day. Learn how to dress nicely and how to look stylish with simple clothes.

Decide for yourself what exactly the concept ” style” means to you. Determine how blindly you’re ready to follow modern world trends and your priority in choosing an outfit. Some people want their clothes to be comfortable and cozy, while others prefer to follow the dress code, and some people like to express themselves. Our desire to wear beautiful things and look attractive hides behind these masks.

Absolutely all members of the female sex strive by their nature to dress up and look beautiful. Various fashion trends are aimed at increasing brand sales and making more profit. Entering the boutique, you are blinded by the many options, and all attempts to create a harmonious and attractive image on your own most often end in complete failure. So, forget about the concept of “it’s in trend now,” and the best option would be to create an essential closet, which would contain only the things that are appropriate for you.

Next, let’s review a few items of clothing that every girl should have.

1. Blouse and sweaters. It is better to have them as simple as possible, in the same color scheme.

The product’s simplicity depends on its versatility and compatibility with other closet items. Choose fitted blouses that accentuate your silhouette.

2. Pants and skirts. Pants can be of a classic skinny type. Pencil skirts should accentuate your figure.

3. Jackets. A mandatory condition when choosing this element is that the selected article should perfectly fit you.

4. Jeans. It is better to choose options with a high waist. This closet element can help create a romantic image and an everyday one.

5. Dresses. Another must-have item is a tiny black dress of a slim fit.

6. Jackets and coats. They should be in a single color scheme. You should not limit yourself to the standard black and gray shades, add brightness and see the result.

7. Scarves, hats, and gloves. Pick your most comfortable options in the same style.

8. Shoes. Medium-heeled shoes, versatile sneakers, flats, tall boots, and comfortable shoes. Black color should be the predominant one.

Ten major tricks to look expensive and stylish

How can you look expensive and how to look stylish with simple clothes? And it’s not about money!

We rarely think about it, but the appearance of a well-groomed woman is nothing but following some principles (such as using the right perfume and avoiding a lot of unnecessary things), attentiveness, and an internal attitude. And money does not play a decisive role in this matter.

1. Uniform color

Uniform color 682x1024 - How to look stylish with simple clothes

It is essential to stick to a primarily neutral color for your clothes. The chosen color should be your priority, and all the rest is just an additional color scheme. In addition, the variety of textures will add elegance. For example, a coat of dense rough material and a delicate cashmere sweater is an incredibly spectacular combination.

The main rule is that the more elegant and sophisticated you are, the chicer you look.

2. Timeless Style

Mass-market clothing that replicates clothes from fashion shows does not always look harmonious (because of the cheapness of the materials).

The best solution is to create an actual closet, where depending on your mood, you can include trendy accessories. They will emphasize and refresh your looks.

Jewelry with character - How to look stylish with simple clothes

3. Jewelry with character

There is no doubt that expensive jewelry is still in demand, but high-quality and original costume jewelry is becoming more popular in today’s society. The key to a luxury look is a small amount of well-made and attractive jewelry.

The main rule: jewelry should primarily reflect your personality.

4. Bags with the right shape

Bags with the right shape - How to look stylish with simple clothes

A bag is one of the main things in a woman’s closet. Select the bags with the correct geometric shape, and they will give more perfection to your image. However, it would be best not to economize on this closet item. It is better to buy one or two bags, but expensive and versatile.

In addition, it is better to buy genuine leather articles – so they will last you longer (the same applies to shoes and belts, by the way).

5. Appropriate hairstyle

It seems relatively trivial, but any successful image will get lost if your hair is not styled correctly. The hairstyle is always a finishing touch and the most piquant highlight of the image. However, proper styling can make the most simple idea remarkable.

General rule: turn styling into a daily and favorite creative activity. Feel free to use curlers or a hairdryer.

Appropriate hairstyle 1024x576 - How to look stylish with simple clothes

6. Minimum of makeup

The higher the status, the less eye-catching her makeup. First, its task is to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages. Techniques like ” three layers of makeup ” are better to leave to the beauty bloggers.

A general rule is to pay more attention to your face to be clean and look taut and to focus more on nourishing and caring for your skin. So, you won’t need any flashy makeup.

7. Individual perfume

If you smell very nice, people around you perceive you differently. Besides, if you’re using the right perfume, your perfume will make you feel more confident in any situation.

Remember that you should select a fragrance according to your preferences, not according to any advertising. Then it will be perfect to “lay” on you. For that, it’s better not to skimp on perfumes.

8. Hands are a reflection of how well-groomed you are

No one looks at your hands. But for many, they are a mirror that reflects just how neat you are.

We should take good care of our hands regularly. Turn taking care of them into a pleasant ritual.

9. The Clothing Circle

Give up the habit of buying lots of clothes. Just think: for the price of three sweaters that are “good, but so-so,” you can buy an excellent brand item, which will last much longer.

The general rule is to buy what is worth it.

10. Show up only one part of your body

Always choose one part of your body (legs, chest area, or shoulders). Revealing everything at once is inappropriate.

A general rule of thumb: Mystery is essential in any image so that there is room for imagination.

How to look stylish every day in winter

girl in winter - How to look stylish with simple clothes

The essential items of a winter closet

Let’s identify the essential clothes that you should have at hand. Top fashion bloggers have already taken hundreds of photos featuring casual-style outfits, sports-chic, office dress codes.

Sweaters and sweaters

The first thing we take out of the closet when we see a drop in temperature on the thermometer is a warm cozy sweater. We recommend models with a straight cut, a little oversize, with a monochrome coloring as a basic piece. If you want something more interesting, you can get models with textured knitting. They will help you make an expressive appearance, staying within the office dress code.

Wool sweater

Let’s separately mention mohair sweaters. Warm, beautiful, soft: they will make you feel comfortable during winter. They successfully combine with tweed, wool, leather, knitwear. Remember that the combination “lightweight dress + warm sweater” is still prevalent.

Light sweater

If you think that a voluminous sweater spoils the figure, encircle it with a leather or other belt. It will highlight your waist, slightly increase the size of your hips and bring your figure closer to an “hourglass.”

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

If your fiefdom is a sporty style, you can replace the sweater with a hoodie or sweatshirt. Such clothes keep you warm in cold weather, and fashionable stuff will make your image up-to-date. Today shortened models are trendy, and we can combine them with T-shirts, shirts, and pants with high waist and over-size. The over-size has long since gone beyond a sporty style. Feel free to combine the model with skirts and dresses. It will not be cold for sure!


Fashionable winter images include women’s pants. So get yourself a pair or even more than one pair. Classic models like palazzo or regular straight pants remain in trend. So make sure they are thick and include wool. Also, sporty styles like joggers and skinny pants are popular.


These loose-fitting trousers were perfect for outings with friends, unofficial parties, and gatherings. Shortened styles: Slim, wide, and straight. We can combine them with boots and high boots. However, the leg should not look out from under the pant.

Wide straight jeans

Flared jeans came in fashion in the winter season. An excellent opportunity to accentuate the legs and make them slimmer. With us remain popular slouchy, under which it is easy to wear any tights, and no one will notice.


Winter and fall outfits will not do without skirts. Relevant models will be mini, midi, and floor models. In terms of materials, it can be cashmere, tweed, knitted, leather, woolen options.

One of the latest intriguing trends is knitted skirts. They are sold in a set with the same kind of sweaters, but that does not mean that this is the only way to wear them.

Skirt with plaits

Pleated skirts are already a bit bored in our summer closet. But in the winter closet, they look entirely different. So if you want to add an expressive highlight to the outfit, we recommend skirts with cuts made of eco-leather.

10 secrets on how to dress on a budget and look stunning

cheschhh210300530 - How to look stylish with simple clothes

It is quite possible to get dressed in stores of budget brands and look stylish and expensive: beautifully dressed women on the streets of cities confirm that. And even celebrities often choose mass-market brands not only in everyday life but also for red carpets.

1. Choose natural colors

Colors can be pastel and bright, but they should be noble and natural. Avoid fluorescent and neon colors – they simplify and cheapen your look.

2. Choose laconic silhouettes and minimalism

You can’t always find high-quality clothes with complicated silhouettes and draperies. Therefore it’s better to prefer straight lines and sharp shapes.

3. Appropriateness and quality of the decorations on your clothes

Look closely at the quality of prints, embroidery, and inscriptions. If there are doubts about their relevance or performance quality, it is better to refuse to buy. However, you can find spectacular and high-quality performance options of applications and decor in mass-market.

4. Look closely at the suede things

If you have to choose between faux leather and faux suede, it’s better to prefer the second one.

Some people cannot distinguish faux suede from natural at first, second, or even third glance. It looks good, and no one (except people keen on fashion and reviewing collections) can say if you bought a leather jacket, raincoat, or ballet flats in a mass-market or a designer store.

5. Avoid buying small items

If you want your appearance to look expensive, you need to look like a luxurious woman or girl, not as if you borrowed an item from your little sister’s closet. So, refuse to buy tiny clothes that look clumsy on you.

For the same reason, do not buy clothes with the prospect of losing weight as it is a utopia. Instead, buy only items that you will wear now, not in the future.

6. Be picky when buying knitwear from budget brands

Sometimes even the most spectacular at first glance sweaters and cardigans do not stand even a month of wear. And the lint, stretchy elbows, protruding threads do not paint any look. So always pay attention to the composition of the item. If the thing is made mainly of synthetic materials, it is likely to look unpresentable after the first wash.

Knitwear is the case when it is better to pay more and choose a piece with natural wool, cashmere in its composition: it will please you with its quality and keep you warm for more than one year.

7. Footwear from the mass market is worthy of attention

In the mass-market brands, it is quite possible to find shoes worth attention: made of genuine leather, with a comfortable sole, that meets the latest fashion trends and at a reasonable price.

8. Choose natural materials

It is possible to find dresses and blouses in natural silk, wool suits, scarves, and cashmere coats in low-cost brands’ stores.

It can be challenging to find these items on the shop floor, so it is better to use a little trick: go to the website of the particular brand you are interested in, and in the “search” section, indicate what you are looking for. And then all you have to do is take screenshots of the products you are interested in and their part numbers and go to the actual store. Or, of course, you can also place an order online.

9. Choose elegant suits

You can wear a pastel-colored, flashy scarlet suit, pajama-style suit, super trendy plaid, or striped suit; mass-market stores offer a wide range of suit options in which you can look gorgeous.

You need to choose a suit of quality fabric with a perfect fit from various options. An additional advantage: you can wear the “top” and “bottom” separately, so you buy one suit and get the opportunity to compose many sets.

10. Be picky when choosing costume jewelry

Of course, costume jewelry from mass-market has a right to exist. You can buy, for example, a topical choker or earrings-tassels for a reasonable price and put them in a jewelry box in a couple of years until better times.

Easily combinable clothes

how to combine clothes - How to look stylish with simple clothes

Learn how to look stylish with simple clothes, how to dress fashionably, and how to combine clothes.

Clothing: how to combine them and properly wear them? First, you should choose a closet according to the same style. For example, an oversized T-shirt and a pencil skirt will create a sloppy image, but it will make a fresh and fashionable appearance in combination with sporty jeans.

Everyday life does not require wearing a vast number of clothes. However, it would help if you got a cardigan, a sweater, a shirt and vest, a pair of other jeans, a long skirt, a couple of blouses, and a jacket. In addition, we recommend having a pair of sundresses of different lengths, shorts, a summer tunic, and a pareo for the beach in hot weather. As for footwear: pumps, boots, and sandals.

The foundation of the style comes from clothing that you can easily combine, for example, jeans. They will ideally look with a strict shirt, romantic top, and loose t-shirt. In addition, you can wear open sandals or boots for cool or rainy weather.

Also, combinations of shorts are good. A model of primary cotton color will help create a summer business look with the selection of the appropriate office shirt. The Denim version requires wearing a plaid shirt or a loose T-shirt with a large pattern, but an elegant silk shirt for the models made of linen or drape.

A classic skirt with a loose shirt or a blouse made of silk or chiffon would also be a versatile ensemble. In addition, you can wear a vest of appropriate texture and color to add rigor to the skirt. And for the evening we recommend wearing a romantic blouse.

It is also essential to choose the right shoes with accessories. You should pay attention to variants of pure classic shades: white, black, beige, brown, which will not cause any dissonance to any of your images. The same we can say about bags. And handkerchiefs, ties, umbrellas, and costume jewelry, which will refresh even a usual office style, can help you to bring more colors and imagination.

Stylish look at the age of thirty-five

First of all, it’s worth saying that a woman can’t wear the same clothing style all her life.

If at the age of 18-25 years a woman can experiment with her appearance, shocking people and mixing different clothing styles, then after 35-40 years it is crucial not to try to look younger and at the same time do not age yourself too early.

The most winning image for a woman of this age is elegance.

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