How to look simple and stylish at any age

how to look simple and stylish

Women are yet women at any age, from coquettish babes to grandmothers who do not want to grow old. All women always think about how to look simple and stylish. They all have a great desire to be liked, dress up and look as good as possible. When creating the image is certainly worth focusing on body features, temperament, occupation, and of course, at the same time, considering the age. The things that look beautiful on a young person will not always look like that on a lady approaching the age of forty. While understanding that the person’s figure may look different at 20 and 40 years of age, it is worth considering these points. Each style has its age category, and there is no reason to mix them and try to “look younger” because you would look ridiculous and inappropriate.

 So what are style and stylishness?

 Each person has a different vision and understanding of style. Some people call it a beautiful combination of things, others consider it a concept of good taste, and others want to stand out from the crowd. And everyone also has a different notion of how to look decent. 

 Fashion lawmakers call stylish people who can skillfully combine properly chosen clothes with individuality. A stylishly dressed person is harmonious in everything: in clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and even in behavior. All this must be competently combined, achieving a spectacular appearance. 

 There are many clothing styles, and each can be changed and supplemented depending on the fashion trends. Fashion is capricious and changeable, and it is not necessary to blindly chase it; moreover, it requires a lot of money. It is better to have an excellent taste to combine those items already in your closet correctly and replenish them accurately and effectively.

 Women, referring to a particular dress style, are primarily guided by their character and personal preferences, whether a color or a class. But, of course, one should consider the figure in the first place because what is acceptable for skinny women may be completely unacceptable for the owners of puffy shapes. 

 The things in which a woman feels most comfortable should be fundamental in her choice. Then, of course, it is worth considering the circumstances, the place where a woman will go. Some places are suitable for jeans, and somewhere you need to wear an evening gown. The choice of style is often dictated by lifestyle. For example, if a woman likes traveling and hiking, it is pretty standard for her closet to have a lot of things in the sports style. But a romantic, gentle urban person certainly would prefer a dress and high-heeled shoes in her closet. She will perceive sportswear as rather rude and unfeminine.

When choosing clothes, women are often guided by their mood, and sometimes they want to wear something bright to stand out from the crowd, especially if a woman is searching for a boyfriend. On the other hand, if her mood is sad, she wants to wear something gray and inconspicuous. 

 With all of this, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the figure; slim and trim women can afford almost everything. But it is much more complex for ladies with larger bodies, as it is better to cover up the figure’s flaws. 

 However, not every woman can objectively assess her figure. Someone overconfident, thinking that everything will suit her, but someone, on the contrary, can worry about every extra wrinkle. If possible, it would be good to consult with a specialist, who can give competent advice, taking into account all the peculiarities of the figure. But do not dwell only on the disadvantages; it is also necessary to consider the advantages. There is no reason for a woman to hide her beautiful breast and slender legs. Why not proudly show them to others?

 Of course, when choosing a style, the woman’s age is a determining factor. So, the classic, sporty styles are suitable for ladies of all ages. But, for example, the avant-garde style is unacceptable for an older lady.

 Clothing, which looks pleasant and harmonious on young girls, will not always be appropriate for the lady over fifty. Also, the opposite, absolutely no reason for an older woman to look like a girl. This causes only laughter and bewilderment of the surrounding people.

 General clothing styles

 There are many of them as the main ones are: classic, romantic, sporty and exotic. But each of them has its variations. Moreover, there are more and more new trends within each style.

 Sometimes it happens that the chosen profession dictates the choice of style. So now, it is often required to follow a specific dress code at work, that is, classic or business style. Also, the surrounding environment is crucial because you’re not walking in the village in stilettos. 

 The classic style is appropriate in everything and everywhere, regardless of age.

 Business style is best suited for the office, becoming a Hallmark.

 Romantic style implies deep femininity and the lightness of the image. It has a certain airiness and sentimentality. 

 The sporting style is characterized by the prevalence of clothes designed specifically for sports activities. Its main advantage is high comfort, and there is nothing to hinder the movement. Simplicity is typical for it and the absence of unnecessary details. Young people, homemakers, and those who lead a fairly active lifestyle often prefer this style.

The exotic style is characterized primarily by its uniqueness, originality, and unusual details in the image.

 These are just the main types of styles in clothing. They have many subtypes and varieties to demonstrate their femininity and beauty.

Young girls and women of 20-40 years old mostly have already decided on their profession. Some of them have already made a career, and many already have definiteness in their personal lives. Women of such age clearly understand what suits them and what does not, considering the figure and occupation. They no longer follow fashion thoughtlessly and try to develop a particular style. A person can not adhere to only one fashion style all life; it can get boring and sometimes even look absurd. Often we are confused looking at older women, dressed out of age, wearing miniskirts with bright makeup, trying to look younger from the very last effort. It seems to be looking very sad, and they only emphasize their tastelessness and desire to look deliberately more youthful. It is worth remembering that it is more attractive when a woman dresses, puts on makeup and has her hair in accordance with her age. You should not be afraid of approaching old age because it is natural; any woman must reach it gracefully and elegantly.

Each age has its characteristics and style trends. Let’s try to analyze the main points, typical for different ages if want to know how to look simple and stylish:

Image of a 20-year-old young girl

Youth is beautiful in itself; it allows and forgives a lot. Fashion is more favorable to young girls than to anyone else. In this period, girls actively search for both a partner and their place in society. They read articles published in glossy magazines, follow trends and changes in fashion, closely monitor their girlfriends. Young beauties are interested in new stuff, from hyped lipstick to modern clothing. They are ready to buy up the entire store of clothes and perfumes if they can afford it. Often they seek to imitate a particular image, whether it’s a famous singer or actress. They want to look exactly like them and not worse than their friends.

In choosing a clothing style, they should focus on their youth and beauty, which, unfortunately, are not eternal. There are no restrictions on clothing in this carefree period of life; most importantly, do not strive to look respectable by dressing too strictly. There is no need for all this now; everything is in its time. It is good when all the beautiful young appearance details make up a single, beautiful ensemble.

Tight jeans, jackets, and dresses look cute on slender girls unless they have too puffy shapes. But we need to understand the line between vulgarity and elegance clearly.

Young 30-year-old woman

The image at this age should be spectacular, but without the previous teenage maximalism, when girls allowed themselves to wear bright red hair and screaming colors in clothes. Now they should pay more attention to their femininity, which is in maximum effect now because it is the best period in its development. So why can’t you bare the shoulders a little? Allow yourself an open neckline and a knee-length dress, of course, if the figure allows it.

It is worth rejecting cheap costume jewelry and all kinds of plastic jewelry and rings, which are acceptable in adolescence. You can also use jewelry, but only of original design and in a good performance; dainty, discreet gold and silver jewelry, decorated with small stones, will look nice.

All styles are acceptable to wear; sports, youth, and classical.

Women may wear business clothes according to their occupation, but it is not necessary to make it very strict, as the femininity of the image still must be a priority.

Women who have crossed the thirty-year mark should avoid a too youthful style and focus on elegance. It is necessary to avoid abrupt changes and experiments and wear what exactly suits you. Do not dress frivolously; wear too-short skirts and flamboyant tights. Choose accessories carefully. Undoubtedly, a slender young figure is possible and even necessary to emphasize, and it is better to do this with fitted or semi-fitted clothes. Still, it is not worth overly tight clothing. 

In your choice of clothing, it is better to be guided by the principle: ” better fewer clothes but with better quality.” Let it be not so many things, but it should look expensive. And of course, you should not buy cheap costume jewelry because it’s not appropriate for your age; besides, it’s better not to use massive, large jewelry too. Here, it is worth choosing the golden mean: tiny, elegant jewelry made of precious transparent stones.

If you’re close to age 40

Closer to 40 years of age, it would be best if you were even more attentive to your choice of clothing. A woman has elegant beauty. In most cases, she is not burdened with children, she has arranged her personal life, and there is more time for herself. A woman is clearly defined for herself what she wants, what she can, with what she is not going to put up with. She needs to carefully analyze her entire closet, to think about colors and makeup. When choosing colors, she should preference light shades, following the principle: “the older the woman, the lighter the clothes should be.” You should consider that black color does not look as impressive as before, so if possible, it is better to avoid it or keep it for special occasions.

It is also better to make hair color lighter. Again, the melting will help create a gentle and romantic look; just do not use different colors and too many contrasting strands because naturalness will look much better.

Classic style will emphasize the elegance of the image. However, it is acceptable to use a romantic style with various frills and flounces to give your look of playfulness and mystery.

The shoes should also be of high quality and with a small heel.

When choosing accessories when thinking about how to look simple and stylish, you can prefer natural colored stones, but not large ones, to which you are still far away by age.

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