What is style in fashion? Fashion or Style.

what is style in fashion

What is style in fashion? Fashion or Style?

“Fashion goes away, style remains.” Coco Chanel. Just four words spoken by Coco Chanel sparked an entire discussion around these two concepts. And even today, there is no definite answer to this question: Is it better to be fashionable or stylish? Everyone chooses his or her way.

Fashion is a cure for boredom. It serves as inspiration, a source of ideas, and a way to visualize the inner world. Style expresses us much more accurately than our financial ability to buy a fashionable thing. The style reflects our mood, upbringing, outlook. It has no price; it is difficult to replicate it, and that is its uniqueness.

Fashion and style are concepts that cannot be separated. They complement each other. Fashion has the aim to develop taste, and taste allows us to define our style. Style is what we look for when trying to be fashionable. The main difference is that fashion is about clothes, and style is about the person wearing the clothes. Sometimes we forget our individuality in the pursuit of fashion.

It is better to look neat rather than fashionable and to find clothes that reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to be unfashionable. If you wear things that suit you, no one will analyze what kind of collection they are. But if fashionable cloth doesn’t fit you, everyone will notice it! So if you take this as a rule, define your style, follow the fashion, and choose the best.

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How can we find our style?

The desire to be stylish rarely leaves anyone indifferent. And everyone manages it differently. Some people experiment and achieve their style by trial and error, some ask for help, and some prefer to do nothing. That’s why we have a wardrobe full of identical, impersonal things. The statement that you can create a style without effort is not correct. To find our clothing style always requires effort, and often considerable effort. A sense of style comes gradually and develops with the formation of the personality. Only then do we achieve a certain maturity and boldness in the choice of clothing, color, and silhouette, justified boldness in matters of fashion and style.

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Haven’t you ever noticed that the most stylish women in the world are always constant in their clothing choices? For example, the famous top model Kate Moss, with all the richness of choice, usually wears the same clothes: skinny jeans, high heels, jacket combined with a T-shirt, a leather jacket, fluffy fur vests or jackets. The style of this legendary model is unusual and recognizable. But in Kate Moss outfits we struggle to imagine another stylish woman – Victoria Beckham. Although sometimes their clothes are similar in purpose, their style is completely different. Each of them subconsciously chose her style and strictly adheres to it.

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Books and glossy magazines give a lot of advice on creating a personal style. Wear this or that with this or that. But most of these right things do not always form a stylish image. The fact is that typical tips do not go well with your individuality. Anyone strives for self-expression. Here, the bright people want to stand out from the crowd, and modest ones want to join it. From this point of view, any clothing is nothing but a form of personal expression.

Style is essentially nothing more than a way of expressing oneself through appearance. Appearance is the most stable component of style.

Focusing just on appearance, you can find a lot of options for a very successful style. The type of face and body proportions, height, and weight often determine which type of style fits you perfectly. There are types of women who are best suited for T-shirts, men’s shirts, oversized sweaters, and washed-out jeans, but are not suited for nice clothes. They also often look comical in business clothing. Therefore, they always need an element of carelessness, even if they wear the most formal attire. It does not mean that they can not wear elegant and business clothing at all. Such women just do not fit conventional options. They should deliberately simplify the evening dress. There is another type of woman who is supposed to be suited for satin, velvet, and thin stilettos. But in jeans and shirts, they can not immediately be distinguished from the surrounding crowd. It does not mean that they are doomed to walk in brocades and high heels, but they always need an element of elegance and brightness, whether it is the fabric or the cut. They need not casual, but casual luxury clothes for everyday wear, i.e. products made of expensive cloth and knitwear, such as cashmere.

But there are cases where the type of appearance does not coincide with the impulses of the soul. Even with all the variety of modern fashion, there is no way to say that such a combination as, for example, an athletic physique and romantic lace is stylish. Then the style becomes only beautiful, but someone else’s mask. So what to do? Because we achieve real harmony when the outer appearance and the state of mind sound in unison. Here, there is only one thing to do: to bring the appearance and the soul to a common denominator individually.
Style is always a choice between “yes” and “no” and must have not only a beautiful look, but psychologically comfortable and natural, and harmonious at the same time.
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