How to figure out your style that fits you.

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The ability of how to figure out your style is not a simple science. It is one of the primary sciences that women who strive for success and wellbeing should learn. Many obstacles can arise in personal life, career development, and other areas if a lady neglects her appearance and does not strive to look presentable and fit the status, age, and other individual parameters. That is why every woman should be more serious about choosing the right personal style.

There is a category of people with an innate sense of style. They have no question of how to figure out your personal style. They can gather all the components into one image that will reflect their inner essence in front of society. But most people are less endowed with this talent. They have to think about what types of fashion styles to choose. There is a category of people who ignore and even despise the science of fashion styles.

how to figure out fashion style - How to figure out your style that fits you.

There are people who, adhering to the same style. They do not want to change it for many years, ignoring the fact that society points them to their mistakes. Each person determines for oneself which style types to choose or not to choose at all, how long to stay faithful to the same trends, whether to follow the fashion or to buy clothes according to other internal motives. Every person who thinks about the benefits of positioning themselves in society with the help of an image should know how to choose the right style. So, you thought how to choose your style that satisfies your tastes, corresponds to your status in society, reflects your personality. For this purpose, follow specific rules.

You should take a realistic look at your lifestyle and your personality before you think about how to figure out your clothing style. Decide who you are in society, what is your lifestyle. Your personal traits can both create and destroy your style.

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Sometimes a person’s way of life does not correspond to his or her inner world, and it can affect his or her appearance. Sometimes the person can not find a compromise in clothing and does not know what to express – the inner essence, social belonging, or to provide oneself with the maximum comfort in clothing. These contradictions undoubtedly reflect on the clothes. For example, a romantic woman with an intense rhythm of life will buy airy dresses, but wear them with heavy shoes on a low sole. Or a playful coquette, working in an office in strict “dress code” clothes, would express its essence through transparent blouses and cheap, bright makeup, shocking colleagues.

Not understanding what exactly a person wants to say by one or another clothing item causes consequences of such things. It is essential to know all aspects of your life, to avoid similar mistakes, to know how to combine all items in a wardrobe into a single one. You also need to know the rules of combining styles and colors, to know the basics of fashion, and to master the basic ability to create a harmonious ensemble in the image. It is important to have a realistic attitude to your body structure, knowing which imperfections in your figure to hide and which advantages to emphasize.

women fashion style - How to figure out your style that fits you.

There are several main fashion directions, and we should not mix them up, not to mix classical style with sport, casual with vintage, and so on. You should not stick to the same fashion style everywhere. But it is essential to know what method it intends for some occasions, what types of styles will suit your figure and what color scheme is most favorable to your image.

We should not mix fashion styles. But if you still want to mix them anyway, stop at the 99/1 ratio. It means that one clothing item should be the basic one, but the other one thing from another clothing style. All comes with experience, and if you think more seriously about your appearance, you will soon understand the science of style.

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One last piece of advice on how to figure out your style. Don’t go shopping with your girlfriends. Even if you like their style, and you think they can advise you on something exciting and new. It does not mean that result will satisfy you. If you are not sure you can choose clothes and resist the flattering beliefs of sellers who try to sell you clothes that do not suit you, it is better to use the services of a professional stylist. They will assess the advantages and disadvantages of your figure and create an individual image for you. The most important thing is to love and get to know yourself better. That is the only way to find your unique style so that not to become a laughingstock but to be a role model.

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