When to use a clutch purse and how to carry it.

clutch purse

What is a clutch purse, when to use a clutch purse and what should I wear it with? Even if you did not know what a clutch is before, you can not do without it nowadays, if you want to “get in the fashion trend”, of course. Elegant, original, practical… it is always at hand( in the direct and figurative meaning of this expression). The most important aspect of the clutch is the way you wear it. Hold it around its bottom and press it to your hip. Nowadays, many fashionistas even wear ordinary bags in such a manner. Putting the bag over your shoulder will soon be considered a Movietone.

Some history about clutches.

From where did the clutches come to us? A clutch word means “grab” in English. By this name, it means a small stylish handbag that easily can be placed in a delicate woman’s hand. The very first clutch bag is the precious Vanity Case handbag made by Cartier. The Grand Duke of Westminster presented it to Coco Chanel. Sometime later, around the mid-40s, the famous designer Christian Dior introduced a tiny woman’s purse to the world, which immediately became an essential attribute of the new look style. It is from this time the triumphant procession of clutch began among the people. Among the contents of these tiny handbags, there is a cell phone, a mirror, and a favorite lipstick shade. And what else does a real lady need?

Today clutch is the most stylish and fashionable item of the new season. The so-called retro fashion trend has dominated all the world’s podiums. However, we should note that the classic clutch bag is not always a compact purse. Bags of bigger sizes are present in the collections of Louis Vuitton, Anna Hitt, and Versace. The key thing is their shape (rectangular, round, oval, tube) and rigid frame.

Stylish clutches have elegant designs for the new season. They are produced using pleated or patent leather, python leather with a thin layer of gilding, etc. The variety of offered materials has no limits; even the use of expensive types of wood is possible.

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Clutch in the fashionista’s wardrobe.

Clutches are loyal friends at any event. A clutch is a thing that will be appropriate in almost any situation: at a fiery youth disco, at a public party, or a fun New Year celebration. The most suitable option for clothing for such an evening bag is, of course, a short black dress complemented with an elegant tablet hat. With such an outfit you can wear a clutch bag and be 100% sure – you will look amazing and be a real icon style. However, such a universal accessory will fit other clothing styles like jeans.

The clutch will look great in a business ensemble, especially in combination with a classic jacket and pencil skirt. A mini purse, or as it is also called “envelope purse”, fits perfectly well with outerwear. Leather clutch bag and mink coat will make a charming composition.

There are several clothing styles that are not compatible with a bag-purse: sports, military, ethnos. You can safely use a clutch bag with the outfits of all other styles: classic, glamorous, casual.

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So what can we wear a clutch bag with?

There are some tips for “use“. Clutch of bold colors will help play with “new colors” and give a unique charm even for the simplest set of clothes. And you can add a more calm look to your eye-catching outfit with an elegant and discreet clutch of pale tones.

As we wrote at the beginning of our article, the most important thing in the clutch is the way of wearing it. Large or small, elegant or casual, leather or silk – it should be worn strictly in the hands, pressing it to the hip with your elbow. This method may seem inconvenient at first, but a few training sessions will do you good.

Modern fashion itself dictates the terms and conditions of the style and changes them. If only a few years ago we considered a clutch as an evening accessory which was an integral part of luxury toilets, now we wear clutches with almost any style of clothing. You should still follow some rules. It is better to choose simple and rather laconic models of clutch for everyday use. The social events and evening walk under the stars can be “accompanied” with more refined and richly decorated handbags.

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