How to be a stylish girl if you are lazy.

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When I think about how to be a stylish girl, I wonder how lucky the girls who because of their temperament are not lazy and do everything easily and quickly. They quickly dress up for work, do their makeup and hairstyle, do all their housework and work duties. Since I don’t belong to this category, I’ve always been a little envious of such girls. Until I found the best solutions for different everyday situations. Even when you want to look fashionable, stylish, and attractive, but laziness prevents you from doing so. Sometimes there is no desire to try on a bunch of things, to dress for a long time, to make up, to brush up. There is no mood, or you want to relax and lie on the sofa. But you always want to look stylish! If you sometimes come across such things, the following tips are for you!

1. Get everything ready tonight that you will dress in the morning. Not only clothes and shoes but also suitable underwear, jewelry, accessories, pantyhose, bag, scarf, headgear, outerwear, etc. Pack your bag, check if your shoes are in order and you ironed your clothes. Check the weather forecast for tomorrow so there will not be any surprises in the morning. We often forget about details and trifles, because there is no time or desire to do so in the morning rush. And we are lazy to get up a half-hour early!

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2. Consider your looks in advance when considering how to be a stylish girl. A week in advance, for example. Choose one day to schedule what you will wear, not just what you will do. It will save you a lot of time during the week and will keep you from situations when you take something out of your closet relying on it, but it turns out that you need to wash or dry-clean it. Remember that when you think about images in advance, you only need to work hard once, and you can do something else all week long.

3. If you are lazy enough to follow the first two tips, then the following recommendation will suit you. Have a few “ready” looks for each season. Among those clothes that fit you, look great, washed, and do not wrinkle. Dresses are most suitable for this purpose if you select them according to the color and figure type. Dresses add femininity to the image and stretch your silhouette. We recommend you to wear a few “ready-made” dresses.

4. Create a wardrobe where all your things match and combine. This popular recommendation of all stylists is very relevant for lazy people. If a girl follows fashion and likes to spend several hours in front of a mirror every day and always thinks about how to be a stylish girl, she is likely to create a spectacular image of difficult combined things. But if you prefer the principle of “put on what fell out of the closet first”, you need to make sure that all clothes in your wardrobe combine well with each other, both in color and style. Then whatever falls out of the closet will look stylish and harmonious on you. 

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5. The base wardrobe is your magic wand. Any wardrobe starts with such a basic one, and for the lazies it is just salvation. This is the base of the wardrobe capsule, which includes “ready” ideas, simple, stylish quality things that look great and make a wonderful impression by themselves. 

6. Get rid of the junk and remove everything you don’t need at the moment. You should take your wardrobe apart and remove things that you won’t wear anymore, clothes that don’t fit your size and are worn out or out of date. If any items require dry cleaning or refurbishing, put them away. Because of this wardrobe revision, you may see that there aren’t too many things, and you need to buy something new. Or maybe you’ll see that the number of things is reduced, and it’s much easier to choose. As a result, you will make your life easier.

7. Keep only the seasonal stuff at hand and put away all the others. It means you should change the summer and winter clothes in the wardrobe twice a year. Remove winter clothes for summer and summer clothes for winter. There are clothes and shoes actual in any season, but most of the things have a clear seasonal character. You should keep in front of your eyes only the things that are relevant now.

8. Position your things at your convenience. We relate this advice to the previous one. Practical experience shows that clothes, shoes, and accessories that are located far away we rarely wear, especially if we are lazy. However, it is possible that these “far away” things suit you very well. So a comfortable ergonomic closet is everything you need!

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9. Your shoes should be comfortable. Including the ones with heels. Don’t buy shoes you intend to wear in sometime later. This option doesn’t work for lazy girls! It all ends with uncomfortable shoes laying untouched, taking up room, clogging the closet, and finally, you will get rid of it.

10. Think of an alternative for heels. It’s no secret that many images look spectacular in combination with high heel shoes. But if you prefer comfort, and you rarely wear heels, think about which models of shoes you can replace so that the image remains the same. For example, an alternative to heeled shoes could be ballets with a sharp toe.

11. Make-up is mandatory but a minimal one. Each of us wants to look 100% every day, and makeup has a special meaning. But if you don’t want to spend 15-20 minutes every morning doing make-up from A to Z, limit yourself to the key steps: tonal basis, blush, mascara, lipstick, or lip gloss. Such express make-up will take no more than five minutes but will create your look and mood for an entire day.

12. Choose clothes that do not crumple, are easy to wash and dry quickly. This is especially true for the ” on-duty” outfits mentioned above, which serve as a “magic wand” in case when there are a lot of clothes, but all either in washing or need to be ironed.

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13. Get a haircut that you can arrange with a light movement of your hand. The science of how to be a stylish girl is simple. Your hairstyle should not only look beautiful but also be fashionable and stylish. It is important to manage it quickly and easily on your own. You should focus your hairdresser’s attention on this and choose the best option with him. Because if your hairstyle is beautiful but too complex for you to restore it at home, it will not perform its principal task – to decorate the hostess. Then why do you need such a hairstyle?

14. Buy a bag organizer. This practical and convenient thing is a large cosmetic bag with several pockets in which you can compactly place your keys, discount cards, notepad, cosmetics, telephone, napkins, and other minor items you need during the day. If you select a bag to fit a specific image, the organizer will help you quickly to move the contents of one bag to another one, which is an easy rescue for the lazy ones!

Try to follow all our 14 tips and you will never face the problem of how to be a stylish girl if you are lazy.

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