How to look simple but stylish girl

how to look simple and stylish

The secret to a glamorous appearance is to look like a woman with a higher income than you. Look for hints from movie heroines, luxury brand commercials, or Hollywood celebrities when thinking about how to look simple but stylish. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on Instagram stars because to look bright is their job, but in real life, such tricks can cheapen your image. So what do you need to look expensive and well-groomed?

Beige knitwear is what makes your style look more “expensive.” Deluxe clothing brands produce their pieces in this particular color. And it is the beige and sandy knitwear that wealthy women wear in their everyday lives. Maybe you do not have enough money to buy an expensive cashmere sweater, but a quality cotton sweater you can afford. The important thing is to take proper care of it. Otherwise, you won’t make a good impression with lint on it.

A classic discreet clothing style looks more elegant and respectable than bold experiments with fashion trends. Moreover, your budget is minimal. Therefore, choose well-cut essential pieces that fit your figure and present your appearance in the most advantageous manner. For example, a good, tailored wool dress can successfully replace ten cheap polyester tunics.

You should have one good-cut jacket in your closet, at least. Such one that you can wear both with jeans and a strict dress. The popular model has a well-defined shoulder line, a loose fit, and a primary color. When you already have one good jacket of a calm universal shade in your closet, it is worth buying a brighter model, which will become a zest of your image and help create spectacular sets even with the usual everyday clothes. Avoid choosing a double-breasted model if you are not confident in your slimness: two rows of buttons make the figure visually wider.

A quality bag is essential for creating an “expensive” impression. If you can not afford to change trendy models frequently, choose a handbag of good quality. It is not necessarily to be made of genuine leather. A leather bag but poorly made looks worse than an expensive and carefully designed bag made of artificial material.

how to look simple but elegant - How to look simple but stylish girl

How to find your style and learn how to create a capsule?

Monochrome combinations are more elegant and sophisticated than sets with different colors. So if you’re on a budget, try building your closet around one or two basic shades. It will help you effortlessly and cost-effectively put stylish looks in the same color scheme. That is worth spending money on. And if you want to add more brightness, you can always diversify your image with inexpensive add-ons: bright jewelry, belts, and silk scarves.

Utilitarian shoes cheapen the image a lot. A woman who chooses shoes and thinks about jumping through puddles is always different from a woman who wears stiletto shoes believes that she will always be comfortable in them. On the other hand, suppose you need to look luxurious somewhere, and it’s uncomfortable to get there. In that case, you probably should consider taking a pair of replacement shoes with you because suitable pumps can lose their luster and appearance after a long walk.

Choose large accent accessories

They’re the ones that draw attention to themselves and create the impression of an expensive and sophisticated image. It’s not a matter of jewelry ( but, of course, we often highlight them), but also bags, tights, gloves, belts, and other little items, which we often tend to forget. It is essential to use them and regularly take care of them so that the details do not look worn or sloppy.

When thinking about how to look simple but stylish, It would be best never to let your white clothes look washed or discolored. Instead, make sure your shirts are snow white and your sweaters look like freshly fallen snow, which is so soft and fluffy. And don’t forget that every type of appearance fits a different shade of white. 

Choose one that suits you

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You don’t have to wear expensive jewelry if you want to know how to look simple but stylish. Precious stones of outdated design look worse than the trendy costume jewelry of the middle price segment. Instead, choose quality pieces that won’t look cheap. Yellow metal jewelry is fashionable this season: necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with comprehensive details, often in the form of hypertrophied big chain links.

Trendy sunglasses can make your appearance more presentable when you suggest how to look simple but stylish. Every season, there is no need to spend all the money on a designer model. On the other hand, you shouldn’t buy sunglasses from a small chain store. Your optimal choice is to purchase medium-price sunglasses in the optic store. There are high-quality models represented there; it concerns the frames and the glasses. The glasses must be stylish and protect your eyes.

If you can not afford a daily salon hairstyle, it is essential to learn how to style your hair so that it looks like you have just come out from under the hands of a qualified stylist. Choose messy hairstyles with light curls for everyday hairstyles. And for the evening out, learn how to do laconic hair buns.

The same principle relates to makeup. Your task is to learn how to make good natural makeup, creating the effect of an unpainted face. So that your skin looks very well-groomed, and you look fresh and relaxed. And for an evening look, it is enough to make your eyes a little bit stronger or apply red lipstick.

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