How to be beautiful and attractive

how to be beautiful and attractive

According to statistics, 70% of girls and women do not feel happy with their appearance and always think about how to be beautiful and attractive. This figure is simply horrifying in its hopelessness. It turns out that most of the ladies have some radical ideas about beauty, isolated from reality. But, of course, this is not the best way to affect women’s self-esteem.

You will find a comprehensive list of tips on how to become a beautiful woman in this article.

What is beauty

Since ancient times, women’s beauty has bothered the minds of artists, poets, philosophers. Thousands of people have puzzled over what true beauty is and why its concept has changed so radically at different times.

There is no universal formula for beauty, but we can see a general trend in people’s manifestations. Sociologists have identified an essential evolutionary mechanism underlying the concept of beauty. Beauty provokes a desire to be part of it, and it stimulates people to improve themselves.

Therefore, in any period, beauty is considered something that shows a person’s influential position in the social hierarchy and the strength of their personality, about good internal and external organization.

how to be beautiful girl - How to be beautiful and attractive

For example, there were times when obese women were considered being beautiful. People worshipped them and set them as an example. But that was a time of hunger when most people could not afford to eat appropriately and were on the verge of exhaustion. Obesity was a sign of a high standard of living compared to other people, so people considered it beautiful.

Things are very different today. No one is hungry today. The abundance of caloric refined foods makes weight gain such an option available to absolutely everyone.

Well-groomed, moderately slender, and trim girls are considered being beautiful today. That is because their appearance shows that they have enough time, money, and willpower to take care of themselves: to work out at the gym, not stuff themselves with junk food, to visit a cosmetologist, etc. And until the situation in the world radically changes, these basic ideas about beauty will remain with us.

The beginning of beauty

The path to beauty is long and thorny. So it’s essential to start by taking the proper steps to avoid stumbling and losing motivation. The following three recommendations are the foundation of the basics. If you cope with them, the process will go more smoothly.

A realistic view of yourself

Most people, especially girls, have a very vague idea of how they look. We all know ourselves in our heads, but usually, it’s very different from the actual picture. As a result, we can seem much prettier to ourselves than we are, or conversely, we can exaggerate our flaws several times over. But if you want to get your looks up, find the courage to face the truth.

Stop looking at yourself through Instagram filters and retouching photos. When you approach the mirror, do not strike the most helpful pose, but do it naturally. Shoot a video of yourself more often. So you’ll gradually get used to yourself this way and learn to accept yourself. After that, you can make qualitative changes for the better.


how to be become beautiful - How to be beautiful and attractive

Self-confidence is an inner strength that attracts people. It can more than compensate for any shortcomings in your appearance. There are people among your acquaintances, who are not beautiful, but everyone likes them. And I am sure that what they all have in common is self-confidence.

“No one can make you feel incomplete without your agreement.” Eleanor Roosevelt.


Other people’s unhealthiness instinctively makes a person feel rejected. We want to distance ourselves from someone whose body seems sick to us, someone who has symptoms of infectious and other illnesses. Think of how you react to someone coughing on public transportation. Surely you want to stay away from him, even if he is handsome as Apollo.

So, start the way to beauty with the order of your health. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Note a few important points, which seriously depends on the perception of other people:

Take care of your teeth. Visit your dentist at least once every six months, treat new cavities in time, have professional cleanings.

how to be beautiful naturally - How to be beautiful and attractive

Treat skin inflammations. Pimples, furuncles, and black spots do not beautify anyone. Modern medicine offers many ways to treat acne, and you just do not need to be lazy to apply them.

Do not forget about the health of your hair. Cut split ends in time, get rid of dandruff.

An important indicator of health is smell. You should always smell nice. Take good care of your hygiene and wash your clothes in time.

That is something that concerns the external manifestations of unhealthiness. You should eliminate internal problems in time and not pamper yourself with the thought that nobody can see them, anyway. A healthy person is full of energy and looks happy, while a sick person is apathetic. But, of course, the first one has a much better chance of being attractive.

Beauty of the face

The face is our calling card. You should pay special attention to it. Consider the following beauty tips.

Do not abuse suntan

Unfortunately, tanned skin has been in vogue for the past few decades. Girls pursuing tanning often take excessive UV exposure and subject their skin to premature aging, besides the more severe problems associated with tanning. The face suffers the most from such vulnerability.

Cosmetologists advise using face creams with SPF protection at any season. A protection factor of 20 will be enough for autumn and winter, and at least 50 will be enough for summer. And try to give up the habit of lying on the beach, sprawling under the open rays of the sun. You will have to pay a high price for it in the future.

Get the proper grooming

You should select the right skincare product for your skin type. Try to avoid harsh skin conditions. Avoid mechanical scrubs and alcohol-based skin tonics. Give preference to gentle peelings, which are pleasant for skin renewal.

If your skin is problematic and there are rashes on the skin, you should never press or scratch them. You will only worsen the situation. Instead, choose a suitable cream or ointment at the drugstore and apply the product before going to bed. Pay attention to your diet as well. Recent studies suggested a connection between acne and consumption of dairy and gluten-containing products.

Get a better eyebrow shape

how to be a beautiful woman - How to be beautiful and attractive

Eyebrows have an enormous impact on the perception of your entire face. Try changing the shape of your eyebrows in a photo editor. While doing so, you’ll get the perfect match for your face.

Broad, bold, natural eyebrows are in fashion today. Thin, stringy brows are the past. And thank goodness for that! But that doesn’t mean your eyebrows can be sloppy and unkempt. Apply a special eyebrow styling gel and gently remove any extra hairs. You can correct rare and too light eyebrows with a pencil or a special powder.

If you are a lucky owner of very thick eyebrows, it’s better to entrust them to a specialist. First, a specialist will create the desired shape, and later, you will maintain it on your own at home.

Choose the proper makeup

You don’t have to apply tons of makeup to be beautiful. But it is necessary to emphasize your natural beauty.

Memorize a few basic rules for good makeup:

  1. There should be only one accent on the face. If you want to emphasize your lips, leave your eyes untouched, or vice versa. Otherwise, your makeup will be too provocative and overwhelming.
  2. Choose your foundation carefully to match your skin tone. Make sure that the border between your face and neck is not visible. Be aware that most foundations turn dark after application, so apply a tester and wait at least 10 minutes with it before you buy.
  3. Avoid overly thick foundations. They don’t let your skin breathe and look like an unnatural mask.
  4. You can underline your lips with a pencil, lipstick, or gloss. Use bright colors when going out. Give preference to non-blush shades for everyday makeup.
  5. Blush over the cheekbones will give a face a young-age freshness. But do not overdo it.
  6. You can correct the shape and structure of your face with a highlighter and sculptor. If you want to make your face look bigger, use a highlighter to lighten it. Darken the areas you want to look smaller with a sculptor.
  7. Be careful with mascara. Lashes that stick together will look unattractive.

Control your facial expressions

Most people’s faces are in constant tension. Over time, spasmodic muscles can turn into an ugly grimace, even if the person has naturally pretty facial features. In addition, negative emotions can affect a person’s face. For example, an always-unhappy person has lowered lip corners, and a frowning person has a furrow between the eyebrows, a squeamish person has wrinkles on the nose.

To avoid these crucial changes, train yourself to control your facial expressions from a young age. For example, do not allow your face to be in a tense state: remove the mournful and sullen mask from your face.

Come to the mirror, relax all the facial muscles as much as possible, and pay attention to your facial expression. That is how it should be most of the time.

Train yourself to smile beautifully

Yes, you also have to learn how to smile beautifully. Ask your friend to shoot a video of you some time without your seeing it. Then observe the video, note the moments that catch the most attention and you dislike.

For example, I didn’t notice that I wrinkled my nose too much when I smiled. That was a real eye-opener for me: extremely unpleasant.

Then you have to refer to the help of the mirror again. Practice a radiant smile that you would like, try to remember it at the level of muscle memory, and repeat it without the help of the mirror. It will be challenging and unusual at first, but later on, the new habit will fix and stay with you forever.

Do sports regularly

Without regular exercise, it’s hard to keep your beauty at a high level. Your skin becomes flabby, your body posture worsens, you become overweight, and your muscle mass dries out. And the body loses its lightness and vitality. And without it, even the most beautiful features fade and grow dull.

Choose an activity that you like and do it regularly. It can be any activity: running, dancing, cycling, game sports. You can choose more than one activity. If you exercise hard and with extensive dedication, you will notice positive changes in your appearance in a couple of months or even sooner.

how to be a beautiful person - How to be beautiful and attractive

Be sure you eat correctly

There are many books written about proper nutrition. Here I want to outline the main points and give you the practical guidelines:

  1. Observe the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Doctors recommend the following formula to keep your weight, and normal function of all organs and tissues: 40-50% of all calories should come from carbohydrates, 30-40% from proteins, and 20-25% from fats. These formulas are different for people who are losing weight or trying to gain muscle mass. You can easily find them on the Internet.
  2. Add “beauty” foods to your diet. These include vegetables, herbs, nuts, whole grains, fish, seafood, cottage cheese, and cheese. Their daily consumption will help improve the condition of the skin, hair, teeth, and nails; and also help to delay the appearance of the first signs of aging.
  3. And you should avoid coffee, alcoholic beverages, sweets, smoked foods, pickles, and canned foods. Or at least minimize their intake.
  4. Eat small portions of food 5-6 times a day. Leave the table with a light feeling of hunger. Thus, you will never feel heavy from overeating and can minimize the occurrence of heartburn.

Do not eat on the go. Do not combine meals with other activities. It is terrible for your digestion.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration negatively affects all systems of the body. Of course, this manifests itself in our appearance. The skin dries out and becomes unhealthy, and age-related changes become more clear. Also, the lack of water makes it problematic to eliminate toxins from the body, which leads to skin rashes.

Train yourself to drink at least one liter of pure water per day. It’s just a matter of habit. Force yourself for three weeks, and then the body itself will remind you and demand its portion of water. After that, you can install a specific telephone app that calculates how much you have drunk during the day.

Monitor your sleep habits

Every girl knows very well how sleepless nights affect her appearance. Puffiness, puffy eyes, unhealthy pallor are just a few of the unpleasant consequences of the entire range.

It would help if you felt full of energy and relaxation to be beautiful. So here’s a checklist for getting a healthy night’s sleep:

  1. Sleep at least eight hours in 24 hours.
  2. Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  3. Eliminate physical activities and heavy food 3 hours before bedtime, eliminate gadgets and TV 2 hours before bedtime.
  4. Sleep in complete darkness and silence. Earplugs and a sleeping mask can help you.
  5. Air the room before you go to sleep.
  6. Turn on a humidifier for nighttime to maintain optimum humidity levels.
  7. Keep the bedroom tidy.
  8. Use the bed only for sleeping. Avoid eating or working in it.

Take care of your hair

Shiny, silky hair is an asset for any girl. So take good care of it to keep it that way forever.

The beauty of hair begins with proper hygiene. Wash your hair when it becomes dirty, and do not wait until it looks like an oily icicle. A conditioner and a hair mask will give your hair a shine and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

It is necessary to choose the proper haircut. Focus on the shape of your face and the hair structure. For example, if you have thin and splinter-prone hair, you should not grow it to the waist. A short haircut will help add volume and create a more attractive, light, and airy look.

Appreciate what nature gave you. If you have curly hair, accentuate its beauty instead of torturing it with constant straightening.

Don’t forget about your nails

Your nails may seem to be a trifle, but they significantly affect your general impression. It is a sort of indicator of a person’s lifestyle. If the nails are neat and well-groomed, it means that their owner takes care of herself.

It is unnecessary to spend money on a professional manicure every two weeks and draw on intricate nail designs. It is quite possible to do home care. You can carefully trim and file needless length, cut cuticles, lubricate your hands with vegetable oil. Naturalness and neatness are in fashion today.

Look and style

Correct clothing and accessories will help you complete the work on your appearance.

Keep your clothes neat

The great Coco Chanel said: “Better three wrinkles on the face than one on the stocking. Indeed, it is challenging to compensate for the untidiness of the clothes. No matter how dazzling a girl’s appearance may be, lint, stains, and elongated knees can ruin the whole impression of her…

Here are a few tips to help keep your clothes looking fresh for longer:

  1. Buy a sticky roller to remove small debris from clothes and keep it with you at all times.
  2. Wash different colored clothes separately from each other.
  3. Keep your shoes clean and ready for repair.
  4. Pay special attention to the underarm area of T-shirts, blouses, and sweaters. There should be no deodorant stains or sweat marks.
  5. A particular machine can help you get rid of lint. Purchase the one that’s plugged in, so you won’t have to pay extra for batteries.

Wear what suits you

The pursuit of fashion and ways how to be beautiful and attractive sometimes makes girls look silly. So do not blindly follow trends. Instead, try to create your style.

When choosing clothes, rely on your body type. First, determine what your figure type can be classified: apple, pear, rectangle, or inverted triangle. There are many clothing recommendations for each figure type on the Internet. Get acquainted with them and try to follow.

Learn universal rules that will help you always dress adequately and appropriately:

  1. You should not tighten your forms too much. Remember the rule: if you wear a tight top, the bottom should be loose, or vice versa.
  2. The same concerns the naked parts of the body. If you do not want to look vulgar, flaunt one thing: either legs, or belly, or decollete. And only in those cases when the situation allows it. If you want to emphasize femininity and sexuality, there are more delicate ways to do it. For example, you could highlight your waist with a belt, or you could bare your shoulders, ankles, or wrists.
  3. Form a capsule of 5-7 basic clothes that will perfectly match each other and suits your lifestyle and appearance. Then you won’t have to puzzle over what to wear every day. Then you can expand your closet with more daring accessories.
  4. Invest in clothes that won’t lose their relevance in coming years. Classic overcoats, trench coats, loose-fitting leather jackets, black ankle boots, lace-up boots, and riding boots are just a few examples. Think ten times before buying a seasonal, trendy thing that will be out of fashion in six months.

Don’t forget about accessories

Properly chosen accessories will help you complete the image. However, they mustn’t go out of style, fit your type of appearance, and don’t look cheap.

Let’s consider a few rules when choosing accessories:

  1. The size of the bag should not contrast too much with your body type. If you are a petite Thumbelina, don’t buy bulky bags. You’ll be lost entirely in front of them. Big ladies should avoid too small bag models because they will only highlight their excess weight—the same concerns belts.
  2. Do not use too much jewelry. For example, if you’ve chosen large, bright earrings for your image, then the same necklace won’t do any good.
  3. Use hair accessories: hairpins, ribbons, headbands. But they shouldn’t look as if you took them away from your little sister.
  4. If you have problems with eyesight, choose glasses of a suitable shape.

Wear nice and tidy underwear

Even if no one will see you wearing them, how you dress for yourself shows your self-esteem level. The more of it you have, the more attractive you are, although this connection is not clear to most people.

Try wearing luxurious lingerie under your regular clothes sometimes. The effect will amaze you! Your self-confidence will increase several times, and there will be mischievous sparks in your eyes. Even your gait will become more feminine.

Inner Beauty

Inner beauty and outer beauty go hand in hand. If you have chaos and strife inside, not any appearance manipulation will help you become beautiful. So you have to work on both fronts at once.

Don’t chase ideals

One of the main reasons most girls think they’re not beautiful is an unfortunate comparison. From promoted Instagram accounts, photoshopped models look at them, next to which any, even the most beautiful girl, may feel flawed.

My advice is simple: do not look at these pages. And you will save time and improve your self-esteem. The pictures that are displayed there have nothing to do with reality. They set a very high standard, which is false and confuses millions of girls. Don’t fall for this stuff. Live according to your own rules.

Get rid of negative

People think in vain that the processes in their heads are hidden from others. However, thoughts and emotions that accompany a person are deeply imprinted on his face most of the time. So try not to dwell on negativity, reject evil thoughts, smile more, and enjoy life.

Don’t be selfish

A constant focus on self and the fixation on their appearance is a common feature of today’s girls. However, it is enough to reduce your selfishness at least a little and start showing sincere interest and kindness to other people to stand out against the general background. That adds 100 points to one’s beauty.

Egoism blocks the flow of life energy, whereas kindness and altruism, on the contrary, open the flow. There is no magic in it. It is an ancient physiological mechanism related to the evolution of the species.

Start by being kind to the people closest to you: your relatives and friends. Find out if they need some of your help, think about how you can make them happy and make their life better.

Then you can gradually expand the number of people. Then, maybe you will enjoy doing something good for others and decide to do charity work.

Love Yourself

This advice may seem trivial, but it works. Nothing else works without it.

All the manipulations described above will be meaningless unless you learn to accept and love yourself.

It is love that you must understand in the right way. It is not indulging every whim of your body; it is not a passive admiring of yourself in the mirror or denying your shortcomings. Instead, it’s a calm acceptance of those features you can’t change and active work on improving things you can improve.

So let me explain this by example. In my youth, I was anxious about my short stature. All my friends were half a head taller than me, and I was utterly lost against their background. I spent a lot of nerves and energy trying to remake what was beyond my control. Later I could accept this peculiarity of mine and even love it. If today someone offered me some miraculous way to increase my height, I would refuse it.

So, in pursuit of how to be beautiful and attractive, you need to concentrate on what nature presented to you and look for ways to emphasize and improve it. That will be the self-love that can make mountains move.

how to be beautiful everyday - How to be beautiful and attractive

Increase your stress tolerance

Do you know that the skin and nervous system are closely related to each other? They come from a single embryonic bud which is called the ectoderm. The ectoderm later divides into two tubes: the brain and nervous system formed from one and the skin from another. But the connection between the two remains for life. Therefore, any stress or malfunction of the nervous system immediately affects the skin.

Once we’re a little nervous, pimples begin to “bloom” on our faces. And this is not the most unpleasant effect. For some people, stress may cause persistent eczema or rosacea.

It’s impossible to eliminate stressors from your life, so you need to focus on increasing your nervous system’s resistance to them. Meditation techniques and regular exits from your comfort zone will help you achieve such a result.

Socialize with people you like

The critical eye of others can seriously undermine the faith in your attractiveness. So, minimize contact with people who directly or indirectly criticize your appearance, allowing themselves to joke indelicately about you, giving advice about how you better dress, makeup, etc. These attitudes show they dislike you. And why should you waste your time on such people?

Communicate with those with whom you feel comfortable, respect your personal space, and are not trying to assert themselves through you. But also be discreet, friendly, and polite.

Be enthusiastic

It’s hard to imagine a more appealing scene than a person immersed in the things the person loves. When we do something that gives us pleasure, a “horse dose” of happiness hormones enters our bloodstream. People around us also want to join this source of life energy, so they instinctively reach out to us and feel sympathy.

Find an activity you like. If you are never passionately keen on anything, do not expect that it immediately grabs you and carries you away with the head. Instead, interest will gradually grow, filling your life more and more.


Every girl has the potential to improve her appearance and always looks for how to be beautiful and attractive. I suggest you do an experiment and see for yourself. Take a few pictures of yourself from all angles right now. Consider today the beginning of a marathon on improving your appearance.

Follow the recommendations given in the article every day and note the changes that will occur. Just don’t slack off! You cannot lose your motivation halfway through to involve your girlfriend because it’s more fun together. You will take control photos in a month, and you will sum up the results.

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