How to be fashionable with the clothes you already have

how to be fashionable with the clothes you have

How to be fashionable with the clothes you have? If you do not have extra financial resources to buy new clothes regularly, that is ok; you can look great in the clothes that you already have. The most important thing is to choose the right combination of clothing items.

Specifics of the clothing selection: how not to look ridiculous

To look stylish in what you already have or in more budget-friendly clothes, you should pay attention to some pieces of advice from experienced specialists.

If you have no opportunity to buy clothes often, you should consider the events for which they will be most often used. In addition, it is better to buy versatile items (both in style and color scheme), which will be easier to harmonize in the future.

Take into account that the chosen outfit should not look ridiculous and cheap. It is better to have a simple, classic version of the outfit rather than a ridiculous combination of shades or several styles in one image.

how to be a fashionable lady - How to be fashionable with the clothes you already have

To keep the clothes longer in their original quality look, you should take care of them properly and choose the necessary care products considering the type of fabric and its basic properties.

If old clothes are in good condition that you do not plan to wear anymore, you should not forget that you can redesign them a bit (especially if the owner has the necessary skills) and give the item a “new life” to the article of clothing.

If a woman buys clothes and understands that she will wear them for a long time, we recommend choosing items, taking into account the quality of the fabric. Here it is important to give preference to materials that do not shrink, do not fade after washing, and do not succumb to any other types of deformation.

Consider the color scheme when selecting an article of clothing set for a particular occasion. If you often have to wear clothes already in the existing closet, it is best to promptly replenish the primary clothing collection in a classic color palette. We recommend that your wardrobe have clothes in neutral colors: black, white, beige, brown, coral, green. Moreover, such shades rarely go out of fashion and will almost always be relevant.

It is worth inspecting the condition of your existing clothing constantly and maintaining its proper appearance: hemming, ironing, refurbishing. Then, even in an inappropriate moment, it will allow you to quickly pick up a version of the outfit and look neat.

When selecting clothes, consider whether all the elements are well-chosen and do not spoil a lovely figure or if the outfit is suitable for a particular occasion.

You should not forget that to freshen up the image a little, for the composition of long-standing clothing, it is possible to complement it with original accessories. They will add a bright note to the image and make it fresher.

Some experts believe that the number and frequency of updating items in the closet are not as crucial as the fastidiousness and thoroughness of their selection. All items must be in their proper places. And quality should be the material itself and the level of item production.

Wardrobe audit: which clothes are better to discard? How to be fashionable with the clothes you have

Every woman has clothes that have gone out of fashion and have not been worn for long. It usually just lies in the closet and is not used, even if there are few clothes. So that you do not get distracted by such items, it is better to discard them and not to overstock your closet with them.

What stuff you should refuse to clean out your closet a little bit:

Most ladies have clothes planned to be worn for a special occasion. Unfortunately, the time of this occasion is often unknown; clothing for a woman who will lose weight or for a specific event, which may not happen.

You should also throw out clothes you bought on emotion and do not use as an outfit. Unfortunately, such situations often happen, and such a revision will allow you to arrange a little bit not only the closet but also the thoughts in your head.

how to be a fashionable woman - How to be fashionable with the clothes you already have

It will not be a bad idea to review the clothes that are used as clothing “for home and gardening.” They are often well-worn and no longer presentable. You have to respect yourself, and not wear terrible clothes, not even for home use.

If you plan to buy more clothes, consider whether it is realistic to combine them with other items in the closet.

For those wishing to arrange the closet, experts advise: if there are items that you haven’t worn for the last year and even once, do not keep them in the closet. Instead, you need to evaluate their usefulness and, if necessary, throw them out without regret.

After you have made an audit in the closet, you need to buy clothes, which you will use in the future for a long time for the outfits’ combination. Here it is worth thinking carefully about what clothing is missing and what you can do without even further. It is essential to choose something necessary, versatile, regardless of the discounts and bargains offered in stores.

If there are items left in the closet and you have no idea how to combine them properly, it is possible to take advice from friends who are well versed in this matter or use special programs – planners.

The situation where there is no possibility of buying clothes occurs most often in a crisis period. Therefore, it is important to think in advance about what closet items you need to buy and where it is best to get trendy, versatile, and budget-friendly things that allow you to create a harmonious image for any situation.

Nothing to wear: a combination of available clothing depending on the situation

The specifics of the selection of clothing also depend on the occasion for which it is intended. Also, it would be good to study the most basic rules of the clothing combination. If you have an intelligent approach to selecting clothing, then even with a minimal closet, you can look stylish and modern.

The main rules of clothing composition depend on the situation.

If there is a small number of clothes in a woman’s closet permanently, then it is worth taking care about the presence of a classic outfit: a simple black, green, brown, blue dress, or other non-catchy colors. It will be relevant for a visit to a restaurant or any festive event. It is better to prepare a few sets of accessories for it. Consider that the simpler your clothes will be, the easier to complement them with original elements.

Most of the images (except the sporty ones) can be complemented by a beautiful jacket, which is sure to be found in every lady’s closet. It is not difficult to choose an additional item: a classic skirt, dress, jeans pants will be relevant. As for footwear (depending on the planned event), there may be sandals, shoes, or sneakers. The jacket and any additions will help you create a festive and casual image.

If you plan a simple and casual gathering with friends (if the meeting is not a celebration), it is better to choose closet elements that relate to the casual style. Here you can select an outfit of any type. But it is advisable to take a bag or backpack that is roomy and as comfortable as possible.

Choose classical clothing variants in a restrained color scheme when visiting a business meeting. If you have to solve critical business issues, the neatness and good quality of the clothes are essential. The image should not look cheap and untidy.

Thinking in advance about a few looks for each possible situation, you can quickly create an outfit. Then, even with a minimum amount of clothing, you can cause admiration of others. The main thing is the proper arrangement of clothing items.

There is nothing to wear: how to correctly and quickly cope with the situation

It is sometimes difficult to combine an appropriate image, even if you are aware of a few rules for selecting closet items with a limited amount of clothing. Therefore, to avoid such problems over time, you should correctly approach the dressing process from the very beginning.

To do so, you should consider several recommendations from an experienced specialist.

When going shopping, you should examine your closet at first and take a critical approach to the availability of the items it contains. Far from the best option would be to store five or six pairs of the same style of pants, jeans, and dresses. Instead of selecting clothes for yourself, think about the type and colors and the relevance of additional accessories.

The problem of “nothing to wear” may arise because there are many clothes to choose from, but you can not pick up the optimal elements in terms of color and style. Dress experiments are challenging to set up in this case.

how to be fashionable girl - How to be fashionable with the clothes you already have

Forming a closet, consider your lifestyle and the frequency of certain events. For example, you should not purchase a lot of clothes in business style if you constantly wear casual or sports clothes. The first one will remain unused. It is necessary to be sober about your “wants .”It is essential to distinguish the beautiful thing that will not be popular to wear and the closet item, which later will become a relevant and practical element allowing you to create several fashionable images.

If the problem of “nothing to wear or how to be fashionable with the clothes you have” arises quite often, you need to approach its solution correctly. You should not act like a victim and start combining various outfits with the already available clothing. Simple reflections and complaints do not solve the problem alone. When making up images and choosing options for sets, think about what clothing style you will use most often. These proportions are significant to match your needs correctly.

If there is no possibility to put your things in order at the moment and compose the elements, you can take pictures of them and think in your spare time about what will look best in a particular look. Do not forget that any created outfit should look beautiful on the lady and be comfortable for her. To avoid having pointless stuff in your closet, be sure to plan and write a list of the necessary items before going on a shopping trip. Remember that it is required to give in, not to the emotions, but common sense in selecting clothing.

Stylists assure that the properly chosen outfit is beautiful and comfortable and has a positive impact on the woman’s mental state. It gives her self-confidence, saves time and money, and makes her calmer and more balanced.

Even with a large closet of clothes, many women can see the problem in its lack. Experts believe that the problem in such situations is not quantity but quality. With frequent impulse purchases, there are cases of accumulation in a woman’s closet of single clothes, from which it isn’t easy to form an optimal image. That is why, when buying each new piece of clothing, you should think about which existing items of clothing will fit. Do not give in to tempting promotions if the thing will just lie in the closet without use.

what makes a lady classy - How to be fashionable with the clothes you already have

The problem with image formation can also be that the number of essential things is minimal. It also does not allow you to be fashionable and quickly form your desired style. Do not forget that classic things help ideally in such situations.

In order not to put yourself in an unpleasant situation and be always ready for any case, you should form a look with already available items of clothing that can be used if necessary. It is needed to develop options in advance to be easier to pick them up in a hurry. Please take pictures of such sets and place them in a prominent closet. It is better if several variants of outfits are ready for each case. It is crucial to have all the clothes and accessories laid out in the closet in their places for quick composition. The order is essential here. If there is no lack of space, allocate each type of clothing to its place.

Choosing your favorite things and wearing them often, do not forget about the other clothes that can be an excellent alternative to a particular outfit. So that each thing finds a worthy and timely use, you need to carefully review your closet and think about the relevance of each item. Now you know how to be fashionable with the clothes you have

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