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fashion accessories for girls

Women’s bags

Although each year is unique in the fashion world and brings new trends, some trends remain unchanged for several years. It also applies to fashion for women’s bags and other types of accessories for ladies. The most popular models of recent times have been handbags, the fashion of which came from the USA. We have learned about trapeze and other rectangular bags, which are worn only in hands or on a wrist, thanks to such Hollywood divas as Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian. A little later this trend captured the wardrobe of famous actresses, singers, and TV presenters in the United States, and later moved to Europe. This tendency has remained up to now, and therefore such bags will remain as relevant in the coming years. You may be surprised, but bags are also accessories because a good bag can really transform your appearance. With this variety of this wardrobe item on sale, you’ll probably want to buy more than one interesting bag.

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The major fashion trends come down to the rule: bags are stylish types of accessories for ladies and an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe, which must be combined with other items of clothing or shoes. Some girls mistakenly believe that it is possible to wear any outfit with any bag (bright, with sequins or rhinestones, etc.), which will be a “bright spot”. But this is far from the point. If you have chosen a classic outfit comprising black trousers and a stylish white blouse, for example, it is unlikely that the green snake leather bag will be a successful “bright spot” to your look.

We divide the most fashionable bags into three types: Handbags, shoulder bags, Clutch bags. We will consider each of them in examples with photos below.

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As mentioned above, the fashion for Handbags came to the world from the United States. One of the very first models, which “blew up” the fashion world, was the Birkin bag. Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria were the first Hollywood beauties who added various Birkin bags of different colors and sizes to their arsenal of accessories. Later, other celebrities followed their suit.

Besides “Birkin”, there are a lot of models of women’s bags belonging to the Handbags category. These are any female handbags of trapezoidal and rectangular shape with short handles. These bags can be leather or leatherette or “snake leather imitation”. The most fashionable colors are blue, red, brown, black, white, all shades of beige. But if you have a pair of bright-colored shoes (such as burgundy, purple, pink), then the handbag of the same color will be an impressive addition to your stylish look.

Shoulder bags

The trends of autumn-winter and spring-summer seasons are not limited to only handbags. Beautiful shoulder bags are still in fashion: small, voluminous, and soft. Such a bag is especially suitable for women who prefer a casual clothing style. It is more convenient to go around with a bag on your shoulder, rather than always carrying it in your hands. We have prepared for you a collection of photos of the most fashionable models of shoulder bags.

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Clutches and mini-bags

Small envelope handbags, clutches are also types of accessories for ladies which are in fashion. These forms of handbags are designed for warm seasons and looks inappropriate in combination with outerwear. The exception is the evening out when you are wearing a beautiful evening dress. But in this case, try to give preference to a beautiful coat over a down jacket. The clutch is a traditional spring-summer bag. Early autumn is also the right time for wearing a clutch bag. A stylish little shoulder clutch bag and a small leather bag look very impressive.

Starting with hair accessories and ending with stylish jewelry, every girl should have a variety of colored beads and other trinkets in her arsenal to complement her image.


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Each of us has favorite jewelry that we wear almost every day. Pick out a piece of jewelry you can always wear on your neck when all other jewelry is too flashy for your chosen outfit. A small pendant will be appropriate for any look. You can combine it with a casual T-shirt or a sophisticated dress. Besides that, you won’t have to think about when you can wear it because you can wear it without taking it off.

Catchy necklace

After we’ve sorted out the everyday jewelry, we need to think about the attractive and massive necklace. This piece of jewelry is more remarkable than the pendant; it is full of color, which will enhance the style of the clothes with which it will be worn. If you want to wear a bright piece of jewelry, choose a discreet clothing ensemble.


Sometimes we wish to go beyond what we are used to, and the best way to do that is to decorate our outfit with the help of a choker. If you’ve never worn this accessory before, then start with a simple one. Choose a slim black choker that fits almost any outfit. Once you’ve decided on your style, then you can choose more extravagant designs of original materials and vibrant colors.

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Plain earrings

plain earrings - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

Just as it is important to have a pendant for all occasions, it is also important for you to have simple earrings as the main types of accessories for ladies. Sometimes you don’t want to wear big earrings, but leaving your ears without accessories is not an option either. Unpretentious earrings in the form of nails will be useful in this case. Small earrings with pearls will decorate any outfit, including an ordinary T-shirt. Choose earrings of your favorite size and color and wear them every day with shorts or wear them to a more sublime style, such as a blouse.

Big earrings

big earrings 1 - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

If you already have simple earrings, then you need to get some more extravagant ones. Check out the bright earrings, in the form of big rings or feathers. Even though they are not suitable for everything you want to wear, they will undoubtedly decorate the image that would not be interesting without them.

If you want to wear catchy earrings, then your clothes should be as simple as possible in order not to overload your look.

Bracelets set

One of our favorite ways to decorate ourselves is to take all your favorite bracelets and put them together on the wrist. My personal preference is ring variants, but you can also choose other shapes that you like. We can combine different materials, such as silver and gold, or add bright colors.

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Rings set

Rings are important types of accessories for ladies. Every girl should have a collection of her favorite rings. They can be thin and discreet, but if you wear them, they can easily beautify any look. Don’t limit yourself with shape or color when choosing rings. You can wear all this variety at the same time and make a “boho” style.

Elegant hair accessories

bandage - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

When we talk about jewelry, we have to remember about hair accessories. Hair bandage is the simplest version of jewelry that every girl should have. This accessory makes it easy to disguise your hair; it also provides a floral ornament to support the color composition of your clothes.

Baseball cap

women basebal cape - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

Every girl who’s not even a baseball fan should have a good baseball cap. It will be helpful when you need to get out of your home, but your hair isn’t in excellent condition. It will also be good for going to a beach or running in the city solving problems.

Summer hat with a wide brim

elegant summer hat - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

One of the most successful fashion purchases you can make is an elegant hat that will adorn you with no special effort. Every girl should have hair accessories in the form of hats, especially for those days when hair is without styling or glossy.

Aviator sunglasses

sunglasses women - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

Aviator sunglasses are one of the most useful accessories that any girl should have. They are suitable for any outfit: for evening wear when going out for a date; or for everyday wear when going shopping. When choosing sunglasses, make sure they are durable, because you do not want to part with them for a single day.

Though aviators are suitable for all clothes, they are not as daring as cat’s eye-shaped sunglasses. On the days when you get bored with aviators, take another pair of sunglasses. For example: hearts, circles, and cat’s eyes.


women watches - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

Even when we have a watch on our hands, we still get a phone to see the time. But it is not a problem, because the watch brings elegance and sophistication to your appearance, regardless of whether you check the time by it or not. You can add a few bracelets to your wristwatch for an even more chic look.

Stylish shawls and scarves

women shawls - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

You can use light shawls and scarves for a variety of purposes. They can decorate a simple outfit or cover your hair.

Wrap a beautiful shawl around your neck in combination with a shirt or blazer for creating a harmonious image.


Belts give structures to any clothing. Choose belts of such size and color so they are suitable for your wardrobe.

Try wearing a belt on a light, flying dress and you will have a new dress; a belt over a flannel shawl – and you have a new blouse.

Unusual socks

unusual women socks - Types of accessories for ladies and girls

How do you like such socks? The monochrome white socks went back in time and now you can decorate your appearance with a variety of socks: lace, tall, buttoned, and transparent. Socks are even available with bows on the back.

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