How to become really pretty

how to become really pretty

Almost every girl or woman thought about how to become really pretty. How to find her style so that it was both comfortable and elegant at the same time? So that men would admire, and women would envy.

Creating your look and style is easy, and the main thing is the desire to be beautiful. And, of course, the desire to follow our ten tips!

1. “I am the most attractive.”

Everyone probably remembers this phrase, which was repeated by the heroine of the movie “The Most Charming and Attractive.

Auto training is not fiction. The way you feel about yourself is sensed energetically. And if you’re not happy with yourself, others around you will feel it.

Love yourself how nature made you.

Coco Chanel was not beautiful, but she had a lot of charm, charisma, and self-confidence! Be brave. The external begins with something internal.

2. Neatness.

No matter if you wear brand-name clothes, but if you don’t have perfectly washed hair or frayed nail polish, you will look awful. Always!

Keep in mind that you should always be one hundred percent groomed: polished shoes, neat and always manicured nails, and neat hair.

If your hair gets greasy quickly, you should wash your hair every day. Always try mustard hair masks. They dry out the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

3. Choosing a style

Going back to the great Coco Chanel, her phrase comes to mind – “Fashions change, but style remains.” Chasing after branded outfits is sometimes stupid, but you need and should follow fashion trends.

Now you do not have to go to the boutiques to know the current fashion.
It’s enough to look at online publications that keep you up to date with global fashion, and you can choose something that suits you.

It is a personal style that makes a woman unique.

In what clothes do you feel comfortable: in pants, dresses, skirts and blouses, knitwear? Determine what you need. Your image should be in harmony with your soul!

4. Closet and shopping

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Reconsider your closet. Don’t be sorry for things that have already served you well; get rid of them. Leave those that can still be combined with new purchases.

Once that’s done, you can go shopping. Avoid grabbing the first thing you come across. Quantity does not always equal quality and taste. Let it be two or three new items that you can combine with those in your closet.

Going to the store means you have some idea of what you want. Don’t deviate from the set course. Not even if you suddenly see a belt that would go perfectly with the blouse you’re going to buy next month.

Besides, Coco Chanel used to say that nothing makes a woman look as old as an expensive suit. So don’t chase too much for expensive outfits that will visually add a few years to your appearance.

5. Color

The choice of color is strictly individual. Pink or purple doesn’t suit everyone. Or red, for example. It makes some people look old, some people look dull, but it makes some people look elegant.

So before you buy a red blouse or purple sundress, look carefully whether this color suits you.

You should experiment anyway if wish to know how to become really pretty. Try the blue, orange, light green colors in clothing. They are very refreshing and give lightness to your look.

6. Everything should have a balance.

As scary as it may sound, but a woman should dress according to her years. A forty-year-old lady looks terrible in a short skirt, even if she has a perfect figure and beautiful legs.

Similarly, a young girl will not wear purely “feminine”, “age” clothes. Now you can look stylish at any age, even if you’re a little over the age.

The same concerns makeup. A woman with evening makeup, high-heeled shoes, and an evening dress during the day, walking out of the supermarket with a gigantic bag, would look tasteless and vulgar.

7. Accessories

Accessories should match your clothes. If you have a sporty style, exclude handbags with lots of rhinestones and stones.

Avoid having a lot of rings on your fingers. Two or three rings will be enough. Avoid hanging yourself with a lot of gold chains; you will look like a magpie.

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8. Hairstyle

One of the principal components of style is, of course, the hairstyle. It’s up to you whether your hair is long or short. The main thing is that your hairstyle should match your chosen closet and the oval of your face.

9. Gait.

Make sure you walk with an upright gait and don’t slouch. A slouchy back and a shuffling gait can ruin any style. Your gait should be light and graceful. Even if you’re running late for something, don’t walk in a wide step.

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10. Always be in shape.

Even if you go to a store near your house, look good. Powder your face, moisturize your lips with gloss, do a little eyelash makeup. Five minutes is enough to make sure you’re always in shape and know how to become really pretty.

But don’t forget: you are the best in the world, there are no others like you! Let your eyes always be filled with the glitter of happiness to the contentment of yourself!

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