How to dress for a party?

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The party is promising to be fun, and the question arises about how to dress for the party. We think about the clothes we have in our wardrobe or rush around fashion boutiques looking for a party outfit. To avoid being a “white crow,” the first thing you need to know is what party style will be, what you can wear to the party, and what the dress code will not allow. If you choose your image following the thematic requirements, it guarantees you 100% success. 

Glamorous fashion style

Glamorous style is femininity, charm, and dearness of things. Most dresses are in adjacent styles, where the fabric should be expensive and of top quality. The colors of the clothes: beige, white, black, silver with shine elements. Accessories: fashionable brand jewelry, gold jewelry, large bags, sunglasses. Shoes should always be with high heels or heels. Make-up must be flawless, and nails must be in perfect condition and without exotic patterns. Hair must be long or curled.

glamour fashion style - How to dress for a party?

Wampire style

Wamp style is the style of a self-confident woman. Clothing should be a tight-fitting figure. You can put on dresses and skirts with high cuts; blouses and shirts with deep neckline; corsets; tight pants; red or black underwear. Clothing colors: black, scarlet, purple, dark maroon, white, dark brown and leopard or tiger. Fabrics: silk, chiffon, cotton (read about cotton properties here), polyester, satin, lace, and natural fur. Accessories: small handbags, neck scarves, long gloves, stockings, jewelry made with precious stones, and expensive jewelry. Shoes are on a heel. Provocative make-up: scarlet lipstick and black shadows. Hair well-combed, straight, curly, or collected in a bundle. This is an excellent choice if you can not decide how to dress for a party.

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Erotic style

Erotic style is the style of Sexi Girl with bright and saturated red shades. Clothing is very provocative, bareing most of the body. Fabrics are shiny such as lacquer, satin, velvet, and fur. The colors of the clothes are gold, silver, black, red, and various prints such as tiger, leopard, and jaguar. Accessories include netted stockings, frank underwear, and a variety of extravagant jewelry. Make-up is challenging, and the hair is loose. Shoes have to have high heels.

erotic style - How to dress for a party?

Lingerie style

Lingerie-style clothes remind sheer lingerie. They are silk (there is a separate article about silk clothes), chiffon, satin, and guipure. Such clothes should not tighten a figure, and this style includes dresses, sundresses, skirts, shirts. You can decorate it with lace trimmings and embroidery. Colors are bright: red, pink, blue, and black. Footwear: sandals or elegant shoes in the outfit’s color. Accessories: bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings, small rhinestone chain handbag, and fur coat, or boa. Make-up is bright, evening. The hairstyle is of any type.

Lingerie clothes style - How to dress for a party?

Avant-garde style

Avant-garde style – you can also dress for a party in avant-garde style, making up your image of the most unusual things.

Avant garde style - How to dress for a party?

Vintage style.

Vintage style is exclusive clothing made between 1910-1960. You can combine it with anything, and the major thing is not to break the color balance. You can find such clothes in grandmother’s and mother’s chests or flea markets, but never in a second-hand. If you can’t find vintage garments or if your finances don’t allow you to buy them, you can order a tailor’s sewing, using suitable fabrics and styles. And there is not an issue about how to dress for a party.

vintage style clothes 1 - How to dress for a party?

Art Deco style

Art Deco style is the fashion type of the 1920s. The basic rules of this style are pretentiousness and glamour. Clothes are free of simple cut dresses with an understated waistline, and they can be of any length. The back part and the neckline are open. Attributes of this style are decorative trim, which decorates the dresses. They can be beads, rhinestones, sequins, lace, flowers, fringe, and embroidery. You can choose exquisite fabric for the dress, for example, satin, chiffon, silk, velvet, guipure. Color can be of any kind, the drawing is geometric or ornament, you can use colors and patterns of ethnic clothing of different nations. Additional items are boat shoes with jewelry, clutch bag, hats (kettle or beret decorated with veils and feathers), exquisite bracelets, earrings, and pearl beads.

art deco style clothes - How to dress for a party?

Chicago style

Chicago style is the fashion trend of the early ‘30s. It’s a style with glitz and chic. Sleeveless dresses have thin straps with bareback, knee-length or full-length. The silhouette of the gowns is close-fitting in the waist, emphasizing the figures. The fabrics are expensive and elegant, such as chiffon, velvet, satin. We can decorate dresses with rhinestones, pearls, beads, and scarves. Accessories are: bowler hats with feathers, ribbons with flowers, hair hoops, envelope clutches, gloves, shoes, all of them must be the same color as the dress. A neckpiece of silver fox or Arctic fox or boa of feathers will also be actual. New jewelry made of artificial pearls and crystals; long beads tied in a knot just below the chest; stockings in a fine mesh.

The style of the ‘60s. Dandies are a bright and colorful fashion style. These are dresses with a lush skirt and tight top, a deep neckline with or without sleeves. The puffiness of the dress is achieved by multi-layered skirts, contrasting colors, while the base of the dress color comprises a large, small pattern or peas. A broad fabric belt, tied in a bow, completes the dress. Accessories should be much brighter than the dress itself. They can be beads, necklaces, scarves, shawls, bezels, or ribbons in your hair, bracelets, and earrings of rounded shape, wide belts. The more original colors, the more attractive the image will be. 

chicago style clothes - How to dress for a party?

Disco style

 Disco style is an eccentric style of the 70-80s. The key attributes of this style are vibrant colors and bright glitz. Leggings of defiant colors will be relevant. You can wear them with long t-shirts, short dresses, and tight tops. You can also wear shorts, a miniskirt or a jacket made of shiny golden, silver fabric. The jumpsuits with colored and bell-bottomed pants were trendy. Shoes are with a high platform with neon colors and a bag is of the same color. Jewelry made of plastic. These are large bracelets, clip earrings, hairpins, bezels, and long beads in several rows. Make-up is dazzling and screaming. The hairstyle is voluminous.

disco style clothes - How to dress for a party?

Emo style

Emo style is the modern youth style, a mixture of rough fabrics with delicate, bright colors. Let it be a social party, or a club party, or maybe a romantic date, you have a lot of choices for what to wear to the party. You don’t have to think and wonder about making up your festive image anymore. You can look in your closet, find the right clothes, and complement them with the right accessories. There is no need to waste a lot of time thinking about what to wear to the party. Try yourself as your stylist, creating your unique image. This activity will bring you a lot of positive impressions and tremendous benefits.

emo style - How to dress for a party?

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