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Do we know what are the most attractive things about a woman? Female charm is a powerful weapon, life-saving balm, and inspiration source. The inexplicable feminine charms drive men crazy and open any door in front of the owner. But is it even possible to peek behind the curtain of this mystery? Is it possible for an ordinary girl to become a magnetic lady? Let’s explore.

Inside or outside?

            It is a common opinion that men are addicted only to external beauty. So if a woman does not have a perfect appearance, all is lost. Others, on the contrary, say that it is not valid; men appreciate the inner beauty and the quality of the character of the chosen woman.

So who is on the right of the two sides? The truth is somewhere in the middle. This is an excellent synergy of two dimensions: external beauty shines with soulful light.

The secret to perfection is simple:

– A set of positive qualities of a real lady;

– A few of the most attractive features, which are impossible to pass by.

Attractive qualities of character

Kindness and the art of love.

Sensitivity is so rare in a world of consumption and selfishness. One needs it like a warm, sunny island in a vast cold ocean. Do not feel sorry for a man; do not allow him to wipe his feet. Warm him with a kind word and not an indifferent attitude. No matter if it’s a grandfather, a toddler, a neighbor, or a brother.


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Courage is the expression of genuine emotions and feelings. If a woman has nothing to hide, no hypocrisy and meanness, it is easy to communicate honestly and freely. Love is not just a beautiful romantic speech but, first of all, beautiful actions. Still, it is essential to understand that not just one woman must be sincere. You can be frank and trust your partner only in the case of the same attitude from his side.


The art of forgiveness is not an easy skill. It is much easier to be a capricious child throughout life. But who does not want his mistakes to be forgiven? Man hundredfold repays his companion, who is ready to not dwell on his insults and faults. A real woman understands that perfect people do not exist in reality. So why, then, every step to criticize and pick on? It’s much more honorable and pleasant to support your beloved and inspire him to discover unknown heights.


You can always find the time to help others, no matter how busy you are. It is truly a mesmerizing sight for the male rational mind. Such a girl wins hearts.

Intelligence and self-development

Intuition, discernment, reflection, and life experience help a woman navigate the situation. She does not make rash decisions and can plan, predicting many moves.


It is not fashionable to be silly ladies obsessed with appearance and wealthy suitors nowadays. Intelligent women do not boast of their intelligence and do not arrogate to others. They pay attention to knowledge and tirelessly expand their horizons with books, movies, and conversations with extraordinary people.


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It is vital for women, as well as for men, to have their interests. Not everyone understands that completely dissolves in a man you love and deprives him of freedom and air. It is pleasant to look at the goal-oriented girl and admire her. There is always something to talk about and discuss. While after a certain period of being together, the high themes usually dry up. But a woman constantly engaged in self-development is still in pursuit of perfection.

         Sense of humor

She is “the soul of the company”; she loves communication, fun, and laughter. She does not take the blame for jokes; she knows a lot of jokes because she watches comedies. Men and not only do they admire such girlfriends who give off positivity and charge others. They do not complain and do not pretend to be a victim. As a rebuff to any trouble, they have prepared another sparkling joke.


Passion is not necessarily a scandal in Italian manner, throwing things out the window or endless jealousy. It is a powerful charge of positive energy, purposefulness, and obsession with the idea. It is where magnetism is born, which attracts attention and holds it like a magnet.


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Do not confuse determination with narrow-minded stubbornness. On the contrary, when a patient woman consciously stops seeing objective reasons for patience and begins to act – that’s it. An adult approach to life: do not hide your head in the sand and do not choose ice cream for half a day, but take responsibility for your choices by selecting it. Likewise, she will allow equality to her man.


More often, we hear something negative instead. No, no: not narcissism, but a healthy respect for yourself. And for some reason, women are the ones who find this the hardest thing to do. Sacrificially put the family and children above, overcoming yourself, stepping on the throat of your song. That’s closer. It even sounds heroic. Not at all. It’s the lady who can say “no” that excites men. It is the woman who knows her limits and knows how to set them – will succeed everywhere.


It is the basis of a woman’s attractiveness. Here is just the edge where perfection is not so important, but in the foreground ability to present yourself. Not ideal body or hairstyle can be overshadowed. It is necessary to know your worth because insecurity spoils even flawless beauty. Representatives of the more vigorous sex subtly grasp and read this message. Men want to have a lady who does not doubt themselves. But it is not arrogant self-confidence.


Wisdom is the ability to apply the available knowledge in any area of life correctly. Relationships with the opposite sex, in general, are impossible without compromise. For example, to watch soccer with him instead of his favorite TV series. Be grateful, and do not push through only your ideas everywhere. Willingness to meet your chosen one in his interests is rewarding.


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The word means “touch” in Latin. And what kind of “touches” touches the strings of the soul of a well-bred girl? It is likely with cautious and hidden actions. Tactlessness, on the contrary, makes a woman vulgar and disgusting in the eyes of the other person. That means not being boastful and rude and avoiding sharp corners.

Ability to listen

The ability to listen is a unique ability that means much more than just listeningdemonstrating the speaker’s importance, favoring them, understanding, interest, the importance of what is being said, respect, and status. It is a whole gamut of feelings and emotional rapprochement. Thus the man feels support, comfort, importance, and necessity. If the listener does not interrupt and, after the conversation, does not trash the interlocutor – she is priceless.


Indeed feminine manners are a thing of the past. It isn’t very comforting. In this age of feminism, femininity is not a self-evident concept. It’s a miracle. Arrogance, and boorishness, of course, can attract men, but weaker than ourselves. Then it’s illogical to complain about it.


No severe and young man wants a frivolous and windy woman. It is evident from numerous surveys that men are interested in finding a devoted wife, imagining her as the mother of their future children. They will discreetly observe until they find out for themselves whether or not flirting is acceptable to the potentially chosen one. A husband’s confidence in his lady companion is the key to a long-term and robust marriage.


Naturalness, at this point, is a very vivid trait. But the naturalness still implies the absence of fraudulent and excessive behavior and the girl’s appearance. Bright, flashy looks and outfits are no longer in fashion. Playfulness, in general, no one has ever liked. Therefore, the main thing in any circumstance is to be yourself.


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Why do women need to be hardworking when almost all of us do for household appliances and services? And a woman devotes her time to appearance and career, for example. Everyone distributes their time, but remember that the housewife in the home puts special care and energy into her work. Most men would be flattered to think their wife is a wizards. With a beloved woman, you will never go hungry and, in any situation, will not be lost. Then your home will become a safe, cozy fortress, not a staging post of cohabitation where people come to sleep and charge their phones.


No matter how controversial it may sound, for all the confidence, it is desirable for a woman to know her limits and not to play the superwoman. Modesty truly beautifies the girl. No matter how modern men are, their secret dreams are: to seduce a modest woman. That requires proverbial poise. And shy beauties are inherent like incredible cuteness. Men want to hug and protect such girls, to be gentlemen and knights. Modest girls are graceful and mysterious.


A woman’s frailty gives her smooth lines in her movements and fascinates men. It is not for nothing that women’s grace was compared to the cat’s grace since ancient times. It gives the impression of lightness and airiness, provided by a lot of work on herself. A sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, heavy thoughts, and physical overload deprive the fair sex of one of the most attractive features – graceful lightness of posture. At the same time, an artist or poet can no longer sing the graceful natural curve of a straight back.

Healthy Look

Natural beauties know that there is no better beauty than a well-groomed appearance. Therefore, they try to avoid bad habits, stick to the regime, and get a doctor’s checkup on time. Moderate and disciplined exercise is also beneficial.


Interest in an open book is short-lived. A real woman knows how to keep intrigued and never reveal herself ultimately. While a man finishes reading one volume, she already expands her horizons, and her worldview is filled with many unknowns.

Elusive details you can’t miss


Not for nothing, they say: “Love at first sight.” It is through the eyes women play and “shoot” by flirting. Gaze can conceal the sadness or a spark that will catch the hunter in a man. And he will love with his eyes, too. The look is a concentration of powerful energy and exchange of information.

Makeup and naturalness

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Men are not willing to see a modern woman without makeup at all. They think if the woman is not well-groomed, she is unhealthy. But the newer techniques allow men to look more natural with makeup.


The world of scents has more power over us than we realize. A man will not remain indifferent to a woman who smells nice. Even more so if, in this scent, he feels something close.

Taste in clothes

It is in vain that many girls blindly follow trends in fashion or judge clothes by their price. The main thing is to choose something that suits you. It is clothing matched to the figure, and its characteristics reflect the taste. The ability to create a stylish appearance out of the same clothes every time is a subtle flair that will come in handy.


Incredible childish spontaneity and unpredictability may give a woman an unusual attraction. It is not hurtful to be naughty sometimes and play pranks. The main thing is to allow ourselves to be different. Then no one around you will be bored!


The mind of a girl is a generator of ideas. It quickly finds a way out of any difficulty.

            So the most attractive things about a woman is HARMONY! Because with balance and a sense of proportion, it is possible to prepare a workable dish with all the contradictory ingredients listed above.

            But for a real woman, it is not a problem because she was created to be unique and to surprise. And even the most ordinary, unsuspecting girl or woman can have a great zest that impresses everyone.

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