How to be stylish woman.

how to be stylish woman

Every time you ask yourself about how to be stylish woman and look at passing by some girl, you think: “Pretty girl, I want to look like that, but it’s too expensive for me! You’d be surprised, but you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on cosmetologists, nutritionists, and astrologers. Buying branded items is also not a requirement. Don’t be guided by stars from the TV show; there are a lot of professionals working on them. In real life, these girls look different.
Some nuances surely will make any girl look stylish and improve her highlight, but they can ruin the whole image if not done correctly. Let’s figure out what you need to pay attention to first:
– Manicure;
– Hairstyle;
– Makeup;
– Posture;
– Clothing.

Simple things, aren’t they? You update your manicure every month; know what a hairbrush is and know how to use it; do your makeup and do not forget to get dressed before going out. But your sense tells you: something is wrong, and you still don’t feel stylish.


how to be a stylish lady - How to be stylish woman.

Manicured nails are any girl’s hallmark. An excellent and neat manicure looks much better than long and bright nails. It doesn’t matter if they are manicured or not; the important thing is the presence of a manicure. You should preferably choose colors in nude shades: an everlasting fashion trend. Bright red, coral, and burgundy colors will not go out of the top popular and bold shades.
Forget about rhinestones, acid colors, and five-inch-long “shovels.” First of all, it doesn’t look stylish, but vulgar. Second, there is a possibility of hurting someone. During numerous surveys, researchers found that men prefer the classic colors of girls’ nails: beige, pink, peach, or cream. They treated dark nails, according to statistics, with suspicion. Let’s be realistic: not many young men recognize all the shades.


Not everyone is naturally gifted with silky and voluminous hair. But, if you know how to do hairstyles – that’s a significant advantage. If you can use that knowledge in life or have enough time to learn the basic skills: do it right away. For example, consider having two everyday hairstyles and two holiday ones. These can be beautiful curls or a neat “spike.”In the beginning, you’ll need some time to do your hair, but once you master it, it’ll be done automatically.
It is not necessary to practice braiding your hair for hours. But it is needed to wash your hair when it gets dirty. There are a lot of dry shampoos now: no matter where you are – keeping your hair shiny and clean is no longer a problem. Also, don’t be afraid to chop off the hair ends. Dull, split ends look terrible and unhealthy. But we want to be stylish, don’t we?


how to become stylish woman - How to be stylish woman.

Bright pink and blue eyeshadow were in fashion a decade ago. Now, classic looks have been replaced. However, it does not mean that it is not worth learning to do everyday make-up. There is a lot of information over the Internet about ordinary make-up applying skills: buy 20 brushes, apply a highlighter, eye shadow, powder, take a sponge and add foundation. That’s it: the desire to make up is gone for years. But it’s not as bad as it seems at first. So, without going deep into professional make-up, let’s look at a few basics.
1. Learn about your skin type. It is unnecessary to overload problem areas with cosmetics; it is preferable to use highlighters for dry skin; women with oily skin carry matting tissues in their purses.
2. Go to make-up artists: they will choose a suitable color palette and tell you which shade is best for your face type. For blondes, for example, warm and honeyed hues will do well. Brunettes should choose bright colors. Not everyone should use red lipstick, even though it is a universal lipstick. Try to find your shade.
3. Choose your products according to the ingredients it contains. It would be best if you did not neglect allergic reactions. There are so many cosmetics lines now, and you can always find the appropriate one. If your skin is prone to pimples and acne, you need to discover the cause of the problem. You can start by consulting a doctor or a cosmetologist. It’s most likely a matter of diet.
4. Sleep. Even two layers of make-up can’t hide your tired look and dull appearance. Instead, try to fix your sleep routine. It’s much easier to make up in the morning when you’re fresh-faced.


Straighten up. A hunched back won’t add elegance to any look. On the other hand, a straight posture looks much more spectacular in photos and in person. It is better to exercise in this case. Start with simple morning exercises: put them on the schedule of mandatory activities. Sports training and proper nutrition are good for health and beauty.


Clothes do not go first on the way to style. However, it is also a critical point. These are the main mistakes girls and women make when choosing images:
– Clothes that don’t fit your figure and size;
– Chasing expensive brands;
– Buying everything at once;
– Inappropriateness of images.

how to elegant woman - How to be stylish woman.

Figure and style

Let’s start with an easy one: choosing clothes that fit your figure and according to your size. The combination of the correctly chosen clothing does half of the success. There is no need to try to get into a dress S size if you consistently wear M. Stiffness of movements, short sleeves, and fabric ” tight-fitting” is evident at first sight. Your evening will end successfully if the dress is intact and does not tear. It is evident by the size, more or less.

Let’s analyze your figure. There are five basic body types in the fashion world: pear, rectangle, hourglass, apple, and T-shape. To determine your body type, you need to measure three areas: the waist, chest, and hips. Why do you need to do that? Knowing your body type is the best way to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. For example, girls with an hourglass figure should not wear baggy dresses. Here, choosing a strap around the waist would be more appropriate to emphasize the curves. But for the ” triangle ” type, also known as “pear,” it is better to buy a blouse with a wide neckline or sleeveless and pants that flared to the bottom and close-fitting outerwear. Sweaters to the neck and embroidery on the pockets on pants will change the proportions of the body and make the image ridiculous.
To avoid cluttering your closet, choose clothes that suit you, preferably classic models. Such a version is consistently winning and relevant. So, for example, there is no need to buy ten different white t-shirts. Instead, you need to have two white shirts of different styles: one with short sleeves, another with elongated sleeves, and one black shirt.

Color’s importance in the image

Colors are essential in creating your style. We’ve already figured out that the peak of the popularity of bright makeup has gone. But what is the situation with the clothing colors? We know that white makes you look fuller, black makes you look slimmer, and red makes you look more attractive. The chosen color palette affects the perception of the image and can even change a person’s mood. According to psychologists, our colors can say a lot about our character. If you want to add some fragility, choose pink. If you’re going to attract attention, choose red or purple. Purple is the mystical and mysterious color; blue will show your purposefulness and responsibilities. It is not for nothing that job applicants prefer to wear blue blouses at the interview: the color disposes to a conversation with the interlocutor.
If you consider how to be stylish woman, try to discover your unique color and style: maybe hats with large fields go well with you, or you would look elegant with a single-breasted yellow jacket and straight-cut pants. But remember to choose items that are comfortable for you to wear.

Quality and quantity

Buying a lot and expensive is not the way to a stylish look, but rather a straightforward way to self-deception. The shelves in your closet are full of shapeless and stretched T-shirts, and jackets are hanging on the other side, for which you have been saving your last two salaries. But still, you have nothing to wear; you are angry and frustrated every morning, standing in front of the closet and wondering how easy it is for other girls. Yes, it is more accessible because they stopped buying everything they wanted a long time ago. However, quality does not equal quantity. Conscious shopping concerns all areas of life, especially clothing.

What about shoes?

how to be a classy confident woman - How to be stylish woman.

Be on top of your game. Even Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” What’s the keyword? The right ones are. If you’re comfortable wearing high-heels, wear them. If not, then replace the ten-inch heeled shoes with sandals or nice loafers. Uncomfortable shoes make an insecure girl look silly.
Comfort is the key advantage of a stylish woman. She will never wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes because they are intelligent and expensive. Convenience gives confidence.
It is worth paying attention to the occasion. For example, there is a category of girls: cheerleaders. These ladies often go to the stadium in stilettos to support their idols. It looks strange from the outside, at least. It concerns not only sports events. Going to a meeting, clarify the meeting place and the dress code. Appropriateness is the main quality of good taste.


Perfume is the final touch to a stylish look. Finding your fragrance can be difficult sometimes. However, it would help if you did not choose perfume and clothes in a hurry. Light and the discreet scent of freshness are ideal for any occasion. Avoid selecting a solid fragrance in hot weather if you do not want to get a suffocating effect.

How to be stylish woman. Additional tips

– Advice with others on how to be stylish woman. Don’t go into a store with a big “I can do it all myself” slogan. Having an outside opinion is also essential. Ask the consultant what color suits you best, whether the coat sits perfectly on your shoulders, and what accessories will go well with your look. Show the picture to your friend, boyfriend, and mother; let them check your image.
– Develop your vision. Hundreds of looks and capsule selections for all occasions are posted on social networks every day: these are classic outfits, evening dress reviews, and casual looks. Remember or save the looks you like, and then you can try them on later in the showroom.
– Choose, combine, experiment. Not many people have developed good taste from childhood. So many girls and women find their style by trying on hundreds of clothes. Experiment, but do not overdo it. It would be best if you didn’t choose a red hat, blue shoes and that green purse in the same appearance.
– Don’t be shy to ask if you see a girl in cool boots. Approach and ask her where she bought them. Perhaps when you try them on, they will not fit you, but you’ll know for sure that this model is not for you.
– A stylish woman is first and foremost a confident woman. Therefore, wear with ease what you choose.
– Don’t be afraid to get rid of old clothes. Piles of frayed t-shirts and unraveled wool sweaters will not make stylish but evil. Instead, give the unwanted stuff to the store, and you will get a discount on an excellent new piece.
– Learn. If you have the time and money, enroll in a makeup course, take a color palette review or a “how to be confident” course. Any knowledge will help you in the future.
– Smile! Grumpy people are no longer stylish anymore. Didn’t you go to the dentist?

Stylish doesn’t mean expensive. A stylish look means competently and appropriately applying the knowledge that exists in the world of fashion and beauty.

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