What to wear today casual style

what to wear today casual

The image of the modern woman is elegant but comfortable at the same time. What to wear today casual style? To look nontrivial, women have to think about new clothing combinations, and the modern rhythm of life suggests that it is a thing of the past to worry about it. That’s why the casual style became fashionable and preferred by many women and young girls. The word “casual” in English means – simple, everyday wear. Of course, it does not mean that the image should be thoughtless and careless. It can be elegant, eye-catching, and yet comfortable and straightforward at the same time. It would seem that such an ambiguous option may be suitable only for young ladies. However, adult and stylish ladies also skillfully use the techniques of “casual” in their clothes. To look effective in any age without changing the comfort and convenience is the advantage of a concise and straightforward style, which is popular among modern women. During the day, you are likely to be in the office environment, at some event, among street passers-by; and everywhere you will be pertinent in the casual style. 

Features of casual style

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If sometimes you see a perfectly stylish woman wearing, as it seems, classically incompatible closet items: here is an example of the so-called “casual” style. This style has a vast and diverse set of clothing items, so it’s easy to understand what is unacceptable and inappropriate here. Although the word means “careless,” still the image must be well-thought-out, and it is necessary to pay attention to the color combinations, texture, and visual aspects (in terms of proportions). Decor in the form of rhinestones, glass beads, sequins is unnecessary elements in the style we describe. The clothing fabrics are preferable to more natural and comfortable. Sometimes it is much easier to dress according to classic canons than to select a relaxed, spectacular, harmonious, and appropriate image.

Casual style. Compiling a wardrobe

There is a basic set of particular clothes and accessories and novelties of the season modern innovations, which in tandem with the base will create an individual, fashionable, exciting manner in your appearance.


Such essential items primarily include jeans, a highly sought-after style item under discussion. Denim is very fashionable this season, and the bunches of colors in tai-dai and patchwork styles are turned into classics: blue or light shade, beige or white. Jeans are in priority: straight, baggy, absolutely comfortable silhouette. Those who wish to emphasize a figure should look at flared designs. 


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Pants are also a fundamental element of casual style. The variety of styles and colors in this season is incredible. Suppose the pants for you are a convenient option or necessary because of specific office requirements to the appearance. You can compose a set with a jacket or in combination with a blouse or turtleneck. A sweater overcoat or a shortened fashion top (depending on the relevance) will give a particular style of pants a complete image. The variations of this closet item are so broad that there is a variant of fashionable style for any figure. Thus, in fashion: wide and tapered, cropped and floor-length, flared and straight.

In addition to the style, you can play with various prints: check, shawl, snake, pop art, polka dots, and stripes. Leather pants also belong to this season’s trend and are entirely appropriate in the casual style. 


Dresses. The most appropriate variant for an essential closet in the cold season is a knitted dress, long or midi. You can wear a knit dress everywhere as it is a season’s trend. It is easy to create a stylish image combining fashion accessories and topical outerwear.


In a casual style, we can wear denim skirts of different lengths, long chiffon skirts, midi skirts, short trapeze skirts, pleated skirts, flared skirts, skirts with zippers. A very fashionable combination is a mini-skirt with high boots. Jennifer Lopez brought the trend for denim long flared skirts. High cuts on below-knee skirts and low-rise waist, like on jeans, will have their positions in the new trends of this year again. Actual bright prints on silk skirts are appropriate for any occasion and any event.


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Blouses in casual style, unlike the office style, have more casual details and accents. These accents are puffed sleeves, pleats, originally designed collars, ruffles, and bows. The classic white color of the blouse will always be an appropriate and relevant trend, but now very bright juicy colors and pastel shades are in vogue. Romantic empire style with lots of ruffles and frills makes a fascinating image for a modern woman of any age.


An essential attribute in the mentioned style is shoes. They are the main accent, which gives comfort, convenience, and completeness to the image. During some seasons, a woman looks almost glamorous in rugged leather boots, combined with a long chiffon dress or sneakers with a tight midi skirt. If a girl needs to add height, platform shoes will be appropriate but undoubtedly comfortable and durable. In addition, high jockey boots that correlate the femininity of romantic ruffle dresses, giving a modern look, are in fashion.


Handbags for the casual style have more than just an external load; the bag here is highly functional and needs only to support, or rather not to be out of general type. 

A shopper bag is a helpful handy tool for any image version, and it is pertinent and even more convenient for all occasions.

As an option, a backpack will fit into a modern outfit. Backpacks are already well included in the lifestyle of contemporary youth because it is very convenient to have hands free, as we always have a phone in hand. Backpacks style for older ladies also takes place in casual style.

It makes sense to change a voluminous bag for a clutch for an evening out or visiting an event because this image will acquire only a slightly glamorous accent without changing the overall trend.


As casual style accessories, sunglasses are indispensable and very popular. They can affect the image and add the desired charm. Glasses can be both sunglasses and eyeglasses for vision. Therefore, choosing a frame that will suit your face is essential. Nowadays, there are no strict requirements for the type of glasses; the point is that the glasses must fit you, creating a certain glamour.


Some claims in modern fashion are made to such accessories as a watch. This attribute fits well with the casual style; it serves mainly as a decoration and a necessary part of the image. The clocks should be massive, flashy, and similar to the men’s models, then they give a certain status and provide the desired accent to your style.

Specific features of different types of casual style

Casual style is not dull and monotonous at all; the ability to play around and interpret your style is more appropriate here than in other fashion options. Based on this style, some trends emerged, in which some features are more clearly recognized.

Street casual 

Street casual is the so-called street style inherent in a daily look, which we can see on celebrity photos or fashion weeks. Street simple style has no specific limits, restrictions, or requirements, except one: you should be comfortable in your clothes, emphasizing your individuality and taste. You can express your authenticity in a combination of colors, selection of accessories, style, cut, and texture of the clothes.

Sport casual

Sport casual is fashionable nowadays, which moved from many people’s healthy lifestyle and sports activities. A fair amount of closet items moved from sportswear to sport casual. We can not imagine a comfortable outfit without sneakers or running shoes and a simple look without a T-shirt or jacket “bomber,” not to mention sports pants, which are indispensable sometimes. But sports casual style and sportswear are not the same thing. It’s just a stylization for the convenience of out-of-town trips or picnics, walks, and vacations. Everything is for a sense of comfort and freedom of action.

Chic Casual

Casual chic is the same ordinary style with some highlights in an expensive accessory, an unusual cut of the dress, a romantic blouse. A combination of different items from the various closets seems to be compatible in one image, which is the principle of this style and modern fashion trends.

Smart casual 

Smart casual is an aristocratic style, but a bit careless, and again, the combination of either expensive fabrics with a laconic style, or a fashionable jacket with a simple T-shirt and democratic jeans, as well as the availability of knitwear and discreet colors.

Youthful boldness and fashionable maturity

The casual style is quite democratic, but still, some nuances should be adhered to when it comes to the age of the fashionista. Moreover, the age division here is entirely conditional, and it is absolutely up to everyone to listen to it or not. However, still, some things are inappropriate at one age or another.

Casual style for girls 20 – 30 years old

This is the period of adulthood when you seem to be subject to experimentation with images, and your figure allows any style. Your appearance must be appropriate to particular circumstances. Casual style can be both daring and restrained, as a girl of 20 – 30 years may look to match this style.

The basis of the closet of a modern girl is jeans. Now jeans with a low-cutting come back in fashion, and this trick can be present in the image of a young girl if the height and shapely hips allow it. The option with a short top will be relevant, but it is necessary to wear a fashionable jacket to warm up slightly. You can combine a trendy coat with a knitted sweater or turtleneck. Winter look accompanies layering for several seasons, and now it is also in fashion. A long jacket can be worn with jeans and skinny pants, especially since they can be made of leather, which is very relevant nowadays and will emphasize the courage and independence of a young girl. 

Mini-skirts are acceptable in the closet of a young lady dressed in casual style. The plaid skirt is very relevant. However, this trend exists all year round. You can complement the mini dress with a voluminous jacket or over-size sweater of giant knitting. 

Casual style for women 30-40 years old

As the fundamental articles of the casual style include jeans, a dress, a skirt: all of these are applicable in a daily image for women who need to feel comfortable and at the same time conform to their preferences. Because at the age of 30-40 there is no particular need to prove to everyone their position under the sun, having already entirely formed their personal preferences. You only need to monitor the latest fashion trends and follow them when thinking about what to wear today casual. 

Perhaps, too short mini, bared navels, and skinny silhouettes would seem out of place, but other fashion trends are in demand in the closet of a fashionista of such an age. It is quite acceptable to wear straight jeans with a free-cut and baggy fit combined with a loose, voluminous sweater. Narrow pants will look beautiful with a classic jacket of a calm shade, giving the style an understated note. There are many variations of knitted dresses with blazers of different hues. Leather jackets and motorcycle jackets are allowed. You can wear warm wool narrowed style skirt or a broad-colored chiffon pleated skirt with the same top version, diluting the image with coarse leather boots.

What to wear today Casual style for women 40-50 years old

Perhaps at this age, you should reconsider your attitude to heels and tight dresses or other similar variants of clothing, which are not very comfortable and not always appropriate. Comfort becomes the most crucial thing in clothing. Loose-fitting dresses and pants, combined with sweaters and shirts, are an excellent option for a loose casual look. Jeans are also a perfect option for women 40 – 50 years old, just not in bright colors and without ripped edges, but even in combination with neat and comfortable shoes, perhaps with fashionable sneakers. 

The casual style gives age a bold and loose tone, a tone that does not emphasize your actual age.

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