Who help me style my clothes not to look silly

help me style my clothes

You’re wondering “What and who help me style my clothes in order not to look silly”: Here are 6 rules from the expert

1. Appropriateness rule

First, you need to understand is that it’s impossible to look silly in your style. In case anyone has forgotten that we live in the 21st century, and we’ve been promoting ideas of freedom and self-expression, diversity, body positivity, etc., since long ago. So if you have created your closet and it fits and resonates with you, then you 100% won’t look silly because that’s you!

You can only look absurd if you don’t adhere to the explicit or implicit dress code of the events or places you visit. For example, you can compose a cool, casual look, but wearing it to a cocktail party would be a disaster.

Before composing the image, think about the place you’re visiting, whether it requires following any rules or, conversely, is a great place to break them.

2. Lookout rule

Train your foresight. The more visual content you absorb, the more options you’ll have for matching clothes, colors, and accessories. View everything: Instagram bloggers, fashion media, magazines, people on the street, movies, paintings.

3. Experiment Rule

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Have you seen a lot of stuff already? It’s time to try it out! Clothes on the rack in the store often look worse than they do when we wear them. That’s why everything needs to be tried on. It is essential not to be afraid of trying something new to understand what fits you and what does not.

You should not set yourself a taboo on colors or styles. Red, for example, has many shades, and each style has different patterns that look different.

4. Copy rule

It is okay at first to copy the images of fashion bloggers, media stars, or people you like. That way, you’ll develop a knack for it, and you’ll experience what you enjoy and what you don’t like.

5. Self-analysis rule

You can’t go anywhere without it! You used to look at other people, try out or copy images. Now it’s time to analyze everything you’ve done and try to hear yourself. You can keep the elements of your clothes, your favorite colors, just the accessories that you feel comfortable with every day – and you’ll get something unique.

You can also show your hobbies through the clothes, the ideas you’re passionate about, such as conscious consumption, love of art, music, or movies. This is what creates a complete perception of you.

6. Expertise Rule

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If you don’t have time to go that route, you can always get help from stylists. They already have a good understanding. They have tried, copied, learned, studied a lot. You only need to analyze yourself and share the results with the specialist, and he will suggest you different options.

After working with a stylist, the most exciting thing begins: having received the knowledge and recommendations, you will create and develop your unique style. This is useful and extremely interesting.

Regardless of age, social status, and appearance features, every woman strives to look practical and stylish in any situation. However, modern fashion trends are changing too quickly, so it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them. And do you really need it? You needn’t follow the latest fashion trends or copy your idol’s image to look perfect; you can find your unique style.

When do you need it?

The modern rhythm of life dictates a woman a lot of rigid requirements. If she was quite capable of performing a single role in the past, then today, she is forced to build a career, be a good mother, and a loving wife at the same time. Nowadays, women visit theaters, play sports, make business contacts, and travel. It’s challenging to choose a single style in such conditions, which will allow you to be in harmony in all life situations. That is why it is easier to create a personal individual style. Women can quickly and easily find suitable outfits for various occasions, whether a youth party, business negotiations or a walk around the city.

Creating your style, you would stop spending money on clothes in which you will hardly appear more than two or three times. If you love oversize T-shirts, heeled shoes, and skinny pants, consider buying several of these items for your closet and combining them in different variations. You will always look different and feel very comfortable at the same time.

It is necessary to understand that personal style is more than just clothes, hair, and makeup. In addition, these are the characteristics of temperament, character, manners, and lifestyle. All these elements must be in harmony.

By doing so, you can bring people around your inner content through the outer shell.

Popular Styles

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There are several basic styles. Let’s elaborate on the most common ones.

Classic. This is a conservative direction, which adheres to strict lines. There is nothing excessive here. Things are selected of the highest quality. Many businesswomen, female students of elite universities, office workers, scientists, and teachers prefer this style. Mini-skirts, large necklines, acidic shades, and chokers on the neck are inappropriate in this style. The color palette is restrained; everything has muted colors; the bright palette can have an accent color only. The undoubted advantage of this style is versatility.

It is always in fashion. The relevant things 20 years ago are fashionable now and will be in fashion even decades later.

Casual. The casual style is one of the most fashionable trends. Its name means “every day.” This style is characterized by extraordinary ease of wear. Such clothes are best to wear every day. The fabrics are chosen to be pleasant to the skin, and styles do not constrain the movement. This style is suitable for ones who like denim fabrics. You can combine jeans with a top, tank top, blouse, cardigan, and a sweater. The shoes can be high stiletto pumps, flat-soled shoes, or sneakers. The color palette is much broader than in the classic style.

However, there is still no place for creative colors.

Sporty. There is a common opinion that sports-style items are present in every woman’s closet. That is not true. Sportswear is not tights and leggings, in which beautiful ladies attend gyms. Instead, the basis of the look is baggy pants and over-size hoodies and sneakers, and running shoes. Baseball caps, dark glasses, and backpacks complete this optimal style for women with an active lifestyle.

Glamour. Some consider ultra-short minis, plenty of sequins, stilettos, and jewelry to be the main hallmarks of glamour. However, the natural glamour at first is the most expensive brand name clothing, exquisite jewelry, expensive furs, and raw silk.

A woman of this style has perfect makeup, well-groomed hands, and impeccable hair.

Boho. You can’t confuse this style with any other. This trend is characterized by natural fabrics (cotton and linen), decorations in lace and tassels, unobtrusive floral prints, and muted tones. Leather sandals, boots, and a hat with a wide brim are acceptable. The preferred accessories are natural stones and silver.

There are no neat hairstyles, but a good idea of this style would be a slight floppiness and carelessness.

Grunge. Adventurous women would undoubtedly enjoy the grunge style. The word translates as “unkempt,” It is the best way to characterize the design concept. There is no place for luxury statements; the ideal closet is oversized T-shirts with provocative prints and ripped jeans. Bright colors prevail not only in clothes but also in hair and makeup.

This style is suitable for those ladies who like to express themselves and defiantly ignore any established clothing rules.

Minimalism. A bit like the classic, but it is characterized by greater freedom. The main requirement here is a minimum of intense colors and decorations. This style emphasizes the personality rather than the closet. Much attention is paid to the clothes’ quality, while the quantity of clothing is not that important.

The jewelry is allowed; however, this style should include only a single piece: earrings, a pendant, or a ring, but they should always be expensive.

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Selection Criteria


Before you start forming your style:

  1. Look into your inner world and find out what you are deep down.
  2. Examine yourself in different styles; it can be a frivolous pin-up dress, a business suit, slim stilettoes.
  3. Consider the peculiarities of your occupation, your appearance type, and your figure. It is not that a romantic girly dress will suit you, even if this is the dress you feel most comfortable.

It may be the opposite: you like bold and provocative outfits, but you are gentle and romantic. Then you should not wear bright and sexy clothes, because you will feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Remember that the formation of an individual style affects your character, lifestyle, and habits. Therefore, you can find an image that will give you lightness and freedom only by taking all these factors into account.


Unfortunately, not many people can afford to spend their time the way they want to. Nowadays, women have to work, look after children and attend various events. That is why it is essential to adhere to the principle of practicality when choosing clothes. After analyzing your life routine, determine where you go most often and what places you visit. These can be work, playground, or a sports club; choose your closet according to these facts. If you are busy at the office most of the day, you are unlikely to need a large number of cocktail dresses. If you spend a majority of your time with children, you are unlikely to use fluttering skirts and stiletto heels for walks. If you have to move all day long on foot in the street because of your occupation, you should opt for a sporty or urban casual style.

Color scheme

Determine your color type to compose your closet successfully.

Spring. Ladies of this type are characterized by pale, porcelain skin with a subtle blush. Freckles are not uncommon on the face of a spring woman. Her hair is blond with a slight copper shade (honey, straw, golden). Her eyes are green, brown, or hazel. These girls look harmoniously in clothes of beige, coral, chocolate, or orange tones.

Summer. Pale skin, hair of a cold russet color. Eyes are gray-green but not piercing. Such ladies are suitable for mint, pearl, silver, and blue colors, as well as burgundy and crimson hues.

Autumn. Ladies of this type are characterized by olive or golden skin. Hair could be copper-red or have a reddish tint. Her eyes could be golden, light brown, blue, as well as green in color. Such women should opt for a warm color palette. They look good in mustard, gold, and bronze colors in their clothes.

Winter. Ladies have white skin with a subtle bluish tint, and blood vessels and veins are often seen on their skin. Their hair is dark, dark chestnut color. Their eyes are blue, green, or gray, always bright and vivid. Such ladies can afford all hues, including white and black. Experiments with pastel colors look interesting.

Emphasizing advantages

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When combining a closet, it is necessary to choose styles that emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws. There are five types of body types.

Rectangular. The waist and hips are not expressed, and such a figure with its outlines looks more like a rectangle. Therefore, stretchy things are not recommended, and it is better to wear clothing that will emphasize the waistline. The blouses should be pretty loose, with a rounded neckline emphasizing the breasts. The optimal solution would be the use of belts.

Pear-shaped. This figure is characterized by a thin waist, thin arms, massive hips, and thick legs. Such women should prefer clothes that visually narrow the hips and add volume on top of the hips. Blouses with ruffles will be an optimal option.

V-shape. The widest part of the figure is the shoulders. Such a build is inherent to women engaged in some sports. Therefore, you should categorically avoid a voluminous top, and blouses over-size are inadmissible. But blouses with a triangular neckline, on the contrary, will emphasize the femininity of the silhouette. Pants are better to choose flared or free cut.

Hourglass. An ideal type of figure and such proportions are considered to be the etalon. Women with rounded hips, a puffy chest, and a thin waist will fit absolutely any clothing.

O-shaped. This type is especially evident in overweight girls, as all excess weight is usually deposited exactly in the abdominal area. Combined with narrow shoulders and weak hips, such a figure resembles a balloon. You should, in no case, emphasize the waist. The optimal solution would be flowing sundresses and dresses, as well as cardigans. There is no need to abandon the skinny pants.


One of the essential criteria in choosing a style is the appropriateness of the selected outfit. Do agree that a woman who has crossed the fifty-year age limit will look ridiculous with a deep cleavage and scarlet lipstick on her lips. Of course, that does not mean you should wear ugly dark clothes after a certain age. But it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

All kinds of experiments are acceptable for teenage girls and young people slightly over 20. For example, they can follow the latest fashion trends, just outlining their future style.

Choose the things you like and help you look the person you want to be.

30-35-year-old women should take their experimentation with fashion to the next level. It is necessary to form a unique style with an eye to your lifestyle and needs. It is acceptable at this age to continue to follow trends, but they must be adapted to your style.

Beyond the age of 40, it is better to prefer timeless classics. The main things in the closet should be clothes of muted colors and concise silhouettes. Expensive accessories can add a highlight to the image.

For ladies over 50 years of age, it’s better to prefer simple lines, textures pleasant to the touch, and restrained colors. There is no more need for self-expression in this age; at the forefront, there is a desire to “carry yourself in society” with dignity, demonstrating its refined and sophisticated taste.


If you want your style to be individual, be sure to choose something that will stand out among the others. It can be a neckerchief, an exclusive hat, glasses, colorful laces, or jewelry. The most important thing is that this item should perfectly fit your image. Please pay attention to the recognized style icons of our planet. They always have characteristic details in their appearance. So, it isn’t easy to imagine Dita Von Teese without red lipstick, Victoria Beckham invariably appears in public in skirts and pants to the floor, and Anna Wintour uses black sunglasses.

And most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment. Of course, this does not mean you need to dress up most crazily. Just try to sometimes go beyond your usual image. For example, if you’ve been wearing jeans with turtlenecks all your life, then try to buy a feminine dress.

Try to understand how your inner feeling, look at life, and attitude of people around you will change.

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